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  1. The subs were buggered. I had to clean them and the surrounding area under the launch last year. They had mushrooms growing through them I have a map of the 50 speakers on Stealth of what works/doesn't. Hopefully I can get that to them when it gets focused on eventually.
  2. The plaza zone consists of what I mentioned before. The "entrance" zone consists of 4 green speakers and the 2 802's ether side by teacups which works, but has notable microphone issues as mentioned. They don't cover the plaza effectively at all. You pretty much can't hear the music by the photo unit. One thing I always liked about Stealth's area is how loud it was. It was massively overpowering and had such a pumped atmosphere. You don't get that currently. They do seem to change the audio level depending on how busy it is. The dome doesn't bother me that much, but it just feels a little too much for that area sometimes.
  3. I really like most of the tracks. They are fine in their own right (the Big Top and X were fantastic!), but some of them don't work on park. Colossus' track is awful and is a big identity loss to the ride having it. It just repeats the same bit over and over when there were at least 5 different tracks merged from Habgood they could have used. Lost city is fine as they just need some form of consistency in that area. Inferno will be fine as the sole structure of the track is still there. But they need to fix the zone as it was playing Angry Birds around the loop area and the 802 down there is missing. Angry Birds doesn't need music beyond Dodgems/4D as it clashes too much. Swarm needs just... something less boring. And in the station as its dull. The new-ish "nothing can stop the swarm" needs to burn on dispatch. I see nothing wrong with them having YMAS playing a 10 second clip for the dispatch, a bit like Outlaw Run does with The Big Country. There are 2 tracks one on dispatch, one when it parks and then a looping ambience it seems. So as long as it fits that timeframe it will be fine. Canada Creek needs its playlist back. Period. Pre-2010 playlist or new country. I guess they don't want to draw attention to the area too much, but its dead along that path and its a big area of the park tbh. WWTP Tidal must stay around just tidal. It looks lazy just extending it out over the beach without actually re-theming the beach. I guess they only moved it to ditch the un-themed Top-40 radio. It just stuck. It's not Amity. Its a track that is focused on one ride only. It's dumb having it on DC and Fish when they have that Atlantis styling surroundings. As they are going with this Island theme, which to me says beachy/tropical/water/relaxing sort of vibes, surely the one area you'd stick that is the actual beach? Maybe even a 2 hour playlist of beach songs with some watery effects and maybe one or two IMA tracks? It nees to be different from the dome area but on that same theme. Stealth's "Plaza Zone" needs fixing as the whole thing is broken (as well as half the queue). That consists of the 2 speakers in (were in) the truck, the one by the bunker and the one by photos. Nowhere near as loud as it should be. The operator can also be heard by Teacups if you use the Station/Offload/Waiting Zones. On a positive note I actually think the stuff on the bridge and dome work well. Its really loud in the dome so maybe that could be knocked down a bit. It feels positive as you walk over.
  4. I'm glad people are liking the new (ish) WWTP around Stealth and I'd like to thank tech for getting it up. Stealth is a bit of a personal project of mine, having painted the poles on the station last year, US flag replacement, White-wall tyres, cleaning the buildings/stairs, helped with the new banners, offload announcement and the soundtrack. Hopefully more to come. Having listened to it through while operating the ride, I have noticed a few volume issues that can be corrected in the editing. It was made it 2015 when I had less experience. I've actually re-edited it already to the point the audio wave form is perfectly balanced (thanks Audacity!). I have had a play at doing the Tidal one as well, as currently how its been edited sounds terrible. I've been all around the 50 speakers that are on Stealth and plan to put together a plan of what is wrong over there. In a nutshell, 4 802's (PLAZA area) are dead/missing as well as 6 queue speakers so it will be a bit quiet compared to before. I'll try and get them submitted when I'm back in. For now, sit by teacups enjoy some of the commercials and segments that haven't been heard for years. Go Go Go with... constipo!
  5. A-Kid


