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  1. End of 2018: Announce the closure of Logger's Leap and remove the ride. Remove Slammer. Start of 2019: Retheme X back to the lightshow theme before TWD happened. Add a new family water ride in the place of Logger's. Add a 'filler' in Slammer's spot for a new attraction in 2020. 2020: New flat ride in Slammer's area. Try and make the ride the only one of its kind in the UK, like what Slammer did. Perhaps a Tourbillon or a Skywarp (although a Skywarp might be a bit small). Retheme Angry Birds Land. 2021: New big coaster, make it a world's first perhaps. 2022: Colossus removal. Some much needed TLC will be applied during these years, perhaps some things could be pushed back a year to mainly dedicate an off season to reviving or updating areas of the park.
  2. Seriously? On the poster? I'd love to see that poster.
  3. Gallium33


    Well, they should replace it with something unique as a subtle tribute to Slammer. Maybe something that's the only one in the UK or a rare attraction in general.
  4. Gallium33


    I just really hope it doesn't become Logger's Leap v2. However, I am very glad to see this closure as it will give the staff a ton of extra time to find the best parts and stuff for the ride to increase its reliability.
  5. ^ ...are you kidding me? H&S is just going way too far now. There wasn't anything wrong with Zodiac going up to vertical and there have been zero incidents regarding that factor, as far as I know. It's very difficult to move from your seat on a ride like this because of the forces holding you in anyway.
  6. I heard "Stealth is so boring, all it does is go up and down" last year. They're technically correct about it just going up and down, but the fact that they say it's "boring" is just 'what?'. ------ Some time after a school trip to Parc Asterix, some people were talking about it. Being the obnoxious and cringy kid I am, I joined in. I talked about how I seriously regretted not going on Zeus (referring to it as "the wooden one" so they had an idea of what I was talking about). They tried to say I was wrong as I apparently went on it 2-3 times. Turns out they confused the log flume with the woodie...
  7. I'd be very sad if Scorpion or Time Machine at Adventure Island closed. They're the best rides in the park, closely followed by Rage. Time Machine is the best ride in the park and I love terrifying the person next to me by putting my hands up the whole ride.
  8. I hate how holidays feel like a deadline.
  9. Got a few more... People comparing rides to other rides just because they have similar names. If someone compares Nemesis to Nemesis Inferno, it is extremely unfair because Nemesis is far superior in every way. Forced seating placement. I never really understood this. "Can I sit at the back?" "No, you need to sit in the middle". Why? When a park doesn't announce a ride's closure. A park should say it is closing X ride at least a couple of months before it does. One of the worst things about parks is announcing a closure 2 weeks before the off season, announcing it during the off season, or not bothering to say anything at all. Parks that temporarily close a ride for more than a year. Looking at you, Logger's Leap. A refurbishment should not take more than a year to do.
  10. I don't understand why people are disliking the new music. It sounds like you're seeing something you've only dreamt of, and that you are about to have the greatest time of your life.
  11. Every closed Schwarzkopf Old Bubbleworks Old Vampire Slammer (hoepfully it'll stay open) Black Hole Corkscrew X with the backward trains Evolution Super Booster Eagle Fortress
  12. I like Storm Surge Adventure Island is in my top 3 favourite theme parks I despise Frog Hoppers, Freak Outs, those weird overrated Miami things and Flying Carpets The beginning 'slide' in Dragon Falls is the best part of the ride I hate OTSR's without handlebars (e.g Dragon's Claw, Vortex, Freak Outs)
  13. People who look at you like you have three heads when you're sick. They shouldn't be acting surprised when that happens. People who don't like fastrack. People pay their money to skip a queue. A very good deal to me. Nothing wrong with it. However, I hate time slots for fastrack. For example: "You can only use FT for Roller Coaster 1 between 10:00 and 10:30". I don't know why that exists. People who complain about or judge rides they haven't even been on yet. A good example is when a ride is announced. For example: "NEW RIDE FOR 2017: 'THE SCREAMER'!" "This is a terrible addition!" Die-hard enthusiasts who criticise people for making the tiniest mistake. For example: "Stealth is 200ft tall" "No, it's 205ft tall". WHY?! You can tell someone if they get stats stupidly wrong but if they're barely off the correct answer, correcting them makes you obnoxious. People who get angry at the park because they wait an hour and then realise they can't fit into the seats. U S E. T H E. T E S T. S E A T. People who complain about long queues. THIS IS A THEME PARK. YOU SHOULD BE EXPECTING THIS.
  14. Thorpe Park shouldn't have ANOTHER big one added as their next coaster. Thorpe is in desperate need of a new family coaster. There is only Flying Fish and X (correct me if I'm wrong). There needs to be more roller coasters everyone can go on together. IMO it's kind of bad how there are more than double the big thrill coasters than small family ones.
  15. "You are, without a doubt, the worst pirate I have ever seen"
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