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  1. Stealth is closed again for more than two weeks now
  2. Complete rebuild confirmed (like Altair)
  3. I speak for France, because of Madeline!
  4. or maybe theme it to an abandoned saw mill
  5. When I went there, on March 29th, it ran on 3 laps, but unexpectedly, it ran for another lap, after slowing down! The staff really are experts at goofing off! XD
  6. I hope you're right.
  7. I think Quantum would be like the Black Buccaneer at Chessington, as it might be on the same fate...
  8. An upcharge attraction, since The Walking Dead: Zombie Hunt
  9. That’s great for me!
  10. The Swarm with the louder volume is just what I have expected, finally. I wish The Swarm could add more announcements, just like I have made my own! And at least I have my Thorpe audio files on my hard drive USB, with a lot of bonus files that I have made up with, even that any attraction would have existed before!
  11. My Idea For My Opinion Both Admissions and Port & Basecamp Epic Sunset An Island Like No Other Endless Fun Thrills On The Horizon Marooned Cast Away Message In A Bottle Driftwood Jawsome Island Chill Out Thorpe Shark Hotel End Of Day (IMAScore) Lost City Entrances Lost City The Power Of 10 An Ancient Force Secrets In The Ruins Colossus Original Soundtrack The Jungle Entrances The Hum Of The Canopy Jungle Odyssey Nemesis Inferno Original Soundtrack Inferno Reigns So anyway, what do you think?
  12. A legacy? Nice! XD I'd imagine Jungle Escape, as Thorpe's own adaption of IAC. Very Nice! XD
  13. Yeah, like I use the old entrance for a shortcut on Roblox.
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