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  1. Totally agree - Thorpe’s rides are generally pretty headache-inducing aren’t they! I must admit I always take some paracetamol to Thorpe 😂 much needed when visiting on a quieter day. There isn’t long to wait now until we get a clue what this might be.
  2. It starts just next to Oblivion’s photo kiosk apparently.
  3. Inferno

    Rocky Express

    Interesting. In some ways it’s quite sad to say goodbye to Canada Creek - so many lovely memories of Loggers Leap and the Railway! It really used to be a really vibrant, happy, family-friendly area not so long ago! Those days have long since passed however and it’s good to see it finally layed to rest. I hope they keep the Diana memorial. All 3 Old Town rides are probably quite portable aren’t they? They could simply move them / some of them elsewhere in the park I suppose, if they’re not scrapping or moving them elsewhere. I read online a while ago that some of the Octopus Garden rides have been kept in storage at the farm - I wonder if some sort of kids area will make a return at some point, maybe even next year to compensate for the loss of smaller rides. I guess Creek Freak may have seen its last days as well then?
  4. 🤞 - However, Big Thunder Mountain is world class. I guess we’ll see! 😆 Agreed! This is why we need a B&M with 3 long trains that have 4 seats across and lapbars, and a MCBR 🙏 I so hope this is a queue eater 🤞🤞🤞🤞
  5. I agree - as much as targeting “thrill-seekers only” appears to have caused problems, I think a biggie would be better this time, then something more family oriented next time. I think building a family ride out of the blue would be a weird move, because even if it’s fab it will be very much on its own as the only decent thing in the park for that audience. I feel they need to add some more family stuff before opening a big headline family ride. On the other hand though, the Old Town location in to the woods would really suit a family coaster wouldn’t it. And let’s face it, Wickerman is a brilliant ride even for “thrill-seekers”. I’ll be honest, I am just happy to see an actual coaster go in here. Whatever it is, it’s some very much needed development. (Unless it’s another low capacity, fastrack riddled shuttle coaster like they’re getting at CWOA)
  6. Maybe reading too much in to it, but one thing to note is the leaflet mentions “The new ride will provide an exhilarating…” blah. Maybe meaning this is likely to be a single coaster rather than a “land” similar to Chessington’s? I can’t imagine Heathrow would be an issue, would it? Any aircraft flying over a built up area at 500ft is asking for trouble, regardless of coasters, especially the traffic to/from Heathrow. If any aircraft to/from Heathrow is at 500ft (but not on short finals or immediately after takeoff) the top of a coaster is the least of their worries. I hope the local residents are onboard with Thorpe’s application. It’s all getting very exciting! (And a little weird - getting new coasters hasn’t been Thorpe’s thing for years!)
  7. Really? 🤨 Ah yes, rollercoasters, those pointless, non-headline things nobody goes to theme parks for. What a waste of money at a theme park 🙄 Seriously though how exciting! Looking forward to the 10th.
  8. I'm not sure how I feel about the argument for a Hyper taking away from the other coasters. I do agree, it would absolutely dwarf the other rides, however by next season Colossus opened 20 years ago, Inferno opened 19 years ago and Stealth opened 16 years ago... Many of their "big coasters" opened before much of the target audience were even born. It's also worth noting that anyone who visits Thorpe who has been to parks abroad immediately notice how small Thorpe's coasters are - it's been a talking point I've heard countless times over the years. With those points in mind, is it actually an issue that the new ride might be deemed "bigger and better than the old stuff"? The truth is, the existing rides aren't doing anything 'special' to pull a crowd anymore. Does anyone really talk about Inferno or Colossus much anymore? Not really unfortunately. They're antiques to a lot of people! I think they'd still attract queues on the day, like they do now, but a BIG new crowd pleaser would really pull people in and make an impact, especially if another large coaster was added behind Stealth a few years later. I think it's time the old rides became supporting rides now, making way for the new generation! At the same time though, the thought of "a Maverick" possibly coming to Thorpe is extremely exciting!! I wonder if Merlin would still consider an Intamin these days?
