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Official Chessington Meet 2015 19-04-2015


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  • 2 weeks later...

A few of the dates actually fall under the time I am back in Kent (to my surprise). The 3rd 4th and 6th. It seems likely the provisional date will be chosen however if it does fall under one of the earlier ones, it would be great to attend; especially now I have an annual pass.

...about time ;)

...maybe they'll have some rides open by then?

I'm a maybe for this, I'm not due to be working, so that's a start!

Please do!

Only one more day guys :D can't believe ive been going to meets 2 years as of tomorrow... Weird.

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As I'm sure people are aware, Vampire is only running one train and has time slot thingies at the moment. They go pretty quick, and it's advisable that we go there first to book slots before they all go!

And yes Matt, I remember that moment :lol: It was like, "Yep, that's definitely a fanboy approaching!"

I'm excited for Amazu (as is Paige ;)) - I want to fly out that slide Barry Scott style!

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I'm excited for Amazu (as is Paige ;)


Haven't a clue as to what you could possibly mean by that. Not like I fell over about 4 times in the 5 minutes I was up there or anything, nope.




This will also be my anniversary meet as it were, obviously made the Chessington meet my first one as to jump on the bandwagon. I am looking forward to tomorrow though, I'll be seeing some people whom I haven't seen since this very meet last year- exciting times ahead and whatnot.

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^ Hmm maybe it was mentioned in person at the last meet, I'm certain there was something about it.

Unfortunately I've been put off The Monkey Puzzle after hearing about someone's unpleasant experience there, where they bit into their food and discovered fingernails inside... :bad: Sorry for that negativity, but I would've mentioned it at the meet anyway!

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Today has been such a good day! It was a shame I had to leave early, but I really enjoyed the time I had with everyone. Everyone is so nice and friendly!



Thanks to Peaj for organising it all!



Bring on Legoland Meet :D




(I'm still trying to recover from the most intense ride at chessie, the carousel teacup)

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