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Beginning of a new year, which means a whole new season of theme parks is just round the corner...


So, what theme parks are you thinking of visiting in 2018? What trips have you got planned, are in the middle of planning or still umming and ahhing over?  Discuss away...



For me...



-Merlin quartet as standard 

-First visit to Blackpool (because Icon)

-First visit to Paulton's (probably)

-First visits to Lightwater Valley and Flamingo Land (maybe)



-Phantasialand (multiple visits, first of which is in a couple of weeks)

-Denmark trip (all major parks and maybe a couple of smaller ones)

-Poland (Energylandia and Legendia hopefully, so long as Hyperion opens in time)

-Toverland (hopefully, for Avalon / Fenix)

-Maybe something for Halloween (I'd like to do one of the Walibi parks, or something Belgian)


That's all I have planned for now, so it'll be an exciting year for me.  Though who knows what else could pop up...

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2018 for me was set in stone once, but now it’s somewhst up in the air.


Uk wise Blackpool is a must for Icon and if all goes to plan, may finally make it to Lightwater Valley and Flamingo where the Ark convenant Of UK creds reside. 


Merlin lot are a given and Drayton and Paultons are not impossible either.


For Europe, Europa Park is my top priority as another trip feels overdue and Tomb is yet to experience the wonders here. Fingers crossed Eurosat is still top notch. 


Rest of the trips are more of a free-for-all currently. May return to Liseberg for it’s new coaster, Toverland isn’t impossible and I can never rule out Disneyland Paris. Will see what happens.


Was hoping Orlando would happen this year, however that looks highly unlikely now. However Cedar Point is a strong possibility later in the year.

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Mop up more of UK parks, probably Sweden and Holland/Belgium as well, if only to keep up the European B&M completion thing going...


Probably try and fit something else in...

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Am aiming to get rides on the rest of the European B&M's this year although Liseberg and Toverland have messed that up somewhat.


Gardaland and Miribilandia in April

Heide Park and Hansa Park in June

Six Flags Great America, Cedar Point and Canadas Wonderland in August

Probably a Disneyland Paris trip at some point to say goodbye to their Hollywood Tower Hotel as well as the return of Space Mountain and Phantom Manor

Blackpool for Icon

Towers for Wicker Man

If I can afford to I'll head out to Liseberg for Valkyria and Efteling/Toverland/Walibi Holland are definite maybes.

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Already looking forward to Tulleys 2018 :P


Planning to return to Alton Towers once the opening of SW8 is confirmed and plan a nice little jaunt up to Blackpool with the other half for the first time too #hype


Will go to Thorpe again* to see what a mess they've made of X and also to ride Loggers as it makes a splash back this year!!!11


* Provided I don't have to pay to get in and can blag a press invite again for Fright Night's preview.

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I want to visit PA and hopefully go back to phantasialand.


Uk wise Blackpool and towers opening weekends are certainly very high on my agenda.


A return visit to Blackpool is also on my agenda for Icon.


I want to visit Brighton Pier and Paultons but they are maybes.


I plan to go to Thorpe and Chessington to.



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