  9. A Mack would certainly come out of left field, but that’s an interesting thought. It would definitely be something different at a Merlin park. I think I agree with Matt, my money would be on a B&M hyper if I was placing a bet. Even after all the RMC hype over the years, I still think it’ll more likely be a B&M, for reliability alone. It’s a safer bet for Merlin. Mack do a very impressive looking hypercoaster though 🤔 It’s exciting to know that “something big is happening” but actually having no idea what it might be. It could literally be anything at this stage. One thought - what do people think about whatever this is potentially not being a big thrill coaster? Does anyone think they might go down a more family-friendly route following the miracle turnaround that Wicker Man brought to Towers after the crash? It pretty much brought them back from the brink! Really looking forward to whatever happens though. I’ll always have a soft spot for Thorpe, and I’m so looking forward to hopefully seeing their fortunes change for the better with this.
  10. https://www.blackpoolpleasurebeach.com/icon/ Spinning rear cars confirmed on Icon. I think that will be a very unique and pretty intense experience! Will be interesting to see how this works in the loading area - there isn't a lot of space in there. Hopefully it'll be done a bit better than the Swarm.
  11. Considering Tomb Blaster has just had a bit of an overhaul, another retheme so soon seems extremely unlikely, although it would be cool. Also Scorpion Express has only just (all be it 7 years ago now) had a major refurb, so surely that’s not going anywhere anytime soon? That would be a major attraction to lose at a moments notice. It’s impossible for anyone to say really one way or another about any of this, but I think the pirates cove rumour seem the most legit. I wonder if Sea Storm will simply be replaced by Rocky, or if they will add Rocky alongside it (a bit like how squid surfer is 2 rides as one) to increase capacity perhaps?
  12. Considering Merlin apparently deemed The Swarm and Ghost Train a financial failure, I wonder if the next big project will be handled any differently? The projects Thorpe have done for a while now (really since Stealth) have very much been good attractions 'tacked on' to the existing, ever-crumbling park. Saw the Ride for example was added on some new land at the side of the existing park - great ride, and great reception, but it's out on a limb. The Swarm, again fab ride, but was added to another island and had little impact on the rest of the park. Derren saw just a single building added to the centre of the park, offering nothing new to the overall park experience at all unless you decide to ride it (and even then returning guests won't bother) None of these did much to make Thorpe a better place in general, they just added another (all be it mostly very good) attraction to the list. I am hoping they think a little differently this time, and build something that incorporates itself in to the rest of the park a little bit. I'm thinking in the same way that Manta at SeaWorld for example is more than just a ride, it's an entire area complete with aquariums, shops and scenery, forming quite a big part of the theme park itself instead of simply being another attraction. I'm hoping whatever they build won't just be a single ride in a given area, but will extend in to its surroundings, and in doing so, redevelop the areas that it inter-twines with. I'm hoping that (assuming this new attraction is in Old Town) some of the ride might go towards the centre of the park, and come with new landscaping and scenery - for example, look at the sheer amount of un/poorly-used space available here. Back to my SeaWorld example - I think it would be a great opportunity to see something on the scale of Manta, which involves the tired and disused areas of Old Town and Slammer being demolished and re-developed in to something fresh and new, maybe even have several attractions on the same site - something like a Manta-style SeaLife aquarium, along with a themed restaurant and nice surrounding scenery in this instance would be good I think. I'm not necessarily saying "I want Manta" - what I'm hoping for is for this new project to be something more than "the cool new ride". I want it to actually change a big portion of Thorpe Park, and become part of the park in general, not to simply add something cool to the side of it. In my opinion, Thorpe needs 'general park refresh' as much as it needs a new attraction, and I think a big project that achieves both could be a good thing and turn the place around a bit.
