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  1. Lukeeeeeee.

    Toofpikk's Trips 2014

    The meets sound good, however I am also in year 11 and my last exam is on the 23rd June! So I wouldn't really be able to make any of the meets as I have to revise and all that..
  2. Lukeeeeeee.

    Fright Nights 2013 [SPOILER TOPIC]

    The woodland section was in the back left door and then entered the first room in the door next to it. So basically, if you go in TCITW, always go through the back left door and then you'll go back into that room and get to choose between the two remaining doors!
  3. Lukeeeeeee.

    Alton Towers - How Busy Will It Be?

    I'm planning to go to Alton on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th October. It's the weekend before Scarefest so I shouldn't think it would be too busy? We're travelling from Brighton so don't really want to travel all that way if it's going to be really heaving!
  4. Lukeeeeeee.

    Merlin annual pass drinks capsule 2013

    They've made this so confusing. Also, on the top left corner of new Merlin Annual Passes is a small white circle saying 'Drinks Capsule' beneath it. Maybe when you buy the capsule the hole is punched through or something?
  5. Lukeeeeeee.

    2013 Changes

    *Holds up sarcasm sign* http://media-cache-ec5.pinterest.com/upload/177821885257048038_Srz3jnOX.jpg
  6. Lukeeeeeee.

    Resin Models

    I know that Stealth is £5, THE SWARM is £7 and Vampire is £6.50. I can't remember the others.. The Vampire one is my favourite, but I haven't been to Alton Towers to see the Nemesis one yet
  7. Lukeeeeeee.

    The Banning Game

    Banned for managing to do the corner on a wakeboard xD
  8. Lukeeeeeee.

    The Banning Game

    Banned for not just calling Joe a hypocrite.
  9. Lukeeeeeee.

    The Banning Game

    Banned for being a hypocrite.
  10. Lukeeeeeee.

    The Swarm

    That shed obviously isn't used very often then..
  11. Lukeeeeeee.

    MTDP - Flat Rides

    I thought it was Medium-Term Development Plan
  12. Lukeeeeeee.

    The Swarm

    Lewish, could have been Harry as he was one of only one of the two guys working on The Swarm yesterday. Harry was the blonde one but I can't remember the others' name I love that rain announcement but it is correct, the ride IS uncomfortable in heavy rain- mainly because of water flying in your face.
  13. Lukeeeeeee.

    The Banning Game

    Banned for banning me again...
  14. Lukeeeeeee.

    The Banning Game

    Banned for banning someone for a reason that is not really bannnable.
  15. Lukeeeeeee.

    The Banning Game

    Banned for coming to Thorpe Park with me today.