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  1. I am hoping to do a trip in September. I would like some help what is the best way to get there via plane
  2. I'm prob going to get hated for this but I think Colossus track looks alright maby the bits where brown rust marks ok should be painted but the rest ties into the themeing more just like I prefer the way nemesis looks as its fits in with the area more
  3. My guess as I don't know by the sounds of the plans it might be like Harry Potter gringotts bank. Where it uses both 3D effects and coaster elements but with whatever IP they use
  4. There doing a dinning experiance explained here http://www.altontowers.com/scarefest/halloween-days-out/#TheatricalDiningExperience This consist on a two hour experiance it look very Intreating but with park 9pm closes its a good 2 hours of night riding/mazes time if anyone going to do this on here it would be nice to know if it's worth it at all?
  5. There is nothing wrong with wearing a RCCGB hoodie or rain coat at all
  6. Thank you as I'm very temted to try it
  7. Does anyone know how much tbe rib rack challenge is at BBQ. I been trying to find a price but not on website unless I was not looking properly and price not on the map as well.
  8. Pop into HR at thorpe and ask this Q
  9. It was on 2 trains as soon as it opend I was the opp today for it.
  10. If you visited today on sunday Colossus was on two trains today.
  11. I only posted mine about drayton because if they were to keep that all hush hush he would not of done a 1hr talk over lunch about it all and 2 anything secret about merlin I do keep to myself lol
  12. The thing with Drayton. I did a trip back in 2013 with a club and we had lunch and owner spoke to us about the park how its doing and that they are trying to buy more land to expand the park, but also he mentioned they had 3 term Plans I think 3 7 and 10 year but not 100% on them. In each one would see a big attraction he said that rumors are true for 2014 they were going to build a junior MACK launch coaster over the lake with the plans that are online for it but they had to put that on hold for now not sure why, but they said that they had zamperla I'n last month and they got something in the pipeline but would not say. Well we now that became air race as well as looking at how Thomas Land could be expanded and add to that in the coming years. He also said on his desk he has planes for a 100% pure woody, that will be put into one of his plans to get it built if they can not get more land built into the area next to the buffalo where the circus tent used to stand.
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