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  1. Top ten coasters: 1 Shambhala: Love the layout, and full of floaty airtime. 2 Wodan : Has very good momentum and I underestimated it. 3 Nemesis: Do I even need to explain myself. 4 Wild mouse PBP: Probably the most extreme ride in the uk, and it looks so small and innocent. 5 Blue fire: The twisted horshoe roll, nuff said 6 The Texas giant: My first hybrid, I loved it. 7 Rita Stealth: Its Stealth, what can I say. 8 Silver star: Good ejector in the back row, and its a decent b+m 9 Dragons khan: Good looper, just a little rough but still fun. 10 Furius baco: Its SO bad its good, like a painful endurance test.
  2. I'd get a coaster in a pyramid with loud music and lights and call it a waste of space.
  3. JoshuaA

    Your Thorpe Park

    2016, Remove it now!
  4. Yes, who need's a dark ride when you can have pain..loads of pain.
  5. I wonder what the second experience will be.. But whatever they do I hope they do some Halloween decoration this year (which I know won't happen).
  6. Whats the point of sending it to Chessington? if they did it I doubt it would last.
  7. I hope Wild mouse doesn't go, anyway it takes up no space. If anything remove the awful Infusion.
  8. I disagree, it isn't like cariba creek is booming with water slides or pools, and cariba doesn't have a wave pool which is pivotal for a waterpark. cariba creek is 12 years old now and is starting to feel neglected.. I love cariba creek but it is turning out to be a waterpark version of chessington..
  9. JoshuaA

    Your Thorpe Park

    2016: Dark ride themed to a science lab Ride effects fixed Samurai closed due to maintenance cost 2017 Colossus has no refurbishment and is kept filthy A Saw themed flat ride replaces Samurai Rumba rapids gets done up 2018: New RMC hybrid opens next to Swarm Tidal wave removed Loggers leap and Rocky express gets a retheme 2019 Colossus finally revamped Slammer removed Arena refurbished 2020 Two kiddie flats in the place of Tidal wave New kiddie land Storm surge removed
  10. JoshuaA


    That's still pretty good, specially with a certain theme park closing at 4.30 in September Cough* Chessington Cough*.
  11. But you can't keep a lineup the same for ever. they will have to change one or two of the mazes someday or people will get bored.
  12. if they keep the contract it will be interesting to see what movies they will use to replace the four.
  13. The clown maze looks really good.. but I wonder if thorpe will go away from IP's and will start making original mazes.
  14. JoshuaA


    Thats crazy, if only other merlin parks can do the same (I can dream).
  15. I'm so excited.. I bet the second attraction to be studio 14: return of the lackluster maze.
  16. So sad... Chessington Howl'o'ween is a great event and HITH is basically like TOTT for Alton Towers. Its upsetting when all they have this year is curse of the tomb, and probably some bad floodlights and some fog in the woods (trick or treat wood). Blair witch project anyone?
  17. To be honest I don't miss the CITW que line actors. Specially the ones that spat in my face!
  18. I am as straight as the smiler.
  19. Hope they get the cylone back up and running soon, because currently it feels quite anti climatic.
  20. Hello I'm Josh, I am the biggest fan of detonator on the planet. That is all, sorry for sounding cliche!
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