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Six Flags New England

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Yet another park in the Six Flags chain, it used to house the other S&S Sky Swat (Catapult) which was recently removed and currently has the world's tallest Sky Screamer, several wooden coasters and Bizarro.


It's just been announced that just like Colossus at SFMM, Cyclone will be closing on the 20th July after 31 years of operation (opened in 1983). Does anyone think this will be given the RMC Treatment or is it just the end for Cyclone considering the park has a few other woodies?

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Odd thing is that they are intending not to touch it this year, after the close. So perhaps it has a future life.


Luckily for me I attended this park a few weeks back and found it brilliant and excellent staff.


Bizarro is great.


Sad for Cyclone, though a little rough, great airtime if one anticipates the twist.


Cat Woman's Whip - just for the visit to see the "themeing", hmm, nice. 

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Superman was extremely disappointing. Fantastic first drop, but thereafter it's an intamin big one, down to the colours..


Wicked Cyclone however, vomits, poops, pisses and ****s all over everything I've ridden. Extremely intense, amazing fun, unique and a decent length, this ride is utterly incredible. The rush on my legs lasted for about 4 hours after I got off. If all RMCs are like this, they are surely winners and the UK needs one desperately.


The joker 4D thingy looked even worse in person but was honestly really good fun. The rest of the park was very mundane and bland, but the good operations meant rerides were easily available, including 4 turns on back row wicked cyclone. Honestly so so fun.

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