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  1. Is that a mini magic carpet I see in the background??
  2. Will someone post the map up when they get it.
  3. I really cant wait for this!!
  4. Mr.man


    Has anything changed for the new season anyone??
  5. Are you talking about Saw?
  6. I dont really like the station, it looks like it needs to be inside a building like Tidal Wave, dont know why?
  7. That wouldnt work as when the wave from the ride went inside it would break the fire box and it would be exactly the same how it is now, exept with another box inside it.
  8. I was stuck and my brother pulled me up and I just collapsed on the floor.
  9. What area will the ride take over in the Jack The Ripper area.Becuase there is quite a few rooms:The first part with the dead bodies and the prostitute explaining about Jack.Then its the steps with the window and the message on the wall.Then its the area with the projections and the fire.Then it is the Ten Bells Pub where you meet Jack.I think that they should place the ride in the first room, I find the first rooms of Jack quite slow and pub being the highlight. Also the pub was only placed 3 years ago and it is still a very scary aspect to the Dungeons, and its not ready to leave. I do love the Jack area but it is quite long. Tbh, I wish the Dungeons had a bigger area so they dont have to get rid of something everytime they want something new.So if anyne could answer my qustion that would be great, thanks in advance.
  10. comeonee closedd season your boring mee :(

  11. Mr.man

    SAW: Alive

    But those pens are safer, because you have to buy them and open the packet to geet a shock, you just had to walk into Alive to get it.
  12. Early November was good for me, and a tip on how to do do the parks. We were out there for 3 weeks, so if your out there for that long, do a park or something one day, then have a relax day, then have a park day, ext. I wouldnt reccomend if your only going for a short perios of time.
  13. Mr.man

    SAW: Alive

    I didnt think the floor shook | thought it just banged?
  14. Zodiacs a great ride .
  15. Mr.man


    Thats stupid. Thats the sort of things that ruins Thorpe.
  16. Becuase StormSurge is new wouldnt the rides around it get busier, becauses theres more people in that area?
  17. Mr.man

    SAW: Alive

    They should really have seen it coming though, I mean giving someone an electric shock at a themepark. :s
  18. Cheryl- Nearly died if you remember.Bieber*-Fit as, and dont knock him till you try him.
  19. Mr.man

    Your Thorpe Park

    So get rid of X, for something just as similar. The effects will probably break in a week anyway.
  20. Mr.man

    Nicki Minaj

    Will.I.Am has made very good songs, so hes not exactly bad if millions of people like him.
  21. Thats mean< ElectricBlll's blue colour is cool, it makes him different
  22. Mr.man

    Nicki Minaj

    Cher cant be that bad if shes making a new single with Will.I.Am.? :s
  23. Where can I find a boyfriend? :(

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