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  1. ScottYalloP

    Project Zero

    Just googled the coordinates that are from the video, they lead to tolworth, which is a surburb of southwest lonond. Tolworth had a Hospital which was originally built as an 'isolation' Hospital in 1889 and was known as Tolworth Joint IsolationHospital.
  2. Wen't on last week and we had a single infected actor in the Tunnel scene.
  3. Got this email this morning!
  4. It has been open today despite what their social media team said. Went on it earlier certainly something different and brilliant!
  5. I did notice a few of the staff had extras such as pocket watches!
  6. Onsite today and I can confirm staff are in uniform!
  7. ScottYalloP

    Project WC16 - New for 2016

    Any one else realised when you sign into minds wanted there is a count down at the top??