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  1. 2 hours ago, Mattgwise said:

    They do keep giving it a go with this place. It'd need serious investment to get off the ground, so I don't have much hope. I hope they bring back Screamland. That was a decent event. 


    Do you have a source for Richard Cadell owning the place? Only thing I can see is that he loaned a ghost train. It appears Sands Heritage own the place. 

    I was told by UK Theme Parks in 2021. Obviously a lot can change 2 years. Due to this the ownership could have been passed onto Sands Heritage. This was my question to UK Theme Parks”Who is Richard,I thought Dreamland was owned by Thanet Counsel? this was the answer I received”Richard cadell is the one who is trying to get it running, they have been in administration 2 times in the last 3 years. Caterpillar, pinball x, air race, crazy coaster and bikes have gone. Gyro swing is up for 800k and dreamcatcher for 750k”.  


    @Mattgwise I hope this information is interesting and helpful for you.

  2. Following a few years of focusing on entertainment,Dreamland will once again become an Amusement Park. Since lockdown many rides have been sold. 

    Over the last few months Dreamland has had a massive refurbishment. They’ll be attractions  to ,enthrall both the young and old. Prior to the Pandemic the horizon of Dreamland was glowing. Dreamland heavily investigated in a dozen rides manufactured by Zamperla. Unfortunately due to financial strain due to the pandemic most of the Zamperla rides were sold. Furthermore some of the rides restored by David Littleboy left. 

    With the permanent end of Carters Steam Fair could Dreamland be its permanent new home. I know the owners of this Steam Fair were seeking  a permanent home for the collection.

    With this refurbishment could we see The Wedgewood Tea Cup Ride,Dreamland Drop;Dodgems and Caterpillar return. Although these rides left Dreamland they were placed in storage.


    Dreamland is now under the ownership of Richard Caddell, the man who presents Sooty and Sweep,. Caddell has a track record of resuscitating  dying Amusement  and Theme Parks. Caddell has recently created Sooty Land at Crealy Adventure Park in Devon.


    I wouldn’t be surprised if the money omitted from Sooty Land has allowed Caddell to restore Dreamland. I hope Caddell has purchased some permanent Theme Park rides rather than travelling versions.


    Please can you descuss your thoughts and hopes for the 2023 season at Dreamland Margate?



  3. As Alton Towers have named the refurbished Duel Alton Manor,does anyone think certain scenes could be like Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris. I don’t mean exactly like Phantom Manor but similar in the same way Pirate Adventure at Drayton Manor was like Pirates Of The Caribbean. Personally Judging by the marketing and teasers I suspect Alton Manor will be better than Phantom Manor. I don’t know about anyone else but the concept art has 100% convinced me that Emily Alton and Snowy will be the main characters. I suspected this when the refurbishment was announced last year. The recent concept art has 100% cemented my dream. I’ve always wanted Emily Alton and Snowy to feature more. They’re the most underrated characters in a Theme Park Worldwide.

  4. @Trooper Looper I also got this reply “Can certainly say the spiders scene will be staying,but I’m not allowed to say anything else regarding the ride. The vehicles have been sent away for 2 reasons 1)to have the guns fully removed 2) a refurb with a paint up and a slightly different design,but again that’s all I can say unfortunately.


    @Trooper Looper does it give you comfort that a percentage of the original Haunted House/Duel will live on in Alton Manor?

  5. I read the following on a Facebook Group I belong too “I can confirm cars are back on site, and also can co firm that set pieces from duel will be staying”. The same person confirmed the same ride system and carriages will remain. According to my source the Cars have had a lick of paint and the guns and scoreboards removed. Finally my source said the Spider Scene has been kept. @Trooper Looper I know how passionate you are about The original Haunted House/Duel so I thought I’d share this information. I’m relieved the ride system,arguably the best in the world, will be part of Alton Manor. It’s brilliant that Emily Alton has let the spiders reside in her Dollshouse. The Spiders are amazing. Despite this I bet people with arachnophobia won’t be so pleased. 

    Let’s hope Alton Manor enables the ride system to survive another 30 years. @Trooper Looper do you look forward to seeing the carriages minus the guns and scoreboards?

  6. 1 hour ago, Benin said:

    Since that's a German website I'd imagine there's a bit of translation syntax going on. Wouldn't be surprising if Towers did get Mack to update the ride system in a background sense (I.e. redo the sections where it slows down or speeds up) to fit in with the new theme/story.


