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  1. But...but... but... what about the Retrosquad? People definitely want to go to a theme park to ride fun fair rides with stickers on?
  2. Well done to all concerned... I didn't get to experience Fright Night's last year but Trailers, both concept, branding and theming looked particularly decent to me! That, combined with Creak Freak is a pretty solid offering. Was saying to @JoshC. earlier - as much as I am a fanboi of Tulley's, it did feel maybe a little stale in 2021 vs. what Thorpe were offering (though I didn't get to experience that in the flesh, as it were) - hopefully the 2 new haunts this year will give it a little bit of a refresh, and hopefully more story led concepts like Trailers. Fingers crossed my £95 (GULP) advance VIP ticket is worth it
  3. or use as an eASTeR EGg/nOD to ThE pASt (aka lazy theming) in a Fright Nite's maze xoxo
  4. Just spotted these posts - yes, Twisted will be missed as it was something completely different to the rest of the haunts. I'm not convinced that the clowns are coming back personally, but we'll see. Clowns just had a totally opposite vibe to all the other mazes, a good mix of humour and banter mixed with jump scares. That bungee was iconic too! All that said, I'm pleased Tulley's are mixing it up a bit this year as otherwise I think with just one new maze (Wastelands extension...?) it would feel a little tired to say the least I think. My personal opinion is we could do without VIXI/Hellements but I guess the whole blinded idea scares some people. I just find it boring as hell and would much rather the whole Hellements theme was done without the bags!
  5. Forgot a ride from my rIDe CoUnT, inexcusable. It was of course - Wild Hog Dodgems NEW FOR 2022 WITH ADDED CENTRAL PLASTIC SHEET VIEWING WINDOW 🤩
  6. Just to add to what @Han30 said - I just can't believe that the second VR featuring the demon, which was actually quite good, has been cut so much, so that it now barely features the demon - which features in the name of the flippin' ride! Also - that 1950s style microphone on the Minds Wanted plinth looked very familiar, I wonder if the Lycans will want it back for Fright Nights? Or maybe it was an "easter egg".
  7. Maybe they are mixing up the VR a bit still... which is something!
  8. Another double post, sorry to my fellow members of the cOMMuNiTy. Got to experience this today for the first time as it's now not on timed tickets, and just a standard queue. Shout out to the guy batching the queue today who was very good in character - and another shout out also to the guy in the registration room with a fabulous moustache, who made me laugh, as when I saw my photo on the screen, I shouted "That's disgusting" and quick as a flash he said "Participants are reminded that their photograph is of their own face" 🤣 The experience itself was pretty good, definitely has zero re-ride (re-experience?) potential but I feel it's been executed pretty well. The mirror maze bit is good and we did get lost. All the effects seemed to be working, it just needed to be a touch darker in there I felt as the projection mapping effect is lost a little when it's brighter. All in all, it seemed to make sense to an extent, and I did enjoy it. Can't really see it lasting more than another 2 seasons though, personally - but I would assume Thorpe know that.
  9. Casual first post in this thread in 4 years.... park was absolutely DEAD today, don't think I've ever seen it so quiet, with rides on 0-5 minutes for most of the day - longest I saw was Colossus peaking at 30 minutes at the start of the day. Ride/eXpErIEncE count (could've easily done loads more, but I like to keep my food in my stomach cheers huns) Stealth x3 (including one front row, still love love looooove this) Swarm x2 (no queue all day) Inferno (feeling INTENSE) Saw (feeling sore) