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  1. Is the Vamp and Bubbleworks in the same building because on the brake run at the end of the Vamp I could smell Bubbleworks. And I didnt realise the drop was only 15ft
  2. Its not exactly the same layout as fish, because on fish the straight part round the back it tilted to one side and the runaway train isnt, trust me to notice that.
  3. But dont you think lots of perople will want to wait for the back row, even if there is air gates. Some stubborn people might say they want to wait for the next ride causing the area around the gates to become very very crowded, and it is anyway. Why fix it, if its not broken.
  4. ^^HAHAHAHAAA My brother lost a few pound coins on Vortex when the ride had finished, we were running around the platform trying to find them. We found three and some guy started to help us.And on X I was hit in the face by something. But it stunk!
  5. Mr.man


    I dont want X to leave
  6. Erm, but the Dungeons get Witches and Bloody Mary, which are the same scenes just different names, so If Chessie wants to build a pirate area, they wont call it Pirates Landing, because its the same as Legoland.
  7. ^^ Great idea there. Make it come alive.
  8. Isnt that a wee bit harsh? When I went they were fantastic and made two girls in my group cry.
  9. where is stealth and Colossus on that picture?
  10. Mr.man


    Do you reckon it will be open on my visit on the 25th. I love myself abit of Slamming. But on youtube there was a video of people filming who were actually stuck on it. Mustg of been scary.
  11. Quantum used to be sooo intense, my Dad ctually had to hold me in. They shouldnt get rid of it.3 Swing Screamin'-Swing, no way.
  12. Mr.man

    Your Thorpe Park

    Okay then lets say that you have to walk through a Saw maze, but it is longer with better actors traps and I know the London Tombs alread has the floor dropping bit, but that would fit, it because it would feel like you are stuck in a trap
  13. I swear that 'man' is a monkey, he looks like one nayway.
  14. Yes! I am obbsessed with Thorpe Park and I am proud.
  16. Mr.man

    Pirates 4D

    Time Voyagers dosent make any sense, the video has nothing to do with the area. Pirates 4D was amazing bring it back, the theme was mcuh better and bring back the parrot!!!
  17. Mr.man

    Your Thorpe Park

    2009) Get Saw: The ride up and running okay, but make it scarier with a couple of live actors all the time, no need for makeup, pig masks will be fine. Create a small building on the Saw island, guests enter and are given a creepy pre show and suddenly the floor drops a couple of inches. Then you are told to wander round a London tombs type of scare zone. Basically a haunted ride.2010) Dont get Saw alive, as we already have the haunted area. Drop hints of a major ride coming in 2012. Colossus and other rides get a fresh lick of paint. Huge tent is erected over X, and project MW takes place.2011) Carasel is moved to Amity Cove, but stays the same theme. Ranger country signs dissapear and that area is blocked off. Asylum isnt used a FN and they get a new maze. It is called Phobia, it will be more intense than asylum with guests actually able to jump on guests and kiss their neck ext ext (A scare attracrtion did it, so why cant thorpe)2012) New area, Haunted area, X has been moved to where MHFS was and they have got rid of OG and and the Arena. They have replaced it with a woodie called F!Re, add some new effects and get a few flats in the haunted area. X has a new theme and some new effects, very scary like on the stops have sounds of chanisaws and screams then water sprays like blood. 2013) A 4d cinema is placed in the haunted area, now known as Extreme Scare and Time Voyagers will turn into a rotating hall ride, telling the story of the ashes of the volcano that have turned into ghosts and risen from the dead. 2014) Fright nights is open until 12 this year because of a new maze called LIFE of HER, it is a maze about a girl who lives with her parents, but turns out to be some physco when she grows up, she murders everyone and she is coming for YOU! The maze will be 25mins long and will be more intense than the others. 2015) Lick of paint and get all effects to work, no new installations this year. Planning set for a major ride. New small drop ride in Canda Creek which packs a punch ( like extremis at the dungeons)2016) A freakish new ride is created (world first) for Extreme Scare called Fist. Secret though. Neptunes kingdom gets a Lim launched coaster, called Water Racer, dosent have any inversions just flies up and down and round and stuff. Very low height restriction so small children can ride.2017) Rumba Rapids gets new old theme, to the Old rapids thorpe had.LONG POST
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