    Creepy children are a horror staple. It does seem a thing where opinion is now stated as fact and runs away until its too late. Until it is explicitly said by the park it could be anyone; just because it COULD be doesn't mean it IS. Same goes with dolls, just have to look at the recent success of M3GAN to see that. All Haunted House attractions have used popular horror tropes for centuries, and the artwork is reminiscent of the game F.E.A.R. which heavily involves a ghost girl. Maybe it's based on that or Resident Evil 7 as that also features a creepy child (it isn't but again I can also make wild assumptions).


    Claiming Forbidden/Terror Tomb is coming back has been happening for years. It won't be (mostly because its very 90s and some aspects of it would've been changed by now for obvious reasons), however I would imagine a successful reboot here would give food for thought for those at Chessie.


    Once again, opinion is not fact. The fact will only come when the park do their PR featuring what the plot of the ride is. Anything else is completely up in the air and guesswork/assumption by enthusiasts (since the ones working on it haven't divulged anything of note and can't anyway).


    Besides, if you're basing thoughts off the recent artwork you're still going round the main house rather than a dollhouse. Probably escaping the aforementioned ghost girl and her friends.

    @Benin are you saying you think the rides carriages will remain but the mechanical side will be updated? I’d be happy if the same carriages are used with slight alterations. @Benin do you agree that the girl on the promotional photo looks like Emily Alton? You comparing the girl in the promotional picture to M3gan is laughable. Comparing the 2 is like saying a Watermelon looks like a Banana. Yes their both Horror based female characters but that’s where the similarities end.

  7. If Alton Manor opens on the first day of the the 2023 season its only 1 month and 3 weeks before we’ll be given a tour of Emily Alton and Snowy’s Dollhouse. Punters have seen Emily Alton and Snowy for 3 decades and 1 year and wondered what decor and spooky surprises are in their house. Finally after all of this time we’ll be able to venture into the Dollshouse.

  8. For anyone who doubts that the main character of The Curse At Alton Manor will be Emily Alton please watch this. The girl seen in the promotional art looks exactly like Emily Alton. The only difference is the girl in the artists impression has more colour. Please look at the clothes the age of the girl and finally the hair ribbon. It’s clearly Emily Alton. Note even though the girl in the artist’s impression doesn’t have a hat on its still Emily Alton. During her cameo in the Drawing Room Emily takes her hat off. Note the linked video wasn’t filmed by myself. I’ve linked it to thicken my evidence.



  9. 2 hours ago, Benin said:

    Who are these people though? Do they exist? Are they like Secret Tories?


    The usual ones I see on forums are either keeping quiet or don't have anything to add on things going on. Usually get a few but if it's all theme park Twitter stuff then count me out.


    There's literally no public knowledge beyond now a poster with a girl and some dolls heads. It really feels like many are putting 2+2 together and getting 5 because they want it to be rather than it actually is.


    As a result, the designers love to tease people in such a manner. Especially with little nods and hints to the past like referencing Sparks in the poster. Riles up the goons no end.


    I dunno. Maybe it's just me getting old and being open to whatever shenanigans happen inside rather than deciding early on it'll be a certain thing and clinging to it.


    Would laugh if the ghost girl referenced in the posters was called anything else but Emily though. 


    It COULD be a reference. Not it is. I still wonder why they would use a side joke that a number of visitors didn't even see and that only enthusiasts know the full story of (not that there even IS a story, it's a ghost girl who lives in a doll house and has a white cat, here endeth the tale).


    I must be getting old and ranty. Maybe I'm becoming a Tory?

    @Benin Rocky Express is reopening at a Theme Park it’s called Ride Heaven. 

    With Duel becoming The Curse At Alton Manor Tomb Blaster could be returned to Forbidden Tomb. After all Tomb Blasters popularity was the reason the original Haunted House became Duel with guns. 

  10. 3 hours ago, Benin said:


    That is an incredibly basic view of the amount of changes made to have that ride more palatable to European audiences (I.e. we actually want a deeper backstory to things). There's a lot of original content within Phantom Manor mixed in with the Haunted Mansion formula.



