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  1. This will have nothing to do with SAW Alive.
  2. If the rest of the park didn’t look like a desolate dump I’d have little to no problem with the exterior. The watchtower’s pretty cool.
  3. I’ve gotta say - despite the seemingly average nature of the ride itself - the theming looks brilliant. A step up from past works, such as the theming found inside GT. They’ve clearly paid a great amount of attention to the tiny details throughout in order to improve it on a grand scale. I look forward to riding this at the weekend.
  4. I agree, I think the new updates have degraded the ride in quality. The train scene - when working - was great. It was very theatrical and successfully inflicted a scare upon first time riders. Amidst the averageness of the ride, this scene remained memorable for me, and I'd imagine for most riders. In replacement, we've been given a couple of actorless corridors and a strobe light, which isn't very exciting at all. I do, however, see why they've made this decision. It was ridiculously unreliable. Out of the, let's say, 20 times I've ridden it, maybe just under half saw the effect working. It's a shame.
  5. The demon costume is monstrous. I'd imagine the actor would reach, perhaps, a little over half way upwards of it. It always does the same movement - forward, left, right - because it ensures that everyone surrounding gets equally spooked. All in all, it's a brilliantly executed scene.
  6. It's part animatronic part costume. The "getting stuck" issue probably refers to a technical error with the rotating wall which reveals the demon.
  7. My thoughts precisely, Mark. It could also potentially be Containment returning year round with the addition of AR? I recall that being rumoured not so long ago.
  8. If you were to keep the outdoor section the same, but give the tunnel a bit more theming/themed lighting, hiding places for actors and a better finale, it'd be half decent. No more, no less. I don't expect a change alike Big Top '15 - '16, there's only so much you can do with such a naff attraction.
  9. Oh, I guess we'll have to see.
  10. As expected, Living Nightmare will consist of two floors, with scenes from the hospital, prison & more from seasons three and four of The Walking Dead. Great stuff, I'd imagine this'll be a pretty lengthy experience. Sanctum too, has been said to have "plenty of obstacles in our path" as we attempt to escape the clutches of the roaming walkers & return to safety. Exciting! More info regarding this all on ScareTour's Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/ScareTOUR/
  11. My friend just received this:
  12. Cian

    Wicker Man

    The icon and logo look great! The name on the other hand..
  13. Ah, now you're talking some sense. The Babadook is fantastic. Absolutely feckin fantastic. I could rant about it all day.
  14. Nah, pretty sure we were watching the same film. It's just that you have bad taste. If you're willing to overate Annabelle: Creation, yet underate both It Comes At Night & The Witch - two of the best horrors to come out in recent years - your opinion is no longer an opinion. It's a crime. A:C began with a decent premise/set-up, and left me excited for the scares to come in the following hour or so. Patiently, I waited and waited, but unfortunately, these "scares" never arrived. Alternatively, we had thrown at us a disjointed, cliche-ridden mess of a script where somewhere down the line the concept of "suspense" was lost. Jumpscare after jumpscare, to the point it felt tedious. These unnecessary series of events ruined the flow of the film entirely, making for a boring and pacless watch. The longer the film played out, the more it lost direction of itself. If that's what you mean by "a good old haunted house film", you're in the right place For a comedy though, it's alright (I.e I WANT YOUR SOUL)
  15. Annabelle: Creation is just as bad as the original. Do not spend your money on this complete and utter ****-fest. It was dull, illogical and laughable, and makes for a really boring and cringeworthy watch.
  16. Happy Birthday to @'Airtime Falcon' ! Hope you've had a nice day bud.
  17. awe haha, thank you so much guys:)
  18. Alien Escape is currently unavailable with a sign stating "closed until final notice" plastered over the entrance.
  19. Cian

    Doctor Who

    New Doctor's been announced. None other than the great Jodie Whittaker! If you're familiar with her past work, you'd know she's a brilliant actress w/ a great skill-set. Let's hope she does a good job!
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