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Official Chessington Meet 2015 19-04-2015


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Today saw the massive rise & fall off the Creeksauds group (owner of Adder Towers, Paige world of adventures, Alpe Park & Imatate Park) was brought up by the Equip coaster Entertainments group (soon brought up by Merstone group).

Had a really good day and great seeing everyone there again, the new penguin show & Azteca hotel are superb and was a generally great day even with the few park flaws.

Big thanks goes to Scarycoaster boy for providing taxi service for part of the journey & for Peaj for organising another excellent meet.

celia Mae's newbie winning streak seems to be unstoppable so far, (but we shall see at Legoland)

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Loving the vlogs Matt, hopefully see some you've done this past week when you were at Disneyland Paris! I've had this uploaded for about a week and put it as private due to some parts having bad lag with audio in places. But I thought I'd make it public and place it on here for anyone to enjoy who went to the meet, absolutely loved the meet-up, cannot wait for Legoland!


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Will actually upload my pics tonight and the videos soon :P Just not found the time - only had 3 days off work since the meet, two of which I was busy on with other things, and then today I was tired/hanging a bit after a social last night! £2 Jägerbombs! :o

Plus it's taken time to go through the videos and get photos from them :P Worth it though, as there's some great moments captured! Filmed a tiny bit of the Bubbleworks fountain finale, Flying Jumbos, Buccaneer on ride (!) and carousel, with that insane teacup spinning!

Oh and yeah, the meet was fab as Chessie meets always are ^_^

EDIT: BOOM photos are up! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10155397423985391.1073741867.792210390&type=1&l=802f4d2726

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