    Still don't understand the obsession of a "blink and you'll miss it" character that had no bearing on the original Haunted House or Duel. Be funny if the girl in the promo art either doesn't exist in the final ride or is given a different name to the ones that have been given by eager enthusiasts to fill gaps in... something?


    Definitely also a lot of hyperbole about this retheme too. Temper your expectations people and you'll be far happier than if the ride's storyline is different to the one concocted in your own head. People would've been a little happier with Multiverse of Madness if they'd done the same.

    @Benin you’ll feel like a right twonk if everyone’s suspicions are right. There are more people that believe The Curse Of Alton Manor will be a tour around Emily Alton and Snowy’s Dollshouse than not. Come March you’ll be seriously shocked that your in the minority of enthusiasts that are sceptical about Emily’s involvement. All of the teasers and public knowledge point to Emily Alton being the main focus. I’m optimistic that come March Alton Towers will have the best Ghost Train style ride on Planet Earth. This will put the Disney versions too shame. I can guarantee that The Curse At Alton Manor will be a firm favourite for many years,and last years longer than the Original Haunted House and Duel did added together. John Wardley is involved in the creation of The Curse At Alton Manor so it’s guaranteed to be good. Wardley has NEVER designed a Dark Ride that is unsatisfactory.

  11. On 12/30/2022 at 6:16 PM, Trooper Looper said:

    1) The facade


    2) The Drawing Room (Indoor Queue)


    3) The Grand Hall


    4) The Screaming Heads


    5) The Sinister Garden


    Wouldn't really want the old scenes incorporated for Emily, but would rather have new scene implemented for Emily and have the old scenes speak for themselves in their original manner.

    @Trooper Looper with the fresh information and consept art I think the following will be retained.


    1. The Facade 

    2. The Indoor Queline

    3. The Hall Of Spiders 


    While not being a scene I suspect the ride system and carriages will remain. Note I think the guns and scoreboards will be removed. In addition I feel the books on the rear of the carriages will become history. In their place I think there’ll be gripping hands as depicted in the visual plans. I’m elated that the actual ride system will probably be part of the 3rd incarnation of The Haunted House. The system is the best of any Dark Ride in my view. 

    I am adamant that my prediction of Emily Alton and Snowy taking riders on a tour of the Dollshouse has become reality. Long before Duel’s refurbishment was known I hoped Emily Alton and Snowy would be given bigger roles. The Dolls House has been in the Drawing Room for over 30 years yet we’ve never got too explore it. If this retheme is done to the standard it’s shaping to be Alton Towers could have the worlds best Horror Themed Ride. I cannot think of any other ride that takes you on a guided tour around a Haunted Dollshouse. I think the Emily Alton music from the Drawing Room should become the soundtrack for Alton Manor. Ideally I would like The Hall Of The Mountain King to be incorporated in some form. The World Of David Walliams had a soundtrack that includes Hall Of The Mountain King. My view is that soundtrack is the best Alton Towers has had in its time as the U.Ks premier Theme Park.  

    I think the following sections of Duel will remain but with significant alterations 

    1. The Trommel Tunnel 

    2. The Sinister Garden 


    As for the rest of the scenes I expect they’ll be ripped out and replaced by scenes more applicable to The Curse Of Alton Manor. 

    Had I been in charge of renaming Duel I would’ve called the ride The Haunting of Alton Manor or the Phantoms Of Alton Manor. I have a feeling The Curse Of Alton Manor will be the U.Ks version of Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris like Pirate Adventure at BB Drayton Manor was Pirates Of The Carabian. In fact The Curse Of Alton Manor could put Phantom Manor to shame as it’s an original ride custom to Alton Towers’ whereas Phantom Manor is a edited take on The Haunted Mansion rides found at the American Disney Parks.

  12. Call me a Psycic!! Some photos have appeared on Twitter it appears Emily Alton HAS evicted the Zombies and “repossessed” her house. I hope she’s managed to throughly refurbish her house following the mess caused by the Zombies. I look forward to entering Emily’s Dolls House and interacting with her and Snowy. 

    I have dreamed about Emily Alton and Snowy inhabiting the house for years. Emily I’ll try and visit you later this year.


    On a serious note this is the second Merlin project of 2023 I have predicted. I predicted Project Amazon at Chessington would be Jumanji Themed a year before The World Of Jumanji was confirmed.


    @Trooper Looper are you eager to see what Emily Alton has changed in the Duel show building?

