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  1. I wish all roller coasters have onboard soundtracks. And make them fit with that.
  2. 1. Suit yourself. 2. That was only a suggestion.
  3. I wish all roller coasters have onboard soundtracks.
  4. Comrades, I have planned for a new bowling alley, at Alton Towers Resort. Here it is. All it needs, is your vote. 14 bowling lanes, to be made an even number, inspired from 14 roller coasters from the past and present, and also inspired from the 13 tables in the Rollercoaster Restaurant. In the restaurant itself, for the 2016 and 2017 seasons, the Runaway Mine Train was table/seat number 2, until it the Wicker Man took its place in the same position, also as the 2nd seat for each table, for the 2018 season, and has remained ever since. However, the restaurant has The Smiler as number 12, despite having 14 inversions. So I have The Smiler on lane 14, to fit with the number of loops, with the Runaway Mine Train as number 12. Each lane are themed to a different coaster. And here they are. Lane 1 - Nemesis Lane 2 - Wicker Man Lane 3 - Galactica Lane 4 - The Beast (1988 - 1997) Lane 5 - Spinball Whizzer Lane 6 - Rita Lane 7 - Air (2002 - 2015) Lane 8 - Thunder Looper (1990 - 1997) Lane 9 - Black Hole (1984 - 2005) Lane 10 - Oblivion Lane 11 - Corkscrew (1980 - 2008) Lane 12 - Runaway Mine Train Lane 13 - Th13teen Lane 14 - The Smiler The lanes would have augmented reality, depending on the theming for each coaster. Besides, please feel free to comment. Have a look and see what you think.
  5. A different ending to Zufari, on Roblox. One choice is the cave, the other one is chasing poachers. Would anyone like that? Please?
  6. As for me, I’d keep the new colours and music, as I imagine a theme to a British river raft expedition, during the Victorian and Edwardian eras.
  7. Or like a dark gothic horror theme, with the area called the Dark Kingdom, and call the new coaster as Knightmare
  8. Either change it back to X, or turn it into X:\ CanCan Coaster, just like EuroSat at Europa Park. Retheme Angry Birds Land as Gaye Paree, or simply Paris. See how all of you feel. Merci.
  9. Or maybe the staff were just having their wildest ride before closing for the winter. I think it’s some kind of celebration. And I’m sure the rocky express would still run for years to come. Quite quickly. We’ll be fine.
  10. 08newmanb

    2021 Season

    I have some quite concern: what about the merchandise? Would there be more stocks about it?
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