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  1. Ahh right. I know that its some sort of stock track since I've heard it used elsewhere
  2. Just wondering, does anyone have a copy or atleast a recording of the new Detonator Bombs Away audio? I've been trying to find it for a while
  3. On my visit to thorpe today, I had my first ever back row ride on Colossus, I was pleasantly suprised since I heard so much that the back row was awful. I didnt actually get much headbashing, only on the bottom of the drop and transition into the cobra roll, the rest really was suprisingly smooth. The only bad thing was how little legroom there was, the restraints slightly squeezed my legs but thankfully it didnt affect my ride on the back row. I still prefer the other rows though
  4. Well, thorpe have now opened a small food outlet that is in the dock yard, the donut compound, it is basically next to the megastore and uses a kinda cool looking metallic logo with blood splatters in the background. I didnt take any photos but it is in the building next to the facade of amity boardwalk games
  5. Honestly the pins are amazing, love the vortex and samurai pins aswell, I cant wait to get the other merch including the top trumps
  6. I will be honest, it does have really good theming but it doesnt make sense retheming a family coaster to a 13+ horror experience, and if I'm honest, the retheme wasnt necessary since x was refurbished less than a year ago. WD Still Looks good, but is not nearly as good as X
  7. Honestly, It Really Does Look Like A Good Ride, Another Good Easter Egg Is A License Plate In The Exit Which Says "XNWO WD"
  8. Its Actually A Cool Easter Egg, It Says Thorpe Park Safe Zone Transit System On It Along With The Bit Behind That Is Basically The X Logo
  9. I Have a Rather Mixed Opinion About This Retheme :/ As Much As It Is Looking Very Well Themed, It Also Makes No Sense Retheming A Family Coaster Into A 13+ Horror Ride. Honestly, I'd Rather See X Be Rethemed To Some Sort Of Aztec Temple Because It Was Listed As Part Of Lost City, So That Would've Worked Well!
  10. Thorpe Have Once Again Released More Snippets On Youtube, There's About 4 Snippets In The Video, They All Sound Really Nice And There Seems To Be An Angry Birds Land Variant Of The Island Theme (Just Sounds Like It) I Honestly Think Thorpe Might Actually Release The Soundtrack On A CD Because Of How Much Snippets They've Released, Hopefully That Will Happen!
  11. I Think It's Just The Extra Eye That Makes Him Look Wrong xD
  12. Well, I Honestly Find The Dolls OK.(NOT THE PENCIL TOPPERS THOSE LOOK AWFUL) It's Just On Some Of Them, The Paint Is Awful, And The Plushies Do Look Slightly Cheap, But To Me They Look Better Than... These Things.
  13. I Honesly Think The Same, The New Rumba Rapids Music Really Makes It Fit Into The Jungle, And I'd Love For The Soundtrack To Be Played Around The Rest Of The Area (Not Around Inferno, But Yeah)
  14. I Recently Visited The Park And Bought Some New Ride Plushes, This Is A New Style Of Plush That Merlin Have Been Doing, And They Look Nice, Love How The Inferno Plushie Has A Cape, Although On The Tags, They Spelt Ability Wrong, Which Is A Shame
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