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  1. They were not there both times we did it yesterday either....
  2. Interestingly, they've DM'd people who asked about the announcement on twitter, I also asked when I noticed but I guess I was too late or something? I was told that they are no longer looking for volunteers. I'm guessing some of our lot got some DM's though so make yourselves known if you can!
  3. http://www.attractionsmanagement.com/detail.cfm?pagetype=detail&subject=news&codeID=330532&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter This article was retweeted by the Thorpe Park twitter account. Seems to give an insight into some of what can be expected this year. New footage pleases me greatly if true!
  4. Black Buccaneer (5) Carousel (6) Dragon Falls (5) Dragon's Fury (6) Flying Jumbos (5) Griffin's Galleon (4) Hocus Pocus Hall (6) Jungle Bus (3) Kobra (5) Monkey Swinger (5) Peeking Heights (5) Ramses Revenge (5) Rattle Snake (5) Scorpion Express (5) Sea Dragons (5) Seastorm (5) Tiny Truckers (5) Toadie's Crazy Cars (5) Tomb Blaster (5) Treetop Hoppers (5) Tuk Tuk Turmoil (5) Zufari (5) I fixed the order but I don't want to participate XD Enjoy those that do!
  5. Whenever I've bought a Merlin Annual Pass in the January sale I've waited until June time to pick it up as it starts from the pickup date. I'm not sure if there is a cutoff point or not
  6. Being on a Literature based course at Uni means I do a lot of reading. Personally I like fantasy style novels. My absolute favourite author is Brandon Sanderson but right now I'm reading the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan which is fantastic imo!
  7. You sure they aren't talking about a new actual Animal for the Zoo?
  8. What makes it sadder is that of the 5 items I've seen listed so far they are all listed by the same person. So someone with a lot of money has bought a load of the props and is just selling them on for profit. At least some money from the original sales went to the charities! Though they claim a portion of the money you pay for the ebay items goes to charity as well I find it difficult to believe that this is true and is rather just an attempt to make back the money they've spent and more! I hope most of the props went to people who cared about them rather than people just wanting to make money! Any of you lot get any?
  9. Good point about the first person, hadn't thought of that (Does that make Charlie the Dog a ghost too! :O). In regards to the train I thought the idea was that it disappeared because the monster that is projected in the shadows grabbed it or that the ground fell out from under the train and the monster emerges from the hole.
  10. Haha the idea of the Derren projection without legs amuses me to no end! He became the only true ghost on the ride in that moment
  11. I didn't say they would I just think they should! Besides it wouldn't be surprising if their 'New for X Year' tagline became something likes new journeys on the Ghost Train or something similar to that as a result of their need to have something new to shout about every year without having to introduce a new ride.
  12. When it was running properly it was running well. Had my best session on it this evening of the 7 odd times we've been on now. When it works I think it's pretty good! Just needs another year or two to have all the issues sorted and more added to it I reckon.
  13. I guess the picture heard all your complaints and has now disappeared!
  14. Actually being there at the very end on the last 20 boats or so I can say I didn't see disgusting enthusiast behaviour from 50+ people! Although there were people waiting at the end of queue encouraging people to move in-front of them in order to bag the last ride there weren't loads of people doing this. From memory it was one group of 3 and they did end up getting the last ride (At least I thought they did until someone else who had been waiting in the station right before you board who was recording and taking photos jumped in the last boat, I thought it was funny and it spited that group who were being really ridiculous and insistent about being last). In terms of singing the song at the top of their lungs the most noise that was made was around half the people in the station clapping with the theme and it was a nice moment! You'll likely see it on a certain YouTube channel as he was recording at the time. I saw nothing wrong with the behaviour and I had a really good time sending the ride off! It was also heartwarming to see that straight after the last public ride there were quite a few staff members waiting to have their last go as well! So if anything the last public riders gained nothing from waiting! I also heard rumblings of rides during the evening press event but I obviously wasn't there so I don't know whether that was true or not. Either way, I enjoyed my last few rides on Bubbleworks in it's current form and I'm interested to see what becomes of it regardless of what anyone else says.
  15. Apart from the plate sizes of course! #PizzaPasta
  16. Yeah all seems to be running as before now. Thanks for the quick fix!
  17. Nice results and an awesome reward! Congrats
  18. Same with Ryan, the site loads super slowly now.
  19. I thought that when I first rode it this year but on my second visit it was as rough as I remember. Is which car you get a factor in roughness maybe?
  20. Where exactly are people pulling these figures from? As far as I know we haven't heard confirmation of any of that yet! Or have I missed something somewhere?
  21. Maybe the problems over the last few days was specific to one or two of the trains then and they are running this one whilst work is being done to the others or maybe work is complete on one but not the rest. Who knows?!?!?!
  22. Based on tweets I've seen they are batching people in groups of 60 into the queue line every 15 minutes. I'm guessing it's because if they have any problems they can easily and quickly get people out of the queue. Not sure why else they would do this.
  23. Probably part of the fallout from the shambles that was yesterday! You wouldn't believe the amount of rides that had downtime let alone the ghost train. Tidal Wave was also stuck at about 9:50pm yesterday though I think it was sorted pretty quickly! :S I feel like I saw the engineers running around park more than I saw the regular staff members! Credit to them though, apart from the Ghost Train anything that did have problems was pretty quickly resolved and running again.
  24. Had the actor in the Live Action bit today as well Glad they've already begun to add/tweak things however small!
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