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  1. Nothing officially confirmed. Presumed to be destined for the scrapheap.
  2. Only if you apologise to me when it's not announced next season.
  3. A few minor inaccuracies doesn't change my overall point.
  4. Not happening. Europa Park are the biggest theme park in Europe. Their attraction burned down and the started rebuilding almost immediately. Drayton closed theirs over a decade ago because they couldn't afford it. Other than being themed to pirates there is no similarity between the two rides. There is no evidence it will open again other than wishful thinking.
  5. Not happening. They sold off lots of props not that long ago.
  6. Disney Standards? No, not even close. It looks basically the same as at Thorpe: fine, but basic.
  7. Not keen,not likely
  8. To come back to your horror movie analogy, this actually does explain why thrill parks can sometimes struggle. Generally movie studios will try to keep their movies with a lower age rating because statistically movies available to more people perform better at the box office. This is not always the case, but generally this is the case. Horror movies have to try very hard to appeal to the more niche audience because they cannot get a wider audience due to their ratings. Teenagers going to thrill parks likely spend less than a larger family (which may also include some teenagers!) going to a family park. Everyone can go to a family park, but not everyone will go to a thrill park.
  9. Yes, his shows are still popular, but the peak of his popularity has passed. I don't think think the Disney comparison is even close though.
  10. Is this supposed to be Thorpe Park QAnon or something? Yawn.
  11. In thickened treacle we find the best bees. A wardrobe is not a cupboard. The walrus only escapes at midnight. Thing that are tall and bigger than small things. Wheeeeeee WHEEEEEEEE
  12. Roses are Red Violets are Blue I have limited patience... ...for lame cryptic Clues
  13. Stealth's original name was The Edge, which was changed due to a copyright issue with Pizza Hut, which had trademarked The Edge as a pizza in 2006. Stealth's vinyl sign still had 'The Edge' written underneath it, which can be faintly seen.
  14. To counter the longer posts: I like the look of it!
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