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  1. £10 for Platform 15... £9 if you’re a pass holder... A maze that was once free for the last 4 seasons... And now costs more money for both a regular guest and a pass holder than any ScareFest maze did last year... And the park still have the nerve to charge standard pass holders a minimum of £10/£25 to enter this “Fearstival”... This could get... interesting.
  2. Given the park are still leaving Loggers Leap left to rot, Slammer left to rust and Saw Alive left to sink... is anyone surprised by this? I can confirm that this stripping of the arcade canopy looks as grotesque in-person as it does through an internet image.
  3. Stealth has lost it’s countdown. Again.
  4. What if you’re a standard MAP holder then? I don’t recall them getting ‘Share the Fun’ vouchers... And this whole “GeT a SEaSoN pASs” stuff I don’t buy either. In the current climate, I genuinely don’t think many families are going to be getting anything like a season pass for any attraction anytime soon. Sure, some will buy it regardless and it’s decent value, but this brings in another question - who in their sane mind is going to pay £55 for the price of just 4 months maximum; especially amongst the uncertainty and hope of these attractions remaining open until the end
  5. Erm, maybe because some people these passholders know will have friends and family which don’t have annual passes (like me), therefore they need to buy a regular ticket like everyone else perhaps? And now they need to justify spending more money at Thorpe Park than Alton Towers or any other park in this country? Just because something doesn’t affect a certain a demographic of people doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be criticised. £6 is a very large spike in price, even by Merlin’s standards. Are you suggesting this price increase is a good thing then?
  6. On another note, I was looking on Thorpe's website just now at information regarding their reopening procedure and couldn't help but notice the price of a 1 day ticket has suddenly shot up in price this month which I believe should be highlighted. As soon as the 10th June just 13 days ago, their website advertised a day ticket as £33. Now however, it is a whopping minimum of £39; an increase of £6 for an advance online booking. To make it worse, this price applies to everybody over the age of 3 now, so there is no longer a discount for those aged 3-11 which was classed as a child ticket pre
  7. I swear just before the 2019 season started we were told through another one of Sickstone’s pre-season videos that the Dome’s interior was going to be be completed in two “phases”; presumably the first part ripping out the old Atlantis theming early last year, and for 2020 by modernising the interior? Yeeeeaaaahhhhh, something tells me that idea might have been scrapped. So we are now permanently left with a poor man’s version of the Alton Towers Dungeon - black walls galore.
  8. Well... in terms of social distancing advisement for guests, it's better than nothing, right......?
  9. Noticed that “future for theme parks” has ride photography again for this season... Help.
  10. Exactly this. Too often when I visited the park last year and in 2018, the first sight I am greeted with every morning when leaving the dome into the park is this definition of pure irony: How the bobs at Thorpe Park/Merlin can look at that, nod their heads and smile saying “Yep, nothing at all wrong with this!” I don’t understand one bit. How the park are going to fix this broken system I cannot answer, but something has to be done soon.
  11. So the big difference if I'm reading this right is all new applicants to this system starting this Friday onwards after applying once will not just have full access to every major Merlin park in the UK with up to 3 carers, but it will last them an entire 24 months now......? EDIT: My mistake, it was a similar system to this last year which also had ID cards that lasted 2 years, it just excluded Legoland as part of the package (I think).
  12. On a serious note, I don’t know what to say to this frankly. It’s hardly surprising we have yet another IP-dependant attraction given to us with no consideration for long-term sustainability or learnt lessons from the likes of Saw Alive, I’m a Celeb and “future for theme parks” relying on actors year-round, which this is almost certain to have. Does this park have an incredibly short memory or something? Usually I would go out and say wait until you try it before making a full judgement and give it a chance, but frankly, I am too bored and uninterested to care anymore at th
  13. Well I never, it’s... it’s.... a WoRld fIrSt!
  14. Park Pixie slowly infiltrating Thorpe Park’s social media page with another ISLAND MEET VLOG giving us an update on the “rumoured” 2020 RMC? #BackOnTheIsland
  15. It’s better than nothing, that’s what it is.
  16. You know you’re digging beyond the bottom of the barrel when a multi-billion quid company thinks (presumably) splashing a 33-year old kids ride with rainbow-coloured tartan paint is enough to call it a “first-ever”...
  17. With credit to TowersTimes who found and shared this the other day, look at what’s been found lurking in the corners of Vimeo...
  18. Yeah, I’m pretty certain Park Pixie said in one of her vlogs there were rumours that #RMC2020 would be happening......
  19. A short request from me which seems vaguely realistic: Removal of that cursed siren upon park closure. Simples.
  20. Tell you what, as much as I sniff at the use of IP’s in theme parks, if this is executed well, I’ll welcome it. It would be perfect for families and will revitalise a dead corner of the park, which hopefully will mean the reopening of the theatre again if the plans show it. Only thing that bothers me is if Alton weren’t so insistent on building The Alton “Black-walled” Dungeons for this year, that ride building and system would have been perfect for something like this, especially given the success and feedback of Gruffaloworks at Chessington.
  21. OK, so I have tried all the horror mazes (just the mazes alone) from this weekend and seen what the first weekend of Fright Nights 2019 had to offer as a regular guest, not as a celeb VIP vlogger who gets offered social media trinkets alongside an upgraded/unrealistic experience of the mazes by the Merlin bobs. As a whole, I gotta start saying there is no doubt that compared to last year, there is an overall improvement in the event in terms of how it was delivered, but be under no illusion that the improvements are very, very minimal. I still walked around the park at night getti
  22. At Fright Nights currently and it’s so gratifying to see the RAP system has finally been controlled just in time for the busiest period of the year. The park have finally fixed the broken system. This October should as a result consist of nice... short... quick... queues for all attractions, especially for the mazes like Blair Witch! ...... ...... ......
  23. I was implying the fact last year the park were too obsessive over delivering the highest number of mazes and scare attractions more than anything, all of which were admittedly poor quality, so I take on-board what you say that maze quality can make or break the event, especially when looking at previous years. To me though, there is far more to this event than just the mazes which is why I highlighted other areas such as the lighting, theming and audio and why they matter. For example of where it goes wrong, the WWTP playlist used last year did not work in my opinion one bit, Dead
  24. Precisely, as we were told last year by almost certainly the same people that 2018 was “the best Fright Nights yet”. Look at how that ended... I just hope this year the park don’t just focus purely on the scare mazes and instead look at all other areas which contribute to the event. Things such as park lightning, decorations and audio are just as important I’d say, especially for those not wishing to go in the mazes. Last thing I want to see are X’s lights flashing all over the entrance bridge again... it looked ruddy awful last year.
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    2019 Season

    It’s better than nothing don’t forget...
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