  13. Due to being disabled I was looking at the ride access list. On the section about Hex it says the following 


    “The nearest accessible toilet is located in the Burger Kitchen (The Towers Area)”.

    @Exodus Matt as The Burger Kitchen is adjacent to the Alton Towers Dungeons I presume the Dungeons are in the Towers area.   

    When I read this I thought of you,as we were both wondering what area Alton Towers classed the Dungeons to be part of. I think it’s odd classing The Burger Kitchen and Alton Towers Dungeons as part of the Towers area. Nether are that close to the Towers. At least we have an answer as too what area The Alton Towers Dungeons are in. 

  14. 5 hours ago, Exodus Matt said:

    I think it’ll be a good few years before we see anything substantial happen to this area and even then, I’m not holding my breath. 

    Problem is that each rehash of the area just seems to have been done on the cheap without adding anything original and if anything eradicating further charm from the place. Cloud Cuckoo wasn’t perfect, but at least it felt more consistent than what we have now. A stringy Williams area next door to an upcharge dark Dungeon with a bit of Cloud Cuckoo residue stuck on the side. 

    @Exodus Matt technically the Dungeons are not part Of The World Of David Williams. There’s an entrance portal and fences separating the areas. As for Cookoo Cars Driving School I think it could be gone by the start of the 2023. Due to the heavily speculated rumours last year I think Cookoo Cars Driving School could relocate to CBeebies land. At the very least Cookoo Cars Driving School could be rethemed to a David Williams book. A retheme wouldn’t cost much compared to the refurbishment of Duel,reopening of Nemesis Sub Terra and the retrack of Nemesis. Arguably it would be easier to retheme Cookoo Cars Driving School than building attractions from the ground up as Andy’s Dinosaur Dig and Hey Dugees Adventure Bage were. Even removing Cookoo Cars Driving School completely would be better than having a tiny bit of Cloud Cookoo Land incorporated into The World Of David Williams. 

    Finally I think the Burger Kitchen adjacent to the Alton Towers Dungeons should be halved as half restaurant and half shop. Imagine the profits that could be generated from selling Dungeons merchandise in a designated shop.

  15. Is there anyone else like myself who thinks the Cookoo Cars Driving School will not reopen? At the start of 2022/ end of 2021 rumours were rife about the possible closure or relocation of Cookoo Cars Driving School. The main speculation was that the attraction would be relocated and rethemed into Ceebbies Land, obviously nothing became of these rumours and Andy’s Dinosaur Dig and Hay Dugee Adventure Badge opened.

    Focusing on the upcoming season I can foresee one of a couple of options. Option 1 is that Cookoo Cars Driving School will receive a David Williams retheme. Option 2 is that the attraction will be removed. If the latter was to happen I think  Flavio’s Fabulous Fandango and The Royal Carousel should relocate to this location. My reasoning is in their  current locations the rides are blocking the entrance to the former theatre. This prevents the theatre from being utilised. It’s a real shame to have such a large building is not in use. The theatre could easily house a 3D show for instance Mr Stink. If Alton Towers wanted to be very ambitious the building could be converted into a Flying Theatre, themed around Grandpa’s Great Escape. I think the placement of The Royal Carousel and Flavio’s Fabulous Fandango was a huge oversight on Alton Towers’s part. Furthermore with many Children’s rides opening since Cookoo Cars Driving School it’s becoming redundant. 

    On a personal note I hope Cookoo Cars Driving School is relocated or rethemed by March. The theme of Cloud Cookoo Land clashes with The World Of David Williams.  I feel the management at Alton Towers left Cookoo Cars Driving School themed to the former area due to budget restrictions or to allow The World Of David Williams to open ASAP. This is solely my hypothesis but The World Of David Williams was under construction when England initially went into lockdown. Due to this I get the feeling the area was left unfinished. It would not be outside the realms of possibility that Alton Towers planned to include Cookoo Cars Driving School into the World Of David Williams,but couldn’t due to the finances lost during the lengthy closure. I am not pointing my finger at Alton Towers if this was the case. That being said Alton Towers are about too enter their 3rd season since the pandemic eased. Logically speaking I would hope this means that changes are in store for Cookoo Cars Driving School. Not only would the relocation of The Royal Carousel and Flavio’s Fabulous Fandango make the theatre accessible but it would also create an entrance for the builders working on Project Horizon (SW9). Of course this depends on whether planning permission is granted.


