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  1. 08newmanb

    WWTP Radio

  2. 08newmanb

    Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    Check out this link... ( )
  3. 08newmanb

    Next Roller Coaster

    My suggestion: bring the Knightmare roller coaster from the abandoned Camelot theme park, to the island, and place it, behind Swarm Island. What would you think of my suggestion? Comment if you like it. You can ask for a retheme if you want to. XD
  4. 08newmanb

    Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    I just looked up on Hyde Park Winter Wonderland Unofficial on Facebook, and... THE BUWALDA SPINNING COASTER HAS RETURNED!!!!!!!! XDXDXDXD I thought Joseph Manning's Spinning Coaster would go for it instead, but tonight, I was wrong!
  5. 08newmanb

    Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    I'm gutted not to see the view tower and break dance return. So sad!!!
  6. 08newmanb


    Well maybe expand the workshop, with another switchpoint, but inside the workshop. A third train is a spare train, incase another needs fixing, to reduce queueing time, just incase. Also, we can put in head cushions on each restraints, to smoothen the experience.
  7. 08newmanb

    Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    At least I'll be doing MY own winter wonderland, ON ROBLOX! DUH! XD XD XD XD XD
  8. 08newmanb

    The Flying Fish

    I know what to do with the fish, bring back the announcements, restore the fa├žade like since 2007, make it faster like since 1990 if possible, and finally, add working fountains in each lake. That oughta perk it up.
  9. 08newmanb

    The Flying Fish

    I'm always with you on that one!
  10. 08newmanb


    I definitely agree. Also, to reduce queueing times, maybe 3 NEW trains, but keep it on a 2 train operation, incase 1 train needs repairing.
  11. 08newmanb


    Maybe Loggers Leap as well, due to its condition.
  12. 08newmanb


    I love Eclipse more than Peeking Heights
  13. 08newmanb

    Storm In A Teacup

    I appreciate the new Tetley soundtrack, with Gaffer, as well as the WWTP soundtrack, with Big Bob Jones. The new one sounds like a marching parade through town.
  14. 08newmanb

    Calgary Stampede

    I definitely agree with you. If only it could return...
  15. 08newmanb

    Park Music

    Oh, and keep the new soundtracks for Lost City and The Jungle, at each entrance of each areas. Lost City: Lost City, An Ancient Force, and Secrets in the Ruins. Use The Power of 10 as an extended section for the original Colossus soundtrack. The Jungle: The Hum of the Canopy, and Jungle Odyssey. Use Inferno Reigns as an extended section for the original Nemesis Inferno soundtrack. Keep the old ambience of Lost City for the queue lines of Vortex, Zodiac, Quantum, and Rush. What do you think of my opinion?