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  1. Hearing the news about the new destination for Derren Brown's Ghost Train, I'm hoping that they change it to include many more things that relate to the Victorian era. I'm not a fan of the storyline, as it doesn't feel very Derren Brown to me, and it goes against all the advertising it was going up for. I'm hoping they include some new features such as a steam locomotive which was featured in one of the development videos, and also on one of the posters for the ride in the background. If they do, hopefully something like this is done.
  2. SouthParks have reported chessington submitting a planning application to move the carousel to the Market Square area. I'm surprised by this decision, but also welcome it as it is nice to see money being put into the park. However, I was surprised by how much chessington owns, (as the image shows) as I thought it wasn't much more than what the park is now. http://www.southparks.co.uk/2016/08/10/chessington-world-of-adventures-resort-to-install-new-carousel/
  3. mah boi


    Well, my dog just passed away today at 3:15pm after having a seizure. She was 13 years old, going 14. Rest in peace Peggy, thanks for giving me happy memories.
  4. Maybe it is SpinDoctor returning as another form to spread news of washing machine attractions.
  5. I am very interested in the train and would most likely buy one. However, the last time I visited Thorpe was on the friends and family day and the shop wasn't open, so I couldn't register my interest. If thorpe allowed people to register their interest online, I would. It would be a bonus if they were able to post the levitating trains as well as I am not sure whether I would be able to visit thorpe during the rest of this year.
  6. I posted a diagram of how I see the interior of the building will be like, as well as the Victorian carriage being a shell. Here is a link to the page if you are interested in seeing it and maybe build upon the idea. http://forum.maniahub.com/topic/11038-derren-browns-ghost-train-new-for-2016/?page=96#comment-234185
  7. I don't like it how they spoiled the surprise, as such, of showing the actual interior of the Victorian train carriage. Regardless, it looks good and it will be interesting to see how it comes out.
  8. That last rule will be a bit complicated on opening day.
  9. Just a bit of speculation. I met with a friend of mine who said that they know why the delay happened on the ride. Supposedly, a ride vehicle collided against something and as a result caused some damage. They didn't say what the ride vehicle collided against, but that Thorpe are aiming to open the ride in late May. Take it with a pinch of salt, but who knows.
  10. The leaked image also shows that the levitating train carriage is a shell, where most likely the underground train carriages will go into. I can only pressume that you will be held outside the building to the entrance where you board the ride, and are only allowed to enter in certain group numbers. When one of the underground carriages goes into the shell and the passengers disembark, then they will let a group enter the building to board the ride. That is what I think will happen. EDIT: Changed font colour of some of the words to avoid any spoilers.
  11. The photo which was posted on the net with Derren standing at the bottom is photo shopped to have a wall in place there. After brightening up the image, you can see a mistake they made on one of the windows as it is partly straight at the top, and then it curves suddenly and straightens out again. The window is behind the carriage if you want to look it up.
  12. Well, boredom has taken hold of me again, and so I decided to compile a set of images to form a interior view of the attraction through the outside. The quality is crap, which is my mistake, but I will link the images in a future edited post, as I have to go out soon for something. Anyway here is the image I created. Base image is from Total Thorpe Park, and other images are from enthusiasts. The reason why I included the leaked image box, is because it shows a series of supports beneath the carriage, which makes me think that the transfer track goes up towards the levitating carriage. However, due to what thorpe asked before, I won't post it here. Key: Black lines are the track. Red is the transfer track Yellow is the photo locations Blue arrows are the angle from where the photos were taken from
  13. A bit late, but seeing that the ghost train will be delayed, I guess this song is fitting for the occasion.
  14. mah boi

    The News

    With recent events, a video came to mind which is quite funny. I guess its a nice way to lighten up the situation of the passing of the celebs.
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