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  1. My cat went to cat heaven I.e. it died, much like Rocky Express. I restate, it is completely possible that the Emily Alton rumour is true. However, you aren't psychic or in the know because you saw and believed rumours which turned out to be true. We can all do that.
  2. [Citation Needed] Is your confidence in this less than or more than your confidence in Rocky Express returning or Forbidden Tomb returning? It is entirely possible you are correct, but don't claim you're somehow a knowledge on this because you've simply followed other people's speculation.
  3. Surely the obvious answer guys: bring back Rocky Express. It will solve all our problems. In all seriousness though, a high quality dark ride and proper decent water ride.
  4. Maybe the skips are theming for Exodus.
  5. Hethetheth


    Bonus points for taking a photograph with the No Photographs sign in it XD
  6. John Wardley's response sounds like a stock response. "Everything you like will remain" probably doesn't literally mean EVERYTHING will remain. Let us not forget how many times everyone was told Loggers Leap would be "splashing back" but then they just demolished it instead.
  7. You believe that removing Slammer is 'unlikely', yet your equally made up and unfounded opinion that Rocky Express will be relocated is something you 'expect'. OK
  8. I legitimately liked to do it 2-3 times per visit, more than the coasters. It was just fun ok, it wasn't the best log flume, but it was my favourite thing at Thorpe after Stealth. My controversial opinion: the Walking Dead The Ride is a great ride, and one of my current favourites at the park. I think it gets over-hated because the thene doesn't suit the family coaster track, but other than that I think they've pulled it off really well.
  9. The Wicked Witches Haunt retheme/rebrand opened in 1994, but the original opened in the 1980s as Josh noted. They were not really that different. Regarding Geisterschloss as Europa Park, it's a similar ride type but not a clone. There's different scenes throughout.
  10. I don't doubt it was rushed, but as I work in the construction sector I know how long it can take to draw up a planning application to that detail and it wouldn't have been quick even if you wanted to!
  11. It would have been removed actually not long after the fire. I recall seeing a planning application for a coaster on the site prior to the fire which would have removed the attraction. The coaster was a clone of Rock n Rollercoaster, and I think the application was submitted in May 2000, however the fire occurred in July 2000. EDIT: Got my dates wrong, it was submitted 2 months after the fire, however that still means it was likely being designed and developed before the fire.
  12. Nothing officially confirmed. Presumed to be destined for the scrapheap.
  13. Only if you apologise to me when it's not announced next season.
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