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  1. I agree, this is essentially my main point. Nothing really happens.
  2. I would recommend speaking to Thorpe Park directly. Perhaps try emailing or calling them.
  3. There were no specific VIPs, I'm not calling out anyone. Basically I heard quite a few people on Thursday and Friday giving rave reviews, and then actually experiencing it was very different! My spoiler review is below: In short, I really just don't think a lot happens. The scenery is poor to non-existant and the acting is very repetitive and doesn't build up to anything. It just felt like nothing of any substance actually happened.
  4. I agree, I feel lied to by those VIP reviews. I had a look on Thorpe Park's FB page and the general public are absolutely trashing the attraction.
  5. I just went on it. I have no idea how anyone has given this a good review. It was so bad. I'll do a proper spoiler review later, but in short it felt like a lot of overacting whilst basically nothing happened. The new theming was bare at best. Terrible. I would love to know what people who enjoyed it saw in this attraction, but I am legitimately baffled as to how it could be considered by anyone to be anything above 'dire'.
  6. They charge premium prices so I should only rightly expect a premium product.
  7. *laughs in Hotel Charles Lindbergh*
  8. They also show the absolutely massive gardens as absolutely tiny, I think it's just creative license.
  9. There is a MAP group, but they don't have some unique insight into ride redevelopment.
  10. An animatronic figure at a window with moving curtains sounds nice, but I think "Revolutionary" is probably a bit strong.
  11. I'm sure I'll apologise if you do the same for your inaccurate predictions for Rocky Express and Forbidden Tomb. A stopped clock is right twice a day. You saw a rumour, believed it, then it turned out to be true. You didn't come up with it magically of the top of your head. You are not Nostradamus.
  12. My cat went to cat heaven I.e. it died, much like Rocky Express. I restate, it is completely possible that the Emily Alton rumour is true. However, you aren't psychic or in the know because you saw and believed rumours which turned out to be true. We can all do that.
  13. [Citation Needed] Is your confidence in this less than or more than your confidence in Rocky Express returning or Forbidden Tomb returning? It is entirely possible you are correct, but don't claim you're somehow a knowledge on this because you've simply followed other people's speculation.
  14. Surely the obvious answer guys: bring back Rocky Express. It will solve all our problems. In all seriousness though, a high quality dark ride and proper decent water ride.
  15. Maybe the skips are theming for Exodus.
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