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  1. 08newmanb

    Your Thorpe Park

    A suspended top spin perhaps?
  2. And you won't believe what I did, it was at the Creek Freak Massacre, guess what? I yelled the announcements, from Loggers Leap!!!! For example, "Hold on tight folks, 'cause this is the wildest ride in the wilderness!"
  3. Yeah probably. I wish the VR segments would be more complex, than originally thought back in 2016.
  4. I was expecting all that. When I went on the ghost train, I was watching the pre show, still as normal. I pretty get much used to it already, but I don't care. Before the warehouse, there was a female staff, telling us about the train carriage, in a boring way. She sounds bored already. As we board, a male staff banging his metal staff, which makes us jump. He does that a few times. I react to the VR sections, still and scared as usual. I scream very loud. For example, I imagine an old lady, which looks like the late Carrie Fisher, with a dog, which she calls, "Leia". When we're ushered off, I ran off first straight away, and into the maze. I even ran through the maze, reaching to the next scene. What I did then, was pretending to be a staff member, quoting for safety and panic in different ways. When we're told to go back onto the train, again I ran first. Adjusting VR took a bit longer as usual. Second VR segment, watching the first half, before moving on to THE FIERY PIT! I mean fiery death. I imagine in different scenarios. For example, an earthquake, a train derailment, and a flood, when a monster catches and eat us alive! When we got off again, I walk out first into the gift shop. And again, I pretended to be a shop staff, before the final jump scare appears. I saw someone in a hoodie, scaring us. I imagine, as if it is "a devil in disguise" of a human, or an infected zombie. And we went out of the building. End of story. What I make this attraction more improvising, is a lot of IMAGINATION! So feel free to react to my comment, please.
  5. 08newmanb

    The Black Spot

    Didn't you remember Treasure Island Railway? In which it ran from 1983-1993. It used to be located on an island behind a future island, also behind The Swarm. Check these websites out to refresh your memory, and revive your childhood too! http://www.memoriesofthorpepark.co.uk/treasureisland.html https://www.lynton-rail.co.uk/page/lynbarn-lbs-fund-raising-railway https://space-place.com/treasure-island-thorpe-park/ Please feel free to comment, IF YOU DARE!
  6. I wish Colossus would be rebuilt with new trains, just like Altair. But still keep the theming, with a new storyline, similar to Colossos at Heide Park.
  7. Wilde Maus XXL is also returning as well!!! How good is that?!
  8. 08newmanb

    Your Thorpe Park

    I definitely agree with you on my selected suggestions.
  9. 08newmanb

    Your Thorpe Park

    Check out my map for 2019!
  10. Hangover returns and also Daemonium, after 4 years
  11. It's happening again, on November 21st! Feel free to comment!
  12. 08newmanb


    Is it extensive maintenance? I hope it does reopen for the last of this season, or the next.
  13. I know what to do with mid-section: Increase the tension Add an alarm system Fix smoke and strobe lights Add more actors or announcements Make horns louder, like at The Walking Dead: The Ride Make trains light blink, either before, during, or after the horn honks Add more projections of monsters and zombies Make it feel like an earthquake Bring the smell of gas in Add smoke and strobe lights at the loading side of the station Make even more panic Make it even more intense And finally, SPRUCE IT ALL UP!
  14. My vision: Vacuuming water from the boats as they unload. And where does the water go? Back into the pool.
  15. According to officials, Jungle Escape will return for 2020! Isn't that great?!
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