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  1. Somebody at Merlin's messed up, they supposedly aren't released yet, just booked 2 I have got to say 3pm-5pm is one of the worst I've ever seen them do, doesn't make it better that "Blair Witch will not be opening due to time of day." I'll still go and see what it's like but not holding out much hope!
  2. It appears their chopping and changing the annual pass event, it's now been moved to the friday 27th !
  3. The new maze has some serious potential if pulled off right , it would also appear that the annual pass event this year will be thursday the 26th!
  4. Called it on saturday that I'd be the saw mill ? in all seriousness I'm excited to see what it has to bring to this year!
  5. It would be nice too see a change, always used to have a good variety! Just noticed the church and grave yard in the bottom right!
  6. Cant even change the font type from previous years, just adds to the constant reminder of the better fright nights:
  7. All credit to thorpe park mania for the following images!
  8. Many things it could be, could be the first letter of a maze's name (I doubt it would be this) or could be something as simple as Forget Everything and Run (polite form)
  9. The only thing fright nights related I can see are the hands ?
  10. Tweeted Thorpe nothing like denying the obvious...
  11. Couldn't agree more, saw alive was a very strong maze but cant wait to see what its replaced with!
  12. Just found these on Facebook, would appear that saw is no more!
  13. ScottYalloP

    2019 Season

    Fins has gone down hill massively, went the other day. Extremely limited menu with poor choice and high price over £12 for a chicken sandwich?! Ordered the garlic bread which was 3 pieces of the cheap frozen garlic baguette.
  14. ScottYalloP

    2019 Season

    Cant see the appeal of paying £27 to sit on the floor myself plus the only rides open are: - Stealth - Teacups - Detonator: Bombs Away - Dodgems
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