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  1. I'm secretly hoping that the combination of a bad forecast and Friday the 13th will keep people away tomorrow. I'm glad I'm not going in the last week of term though; fairly certain it will be mental then.
  2. Okay, that seems fine. As long as its like, in context and stuff. (Radio static, background music in the news reports etc.)Also, don't get me wrong, the song's good. It just wouldn't fit the ambiance of the ride if played in full.
  3. Another quick question here for the people who've visited the park this season.Does the song actually play near the ride? All the YM@6 fans seem to be under the impression that it plays in the queuelines and if it does I won't be a happy bunny xD
  4. Has anyone got a hi-res of the Swarm insignia? (the triangle thing with a line through it)
  5. I do similar things to SawBeatsThirteen, I normally start at Stealth and work my way across. On my most recent visit I did Stealth then Nemesis then Colossus then Saw and then I worked my way back across the park doing all the smaller rides.
  6. Looking at the plans I'm actually quite excited for this. I love the idea of the overturned trucks for the shops and photo stand things.
  7. hmm... may have to book tickets for then. I loved the regurgitator on Britain's Got Talent.
  8. Thanks for bringing that up, I wasn't saying they queue jumped because they were black. I was just specifying their skin colour.
  9. On the topic of drips coming from under the ride, I was there today and there was a constant stream coming from the underside at one point. I wasn't too sure if it was theming but I think it just looks bad.
  10. I went on it today. It was the only ride other than X:NWO to make my friend feel sick. It's actually quite intense
  11. I went on Loggers today. Me and my friend decided to do the Creep (sat down, don't want to break the rules). It ended in me sliding forwards and smashing my man-parts on the divider between the front of the boat and the back. Wasn't fun, but made for a good photo.
  12. Ugh, I've had some bad queue jumpers etc. at my visits.Worst had to be a gang of coloured people who wouldn't back down (I'm a small white guy, it was very hard to hold my ground). They started doing the whole 'It's coz I is black innit?' routine.Oh, and I was on queuing for Detonator and I saw some chav-ish types trying to throw stuff at riders on Nemesis Inferno.
  13. JBdaWonderLlama


    Just watching the Thorpe Park episode of the Inbetweeners, they just called it THE Nemesis Inferno... UGH
  14. I made this topic just because I like hearing other peoples Halloween traditions and stuff like that.What are you guys doing this year?Do you have any family traditions for Halloween?Feel free to share pictures of your costumes, pumpkins etc.
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