    Can other members of this Forum share their feedback on my opinions and suggestions? 

  16. 6 hours ago, JoshC. said:


    It sounds like this very much is a statement, and also just the beginning. 


    I've noticed there's a job advert for engineers at Chessington, which very much reads like they're expanding the team: https://merlin.csod.com/ux/ats/careersite/4/home/requisition/16836?c=merlin&lang=en-GB



    3 years would include the water park no doubt, as well as Jumanji. There's also rumours floating round of other medium-to-large investments coming next year. Obviously this could all be standard marketing spiel, but still interesting.


    Also interesting to note them saying Jumanji opens in summer, rather than the advertised spring, so probably isn't worth reading into things toooooo much. 

    @JoshC. what are the rumours for next year about?

  17. Apparently some Youtubers broke into Alton Towers. I think it’s a pity Emily Alton didn’t come out of the Haunted House she’s recently “repossessed” to scare them off. I’m looking forward to seeing what decor Emily Alton has chosen for her refurbished abode.


    I am buzzing it’s only 2 months until Emily Alton will welcome visitors back into her House.



  18. I thought I’d share this news with you. I’ve been dreaming about going to Alton Towers for ages. I went to a Psycic (Fortune Teller) today. The Psycic said I have 2 Holidays coming up. One involves a boat. The Psycic asked me where I was hoping to go I said Alton Towers and Chessington. To this the Psycic asked if there’s  a boat ride at Alton Towers? 

    I know Alton Towers has Battle Galleons and The Blade. Would you consider these Rides as boats? I’m not sure if I would.


    Please give me your opinions it’ll help me find out if she was talking about a Holiday to Alton Towers. I know this is a bit irrelevant but are there farms near Alton Towers. The Psycic said where I am going there are loads of Farms and Fields.

  19. With the 2023 season fast approaching I’ve come up with ideas to solve the lack of Flat Rides. I think Bouncing Bugs the mini Flying Elephant type ride could return. Upon the closure of Bouncing Bugs in 2008 it was said it would be put into storage,furthermore it was said it it could return. As the number of Flat Rides at Alton Towers has dramatically depleted could Bouncing Bugs be introduced to The World Of David Williams. If this happened Cookoo Cars Driving School could be removed. Bouncing Bugs  could then be rethemed to Grandpa’s Great Escape and relocated to the location vacated by Cookoo Cars Driving School. Furthermore Another Flat Ride that could open is Rocky Express from Thorpe Park. This Flat Ride could be rethemed and located into Gloomy Wood. The Theme could be the Train is being telepathically controlled by Emily Alton. A third attraction that could be reused is Lava Lump the up charge Climbing Wall that was previously located where Nemesis Sub Terra is. This attraction could be moved to the location vacated by Ripsaw. Lava Lump could be rethemed too climbing up the Rocks to escape the Nemesis Monster. Please tell me if you like my ideas. 

    You can this thread to descuss general news/information related to the 2023 season at Alton Towers.

  20. Am I correct in saying Wicked Witches Haunt at Thorpe Park and the original Haunted House at Alton Towers shared a couple of scenes? For instance both had the infamous Hall Of Spiders and to an extent The Grand Hall. Was John Wardley involved in the design of Phantom Fantasia/Wicked Witches Haunt? I wouldn’t be surprised if he was as both rides had a similar atmosphere and scenes. IMO the transit system on The Haunted House topped that of Wicked Witches Haunt. My reasoning is The Haunted House had a unique transit system that offered riders an intermediate experience without viewing upcoming scenes. Furthermore The carriages on The Haunted House could accommodate 5 people apposed too the 2 Wicked Witches Haunt could. This obviously means the throughout was higher. 

    Speaking of Wicked Witches Haunt I’m almost certain that had the fire of July 2000 not occurred the ride would’ve been operating in the format Duel was prior to the 6th of September. I’ve heard the animatronic Witch that enticed you too ride Wicked Witches Haunt survived the fire. I hope Merlin transport this Witch to Alton Towers for use on the refurbished Duel. The movement of Theming between the Merlin Parks is not unheard of. Only last week the front of Ripsaw’s control cabin was relocated to The World Of Jumanji at Chessington.

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