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  1. Now if Alton had somewhere like Loonsche land at Efteling then that would be amazing I just stayed they a much bigger than I expected and you can self cater if you wish, I booked early and got 4 nights and 5 days park for a family of 4 for just over £700 pounds they are dearer if you don’t get a deal tho , but are on a whole other level to anything merlin offers
  2. Deejay


    So how busy would you expect Oakwood to get during the May half term? Yes all the schools will be on holiday but I’m hoping it’s not to busy, thanks
  3. We visited Wednesday as well (12 April) and wow what a fantastic day rides were practically walk on all day and loads to do for a park that I thought was going be small, we had great weather and there was loads for my boys ,6 and 9, to do so much so we could have spent another day there . Troy was amazing and all of us loved it , but surprise find was the large inside slides the ones with the rollers inside , some where in the UK needs to have these!!!
  4. Hi Ceder Creek where do you stay when going to Europa-Park? I’m looking at going next year but trying to do on a budget ( wife and two kids to take) also what’s the cheapest way to buy park tickets ? Thanks
  5. Not good as a preview night then!!!
  6. Thanks, I booked early in year but have the €14 cancellation clause, haven’t told family yet, staying on site , another question is flying Dutch man scary at the start? Bit unsure if my youngest will like it or not? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the reply , so lively could I take that to mean 45min - 1hr queue’s ??? Thanks
  8. Hi anyone know how busy Efteling would be and the end of October ( uk half term) and what the weather may be like?? Thanks
  9. Hi I’ve never been to Drayton and thinking of going next week just wondering how busy the park gets?? I have two kids one just over 1.2m and the other has just reached the magical 1.4 but just wondering if the queues are as bad as the Merlin parks, thanks in advance
  10. X all the way give us family’s something we can all go on
  11. Well I ended up riding this last night and it actually made me feel sad, why you may wonder would a grown man who’s 44 feel so sad to experience this ride?? Well I’m a father of two who are now 6yr and 9yr olds so as you can guess this ( when it was X) was the main draw for my boys due to there height and walking down that corridor again just reminded me of my excited boys getting to ride there favourite coaster , they loved it so much that on some mornings we rode it as much as 10 times in a row , such a shame they made this a 13 yr plus and 1.4 ride and most of all a ‘scare’ ride, we as a family have only visited once this year compared to around 4-5 visits by this time of year in the last few years. Speaking to staff yesterday they where saying numbers are down this year and I’m not surprised we might visit once more over summer rather than every other week , I know it sounds stupid but the loss of this family attraction is the main reason. As for the ride in its new state I thought it was pants more like a ride through a department store dumping ground at night where they’d thrown out all the old shop window mannequins.
  12. You may say so be it but when you have two young boys who love going to thorpe mainly because of X then if they can’t go on it then that leaves it a bit boring for them and I’m sure other family’s would say the same , they shouldn’t put of family’s coming there’s enough older rides there already
  13. Two years in a row I’ve done pass night both awful no actors hardly at all for example after strobe section of big top only saw one actor and he was just point towards the exit, compare that to a POV from press night and the was at least 9 actors after strobe section jumping out and doing what you’d expect from a scare maze
  14. NO no no and No it’s the best ride for younger guests my boys will go on this 10x in one day sometimes it can’t be themed to an scarey theme!!!!
  15. Hi all first time on forum , I give up on ghost train!!! Three times me and the wife tried last year and it was never open, tried again today, on park at 11 it did open about 12.30 ish but was short lived (we was in queue as well!!) , we had to leave just gone 5 to pick up our young kids. Been told it did reopen before 5.30 but to late for us. Don't know when we can try again as having young kids makes it awkward. So wish this thing was more reliable!!!!
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