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  1. A different ending to Zufari, on Roblox. One choice is the cave, the other two, either an extended expedition or chasing poaches. Would anyone like that? Please?
  2. Besides, I think a boomerang would be perfect, IF the new area is to be Australian themed. My plan exactly! Or keep the wing coaster design, as themed to a rare golden eagle. Also in Australia.
  3. I have a major problem. Chessington ALREADY HAS an Amazon themed area "The Rainforest". So I'm thinking of an Australian theming instead. And call it "The Outback"
  4. Amazon Land is coming to Chessington from 2023
  5. When my mom won’t let me go out during the Galactic Empire
  6. If it's going to be renamed, I should say, "Hispaniola", the ship from Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson.
  7. Hi there. This is Big Bob Jones on his all day radio show! Right here on WWTP Cape Radio! JUST KIDDING! I'm Beau Newman. How do you do? (Pretty good sure as you're born)
  8. 08newmanb

    2020 Season

    Wait, did he just say, Living Nightmare is NOT returning this year? I have some thoughts of a Gravity Falls themed walkthrough attraction. "Gravity Falls: Mystery Shack"
  9. I'd still prefer "Rumba Rapids", but make it more like a British Expedition in the Jungle. Make an orginasation called River Adventure Tours & Expedition, or R.A.T.E. for short.
  10. Too many people Longer waiting times Longer dispatches Breakdowns People faffing around
  11. Even for my own, in such a custom made coaster. Like Vekoma.
  12. Ratigan: "Oh! I can just see that insufferable grin on his smug face!" (The Great Mouse Detective) Well, at least both the film, and the Ghost Train, are literally Victorian. Pun intended.
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