  13. Inferno


    Such a shame about the state of Duel at the moment. I was a bit shocked how poor it was on Fireworks weekend. Nearly everything was either broken, badly timed, fully lit up when it shouldn't be, or in darkness when it shouldn't be. One section at the start is total darkness so you can’t see anything at all, then the rest of the ride might as well be in broad daylight. The swinging heads (or the one that works at least) ‘swings’ when the car has already gone past, then the mechanism is lit up by a spotlight when the car turns back around towards it and you can see it resetting 🙄 The sound is also dreadful now, with only a handful of speakers actually playing sound here and there. The whole ride is like a parody of a bad ghost train now. There’s a part of the ride near the end where you get a blast of hot air from the left - I’m not sure if it’s a light running very hot?? I thought to myself the other day, would it be such a bad thing if Duel burned down after everyone went home?
  14. It's hilarious but also incredibly sad that the overwhelming response to this thread is just the smell of bins and weed. The place really has gone down the toilet hasn't it.
  15. Does anyone else have these random things in life that just make you think of Thorpe Park? For me, it's these things every time! Dr Pepper I've never been a big fizzy drinks fan, but ever since they used to give out free Dr Pepper at Sun Scream, the taste of it always takes me back to Thorpe Park around 2009ish era! Dolly Parton Every time I hear Dolly Parton I am taken back to Loggers Leap's queue! Water fountains There's a particular smell that seems to come from water fountains in shopping malls - maybe they use the same type of cleaner/chlorine, but the smell always reminds me of Tidal Wave! Arcade machine music This sound is Thorpe Park to me:
  16. Completely agree. The park in general is not in good shape at all is it. The floornumbers in Rush’s loading area and the tarmac near Derren Brown, those 2 things alone - Well, nobody cares. 🤷‍♂️ But I agree with what you say - it’s when everything has this same shabby “meh it’ll do” neglect, the park overall looks dreadful. Another example is that they opened their NEW attraction this season, and used an abandoned ride as the queue line. Nothing says “f*** it that will do” louder than that, does it. I guess it’s down to a lack of funding? because clearly there are people working there who genuinely care. Saw’s new dispatch for example is great, some of the new branding and signage is really lovely, and Trailers was a beautifully made maze - but all of these things fall down when they’re surrounded by neglect, sbno rides and fading rust-covered coasters. I had my worst theme park visit in my life this FN, and to be honest because of that I really don’t want to go back to Thorpe. I will of course go and try any major new ride if they ever get one, but the park has gone so far downhill that it needs a monumental change to turn it around I think. As it stands at the moment, based on my experiences this season, Thorpe Park is not a good day out anymore in my opinion. There are multiple, far better theme parks within easy reach.
  17. Went to the fireworks yesterday to see the season off for another year! The fireworks were probably the best they’ve done yet in my opinion - by far the most impressive display! May have shed a tear at one point if I’m honest 😂 After a very disappointing Thorpe FN visit this was a perfect reminder of why I adore theme parks. The atmosphere before and during the show was great - lots of people from all over the country dancing and having a great time, kids and adults alike, and the show itself was incredible. I’m lucky enough to have been nearly every year for the last 10 or so years, and every time it blows me away how extra the show actually is. The theme park isn’t in great shape however if I’m honest - A lot of major rides were closed, but I understand some are down to parts being stuck in Europe with no lorry drivers to get them here, so perhaps can’t be helped. Duel is also an embarrassment- it felt like we were trundling around an abandoned props warehouse! I really hope they invest in Duel soon, and add some new sit-in restaurants to the park to cater for the mad queues. The park is looking a bit rough around the edges now adays, but the magic is still there I think. Wickerman however, and Nemesis in the dark - WOW. These, along with the incredible fireworks, is what theme parks are all about, just pure fun, leaving you wanting more. What a great way to finish the season! If anyone is reading this is a theme park fan and hasn’t been to Alton Towers Fireworks before - GO. You won’t regret it.