    It bugs me massively when everybody says that, because quite frankly its not true, if you look at the songs that arn't mainstream here. To be fair it is her primary subject she is interested in, but here are two examples off top of my head, Long Live (created for fans) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwsSvU2oNrg, Mean (about a critic) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFV6IkLx3Wc . But those songs are Country, so you will never see them over here unless its some obscure channel. Her current Pop'ing/'Urban'ing up kinda depresses me though, she was good at what she was doing, not so much this. Similar subject, I hate the way the music in the UK is forced by the media. Its like entire genres are made invisable. Its almost like its not because of popularity, its because they want to control what you see. According to the media, only 'trend Pop', R&B and Rock ever existed. But fortunately its still possible to see outside the box with a little effort. I just wish they would vary it up a bit. I tend to like most music, quite a chunk of it is Country, but personally I can only properly concider people "Artists" if they actually make the music. So songwriting, playing the instruments, (excluding effects like reverb) singing without vocal minipulation, control over their music/brand and how they are presented. Heres a nice few... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZgpVDNdrDo Suppose on the plus side, its different from the norm, so it makes me feel a bit unique over musical taste... thats good right?
  6. Of what I have ridden: ■ Inverted coaster (Raptor, Nemesis, Inferno, Sliver Bullet, Batman): Nemesis ■ Suspended coaster (Draggin' Iron, Vampire, Ninja) : Ninja ■ Water ride (Loads) : Splash Mountain ■ Stand up coaster (Mantits, Riddler, Shockwave) : Riddler's Revenge ■ Flying coaster (Tatsu, Air) : Tatsu, though being bigger didn't particularly add anything other than on the Pretzel. Good ride though. ■ Floorless coaster : I have only Scream. It wasn't anything that great. ■ Eurofighter coaster (Speed, Rage, Sore): Rage ■ Giga/mega coaster (Silver Star, Magnum, MilF, Pepsi Max) : MilF ■ Any type of launched coaster (Rita, Dragster, Blue Fire, Maverick, WT, Stealth, Pony, Montezooma's Revenge, etc) : Maverick ■ Wing rider coaster : Swarm ■ Drop tower: Tower of Terror > Every other. ■ Any sort of boomerang coaster : That boomerang at Knotts. ■ Woodan coaster (Ravine Flyer 2, Apocalypse, Wodan, Megafobia, Ghostrider, Mean/Blue Streak, Blackpool lot etc) : Ravine Flyer 2/Wodan. ■ Your favorite type of coaster : Intamin Sitdowns with T-Bars or Wood.
  7. Went a few weeks ago. Highlights were Apocalypse and Tatsu. Ninja (Heeeyyaa!) and Goliath were fun, as were Riddlers and Batman. Scream was alright. I quite liked Viper. Superman was closed. Green Lantern was just pure pain. X2 was dissapointing. First drop and Raven were awesome, then it just becomes uneventful, boring and just beats the **** out of you. It was just like Mean Streak on every valley... I thought there were ment to be effects on this thing too... no fire, mist, music or anything.... Oh and Jet Stream was an awesome flume!
  8. Cars Land and Radiator Springs Racers is amazing. We queued 2 hours with Fastpass on opening day and we were there for opening at 7.30am. Was well worth it. It broke down for about 45 mins of that though. They limit the amount of fastrack so litrally by 9am the tickets had run out. We got both sequences of the ride in our 2 times riding it. Both epic. The anamatronics are AMAZING inside! The queue peaked at over 6 hours at one point, through a massive extention that spand over the Pacific Warf Bridge then partly over the Paradice Pier bridge! Tower was only so long because tower 3 broke and then later on tower 2 broke. So it was on 1 tower for some time. It broke right when we were at the front of the queue luckly. Running on 2 towers most of the time though. The rest of the park ended up very reasonable with everybody stuck in CarsLand! Even that rammed, we got on everything we wanted to. The park is so pretty and perfect now. Love it! California Screamin' though very tame, is so much fun.
  9. Lovely back row POV Gives you a better perspective of how the train feels/whips around. It looks very similar to Talon/Silver Bullet with how it maneuvers the track for the most of it. But the first few elements seem to have a bit of Nemesis 'flick'.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwewbNkSiig
  11. Millennium Force Maverick Nemesis Top Thrill Dragster Rock 'n' RollercoasterOblivion Wicked Twister Ravine Flyer II Magnum XL-200 Megafobia They are interchangeable depending on what I feel like, but yeah, lets just call them my 10 fav rides. Hopefully that should change a lot this year.
  12. A-Kid


    ^Yeah I used to love that song! Been playing on the radio for a few months constantly now, so it got a bit ruined for me. But yeah, its good.---------------Meanwhile, starting to enjoy this happy little song over the last few weeks... And just while I'm here... Lady Antebellum. This has been around for a while, but they need to get more attention as they are great. I just wish Country music in general would get more attention over here tbh...
  13. Just because I can... I mean, who wants an average set of draws when you could have Tower of Terror draws?
  14. A-Kid


    Been playing constantly on WRVW Nashville. At first I wasn't sure, but it has grown on me.
  15. And heres one for Cars Land/ Buena Vista Street updates... Cars starts at Page 6.http://www.westcoaster.net/updates.php?updateCD=010912These projects seem to be getting ignored completely. Quite sad considering its probally one of the best theming projects this year.
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