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  1. It reopens this saturday, the advertisement looks interesting if it's anything to go by, seems a lot more random and alien themed perhaps.
  2. According to the Adventure Island twitter Over the Hill is getting a major retheme and being retitled ever to "Over the Hill 2 Spooksville" and will reopen this summer https://www.instagram.com/p/BSjDPIcjkbi/ Interested to see what they'll change, it's a fun little ride as it is, not fond of the new name to be honest since it's not like there will be an Over the Hill 1 once this is done.
  3. Apparently Adventureville is open from today according to their twitter, despite what I said earlier, though to be fair no one should ever listen to what I say so it's your own fault.
  4. I went there last week (since I live very nearby) and there are a few posters advertising the new ride in the area they are building it, but it looked liked they had a long way to go until finishing it so I'm guessing it won't be this summer any more.
  5. Perhaps they could have an alternative simulation for Halloween. I mean I can't imagine it's too hard to do and would be a pretty neat way to mix things up now and again, I can't imagine it's too expensive to do either.
  6. From what I've seen on their twitter they seem to just seem to be denying that there was any new ride and that the new 'attraction' was their glamping experience. I don't really get why Chessington have been focused on hotels and stuff lately, I've always enjoyed the park on my visits but there's not really enough there to justify staying the night.
  7. Just a little detail that may have something to do with the next clue, the close up of his eye has 'I see you' written in it, not sure if there are other details hidden away.
  8. Honestly my biggest concern with the ride (well concern isn't really the right word) is how Derren Brown will feature, I mean I like his shows and I'm sure he has some great ideas but I can't really imagine what a ride designed by him would be like. That's not a bad thing neccessarily though, I imagine it'll essentially be a unique ip with just his creative input which could lead to some interesting things, bringing someone in who isn't just focused on creating the next big ride with the most inversions, steepest drops or whatever, but more of a unique experience that'll focus on the mind could lead to something pretty cool. My only worry is that'll he'll somehow feature all over the ride for the celebrity factor instead of just being a creative force, not that I have anything against him but if the ride is just him saying mysterious things over some speakers while a few trippy visuals play out I'm not sure about that. Though I guess this is still all speculation anyway at the moment.
  9. It also has a fanbase overseas which probably helps lure people in from Europe and America, though I'm a celebrity only really appeals to a UK audience so maybe this isn't something they are concerned with so much.
  10. I think that could be cool and the theme would work well, though it probably wouldn't fit with them trying to broaden their appeal to families considering the level of violence and gore in the show.
  11. I'm not sure how a hunger games themed ride would work to be honest, I've not ridden many dark rides admittedly but that franchise is mostly actors fighting each other in a forest or urban environments, to me at least it doesn't really seem to lend itself to a dark ride scenario (especially since it would probably require the actors to contribute in some part and I doubt that most of them would come cheap considering how many of the stars of that movie have blown up in terms of popularity in the last few years) Even though some people may not be fond of it I think Doctor Who would lend itself much better, especially if the dark ride was attempting a haunted house feel to a degree with the show's hundreds of monsters. I mean it has no real set location it must take place in, the storyline could be practically anything and it's cast is pretty expansive so they could probably get a couple of people from the show to lend their talents (and they aren't so high profile as to be unreasonably expensive to hire them) Though I guess it doesn't matter either way since they are all pretty much blind guesses.
  12. Thanks I am glad you enjoyed it, not sure I'll be making many other interesting theme parks trips any time soon but I'll make another trip report if I do.
