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  1. Cant see the appeal of paying £27 to sit on the floor myself plus the only rides open are: - Stealth - Teacups - Detonator: Bombs Away - Dodgems
  2. Only Thorpe could manage to find a way to some how charge for the event as well 😂
  3. This is what I'd like to see! Replace the passing with big top and you've got a solid line up. But in reality I guess we'll see an almost identical line up with some small improvements to the likes of dead wood creeks and Vulcans peak!
  4. Even if you e-mail their customer service's they don't take the time to read their replies to make sure they've addressed it to the correct person. Last time I checked my name wasn't James....
  5. I'd imagine guest services are hoping for a contingency plan, can't imagine it being a pretty sight if not!
  6. Typical shambles on Twitter telling one customer no refunds and another "yea maybe you might get your money back if you email us" ?
  7. Couldn't agree more, there's a recommended age, if you want late night rides there's other events on through the year !
  8. Isn't that exactly what they've done? ? nothing surprise me anymore, like you've said it'll probably be due to staffing or lack of!
  9. Any got any news a preview date? Cant find anything anywhere !
  10. Don't need themeing for Vulcan peak, wouldn't be able to see it anyway ?
  11. Credit to Ian perris of the the thorpe park fan group, here's some new images!
  12. What's everyone's opinion on the pricing this year?
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