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  1. Could they not just be replacing them?
  2. So Stealth has 3 trains, but it can't possibly run more than 2 at once right?
  3. RMC was also considered for Wicker Man very early on in the planning process, but they instead opted for GCI.
  4. What is Thorpe's height restriction? I mean Stealth is 205ft tall...
  5. Imagine Saw running only 1 car...
  6. This is probably an unpopular opinion, but The Swarm is my second favourite coaster after Shambhala at PA.
  7. So its probably going to be codenamed LC19/LC20?
  8. I hope that the new coaster will be a B&M or a kind of Intamin family coaster. I predict that the net new coaster at Thorpe will open 2019/2020, cause I've heard people saying that Derren Brown's ghost train cost as much as a giga.By the way, can someone tell me what LC and WC mean? Cause the Swarm was codenamed LC 12 and DBGT WC 16. I presume its similar to Alton's Secret Weapon series.
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