  18. Thank you so much everyone for replying! 🙏 @JoshC. I took your advice - yesterday at Towers I reminded myself too look around to spot some “non teen groups” - and there were LOADS. @Martin Doyle That’s an interesting point about Efteling - abroad you do tend to notice more adults without kids visiting the parks. I think you guys are right - it’s a Thorpe thing. Now I think of it, it’s generally at Thorpe that I feel too old, standing alongside all the teens! I suppose other places (particularly Towers in the uk) don’t have that feeling so much (unless it’s school trip season!) You’re spot on there @Han30 - I completely agree, who bloody cares anyway! I can honestly see myself visiting the parks well in to my old age. Thinking back to yesterday at the fireworks, I can’t see myself ever not wanting to return!
  19. Oh! Spinny trains, or brave it backwards?
  20. Thank you everyone who’s responded! Some really interesting points. I agree with the point raised a couple of times here that visiting Thorpe specifically + half term was only ever going to exasperate it, and it’s true that it is Thorpe where I get the feeling of being “too old” the most. It’s not so much an issue elsewhere, especially abroad weirdly. Josh, that is utterly terrifying that a 15 year old joining the forum today would be younger than Stealth 😳 I too remember being on forums and at the park around that age watching the construction of Stealth. It doesn’t feel that long ago does it! I’ll be honest I still see Saw as “pretty new” 😂 👨🏼‍🦳 I REMEMBER WHEN IT WAS ALL FIELDS 😂 To be honest I agree with you all - I too don’t think you can be too old to visit and enjoy theme parks, and I have no plans to stop! This forum alone is evidence that there’s a keen following among a slightly older audience. Just interested to hear if others ever felt the same occasionally.
  21. Does anyone know off the top of their head what the timeframes usually are for planning applications for this sort of big project? Is there an “average” certain time of year that the planning applications tend to go in for new coasters (assuming that’s what this will be), and how far in advance they tend to appear? I’m assuming this project will open 2024, so I’d guess for construction to start early 2023 they would want to seek permission sometime early/mid next year?? (I know nothing about planning, purely guesswork based on when Chessington’s 2023 project plans appeared!) I suppose it’s cutting it too fine for a 2023 opening date now, as they’d want to start building very soon and no plans have been spotted yet! Besides, I assume they wouldn’t want to clash with Chessington’s coaster year?
  22. Amity Beach (4) Angry Birds 4D Experience (5) Black Mirror Labyrinth (5) Colossus (5) Depth Charge (5) Detonator: Bomb's Away (5) Flying Fish (5) King Pig's Wild Hog Dodgems (5) Lumber Jump (5) Mr. Monkey's Banana Ride (5) Nemesis Inferno (6) Quantum (5) Rocky Express (5) Rumba Rapids (5) Rush (5) Samurai (5) Saw - The Ride (5) Stealth (5) Storm in a Teacup (5) Storm Surge (5) The Swarm (5) Tidal Wave (5) Timber Tug Boat (5) Vortex (5) Zodiac (5) Nemesis Inferno +1 Amity Beach -1
  23. Interesting about Rocky Express. Sea Storm at Chessington is a similar Mack model isn’t it? That’s been closed recently. I wonder if they’re retiring Rocky slightly earlier than planned to be used as spares, since Old Town is soon to go. Timber thingy and Lumber whatever could disappear overnight and I don’t think anyone would notice. I’m wondering if another B&M is being planned for Thorpe. In the past they’ve apparently been bought in batches of 3 or so at a time, and with Merlin opening 2 B&Ms (Chessington and Legoland in China) soon, could a third one be destined for Thorpe? The long awaited hyper perhaps? Whatever happens, I think for the first time in 10 years we are about to see the start of some very interesting times at Thorpe!
  24. Inferno

    Logger's Leap

    have a look on Theme Park Guide - they have taken photos of some areas where the trough used to be
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