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  1. I understand that, yet for the closed season of 2016 and all of 2017 the tunnel remianed intact
  2. The platform 15 tunnel was not present when we went in may, is it back now ?
  3. you are given a wristband when sleeping on site that gives you fasttrack
  4. I assume this ride time after close is selected times only ? we stayed over last Sunday ( 17th ) evening and there were no rides running after 6pm. Only a couple of rides testing around 8pm. There was no fastrack for us as a hotel guest until the next morning when we didn't need to use it as it was quiet and nothing opened until almost 10am anyway so I am unsure why there is a need to get in the park early. Even then the fastrack was valid 10-11am Cant fault the hotel at all was nice, very small yet good. Food was good at fins except the as always very frozen burger buns
  5. coolskin


    Hi guys, was on site sunday afternoon and Monday. Slammer was going Monday and they were working on it. Three workmen on it, one on each side and one in the controls. It did do full rotations be it very very slow yet it spent most of its time up in the air horizontal. Later on it was upside down yet horizontal. I have a pic yet do not know how to load on ?
  6. had a breakdown yesterday morning for a bit yet she was back mid arvo
  7. coolskin


    made a good change to ride this forward and the music and lights -nice touch
  8. Rode this twice yesterday - both very intense and good cycles
  9. coolskin


    Slammer was testing off and on from 2pm yesterday until close
  10. first time backwards yesterday for us didn't do anything - I dint see the point. Effects were working
  11. this is a shame - I am going monday - website still shows menu as two for xxx
  12. Does anyone know how the park is doing in terms of flooding ? considering the whole area of Staines, Chertsey , Windsor and much more have red alerts I was thinking if the park has ran into any problems yet ?
  13. Oh damm it !!! Thanks for clearing that up. Rethink for Sunday then....... Expect it will be too busy to go anyway. Wonder how long before Alton remove single lanes.....
  14. Is there no single rider for anything in 2012 except Stealth ?Am planning to go Sunday again yet only if there is single riders, I did not notice the other week when I went
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