  13. Hey I'm back from the Netherlands and thought I would share my experiences at the park, I'm not exactly an expert in terms of terminology and specifications when it comes to rides and that sort of thing (which is why I initially didn't intend to write anything about my trip) so I guess this will be just a few general impressions of my thoughts on the park. Firstly I thought it was a really nice area, the park in general looked well maintained and had a freshness to it's theming(like everything looked new and well maintained, I couldn't really tell which rides were the recently opened ones and which were the older ones for the most part) though there were the occasional spots of wear and graffiti that comes with all theme parks. It was a nice area too, lots of plants and trees and such make up a lot of blank spaces between rides, it was pleasant to just sit among the trees in the more quiet areas and enjoy the surroundings, a lot more green than some of the UK parks I've been to (though I'm guessing that's mainly due to it's location which is pretty out of the way of anything) The layout of the park could be a little confusing at times to be honest, though they seemed to know that and tried to combat it with lots of sign posts to the various attractions, but since some of the pathways could be quite winding an arrow pointing vaguely in one direction wasn't always helpful. That being said the park itself was pretty enough that it didn't really matter and the queues were never really a problem (the longest wait was for the log flume) so there was no rush and the park was small enough as to allow you to take your time when getting from area to area. Anyway here are my impressions of the rides, we managed to go on most of the big attractions apart from Speed of Sound which we decided to skip Xpress Platform 13 I loved the themeing on this ride, you start off indoors and walked through an abandoned train station that eventually becomes more and more twisted (literally for some of the corridors) there was a creepy train conductor on the way and dark passageways to venture through before getting on the ride itself (which involved stepping through some seemingly malfunctioning doors) I'm guessing the ride has a lot more actors to jump out as you make your way through the station in more busy seasons and at Halloween since there seemed to be plenty of spots where they could have popped out though there were still some scares to be had as you walked through even without them, due to sound effects and various other little touches. The ride itself was a lot of fun and a nice smooth experience, though the initial burst of speed that starts the ride can feel a little forceful they do a good job raising tension before launching you around and the track was exciting and gave you nice view of the park. The only complaint I had was the ending, I thought there would be some sort of final scare but there was just a confusing scene with a broken train and some fire, I mean it looked kind of cool but I'm not sure what was really supposed to be happening. El Condor This was a pretty rough ride, I spent most of the ride getting my head rattled around so much so that I could barely pay attention to the track, though the park seemed to recognise this since the restraints were heavily padded to at least make it so it wasn't painful. This was probably the least smooth one of the bunch, I was expecting a feeling similar to flying (due to the bird theme) but this certainly wasn't that, still I don't mind rollercoasters being a bit rough so I still enjoyed it and the totem poles and trees in the area looked nice too, though I'd pick this one last to go on if you are planning a visit to Walibi since it's not exactly unmissable. Robin Hood I was a bit nervous about this one (though Goliath freaked me out significantly more beforehand) since I'd never ridden a wooden rollercoaster before and this one featured lap bars (one of the only other rollercoasters with lap bars that I have ridden was thirteen and that always gives me an unpleasant feeling in my stomach, though I didn't experience that on either of these so I guess it's just that ride that does that to me) I ended up really enjoying it though, it's a rattly old beast and it isn't the smoothest of rides, but the sounds and rush of it all was a fun experience, I loved the look of it too, perhaps just because I've never seen a wooden one before but I was just impressed by the craftsmanship out of making such a thing out of wooden (which probably sounds a bit silly to say) Goliath Honestly this was probably my favourite ride of the day, the first drop is just breathtaking and so forceful and overwhelming without ever feeling uncomfortable. It was probably the least themed ride of the big ones (though there is a big sign but nothing apart from that) but the scale of the thing speaks for itself I guess. It's tucked away right at the back of the park for some reason but if you visit make sure you don't miss this one out. We went on a handful of other smaller rides too, el rio grande was a neat little rapids and they had a mini rollercoaster for kids called Drako which randomly featured a single small train as the central theming despite the rest of the ride's decorations being unrelated and the carriages themselves being well themed, but those were the main things of note. Overall it was a great day out and a fun little park, well worth a look in my opinion (though my knowledge of parks isn't as well versed as some of the people on this forum so I'm guessing your mileage may vary)
  14. Thanks for the advice, it's more my girlfriend who is worried because she wears glasses to get around and can't keep them in a locker, but I guess we will just have to see how it goes.
  15. That's cool, yeah I hear Goliath is pretty great so I'm looking forward to that, looks like it'll be a good fun day out there at least. I heard online that they don't have areas to keep your bags in before you get in a rollercoaster, I know the website recommends all day lockers but is there no option before you go on the rides to put in a safe area like thorpe?
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