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  1. Even for my own, in such a custom made coaster. Like Vekoma.
  2. Ratigan: "Oh! I can just see that insufferable grin on his smug face!" (The Great Mouse Detective) Well, at least both the film, and the Ghost Train, are literally Victorian. Pun intended.
  3. If the railway does reopen, in my opinion, make trains run to the old Thorpe farm site, which would be transformed, into the north pole. I would use the railway for The Polar Express train ride. Just like the event at Seaton Tramway. It could only happen, at Christmas! feel free to comment.
  4. My new angle of imagination of course. I think outside the box. Just like Anakin Skywalker. He always thinks about in his head, and does things outside the box, when he was a Jedi. And nobody knew quite such a hobby, how to frighten Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  5. I have an idea, use an onboard soundtrack, witht he old dispatch theme, onto the top of the lift hill, and the music cahges to this, and it plays until it reaches the brake run. Skip to 9:00 for the piece of music. And 9:54 is where it stops. What do you think of my idea?
  6. I have a perfect turn for the next coaster. A vekoma BMRX layout (made up), called Knightmare, like the one from Camelot theme park. Mark 2, with a zero g roll on left, after the over banked turn. Give a mountain gothic theming. 2 new flat rides on either side, chance rides inverter “Doombringer”, and vekoma Waikiki super wave flip “The Rack”. The theme the new area to be called “Dark Kingdom.” This would like a Transylvanian theming, like at Heide Park Resort, with Flug Der Daemonen. And also a pub will be placed between Knightmare and The Rack, called “The Headless Monk.” Soundtracks Knightmare - Flug Dee Darmonen (IMAscore) Doombringer - Trinity (James Dooley) The Rack - Iceberg Collision/ The Sinking/ Death of Titanic (James Horner) I think my idea is the best. Feel free to comment. Please. This will be like bringing Knightmare back from the dead, in a new home. Please feel free to comment about my ideas.
  7. Some promotion. Would you wish for more comfortable trains as well as I do?
  8. Yes! It's Olympia/Munich Looping!
  9. And what else can be sorted around the ride itself this closed season? I wish for new announcements as well.
  10. And rebuild it, just like Altair, at Cinecitta World in Rome. MY POINT EXACTLY!
  11. Or even Jack Skellington! Or should we call him, The Pumpkin King!
  12. Just imagine, if Colossus can have a pre-show and storyline, but similar to Colossos at Heide Park Resort in Germany. But with an Atlantean storyline, in which the beast protects the remains of the Lost City. Also, I would like to put in, an onboard soundtrack, And even also, I would put in a giant statue at the tenth and final inversion, it will appear as if it's destroying the track! Fire effects are also welcome, like on The Swarm, and like that, every ten minutes! Feel free to comment. PS. I do wish the track, or the trains would get replaced with new smooth and comfortable ones.
  13. Look at this! It took 9 million steps today!
  14. Besides, if I were in charge, I'd make it even better! Rebuild Loggers Leap, Canada Creek Railway, Slammer if possible. And I would also build a new coaster, behind the swarm, make it as themed as a dark kingdom and called it Knightmare!
  15. 08newmanb


    Then why not just repaint it. And as for Rush, make her feel more ancient like.
  16. 08newmanb


    What I really do hope for Zodiac's future, is to repaint him, back into his old scheme. I can also hope for the sun and stars theming back on, with the announcements, Pre Load, Ride Start, and Ride End, back on and louder, with speakers around the whole ride itself. That way, it will fit into the Lost City, even more! Please feel free to comment. XD
  17. Yeah. As if most people deny ALL the warnings, about the fracking posters! Imagine that.
  18. I thought it was closed again. 200th comment
  19. And speaking of that, Why not rebuild it in a new way, plus a new manufacturer, Vekoma. And place it at Thorpe Park Resort, behind The Swarm. It also may be bigger. I'll make it themed with a darker/medieval look, like Transylvania, like Flug Der Daemonen (Flight of the Demon) at Heide Park. Besides, I don't mind how many people will attend to the area. I would call Knightmare's area as "Dark Kingdom". And besides, to make Knightmare more appealing, why not have its old theming back in Koba Portopialand in Japan, as BMRX (Or Bavarian Mountain Railroad).
  20. Except they were last year, on my charity visit in 2018.
  21. Imagine if the ghost train is set Victorian, on the outside, AND the inside. Setting the journey, in Victorian times, imagine something like in a Tim Burton style. That would be nice.
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