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Just A Boring Literature Thread.


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Title says it all.

Reading/writing is a huge passion of mine that only seems to grow at a continuous rate. This thread is for likeminded people who'd like to state their opinions on books, poetry, plays, as well as share their own mini-masterpieces!

I doubt many people will, but enjoy[emoji14].

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I'm not an English minded person. 

I don't really read books, English exams are torture for me and figurative thinking is just sickeningly painful for me.


That being said, I do like to write in detail when making posts and I will go into as much depth as I can.

But I've probably broken too many English rules in doing so (but who cares? It's a human concept, so technically nothing's wrong :P).

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I like books that are grounded in a sense of reality rather than out there SciFi stuff; non-fiction travel, diaries, memoirs, or fiction that is based in a reality. I find myself reading a lot less since the internet and access via smart phones became a thing (imagine, kids, all this didn't exist when I was young!), which is a shame. It's too easy to occupy your mind with drivel now, I need to make an effort to make time to read again.


If I could only have one authors books for the rest of time, that author would be Bill Bryson. Unendingly entertaining and informative, I read his books repeatedly.

If I was going to recommend one easy reading book it would be Stewart Lee's 'How I escaped my certain fate', an unusually funny and honest autobiography.

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Peer Gynt by Henrik Ibsen - that's a good play! It's quite short, but really gets into the idea of 'self' and what it is to be ones 'self'. Deep stuff lol!


Oh! Also, when I was reading it, I couldn't help but notice the 'Dovre Master', or 'Troll King'... King of the Norwegian mountains. It was the play for which Edvard Grieg wrote "In The Hall of the Mountain King" :D It was a completely unintentional find which made it more like "oh wow!" Haha!

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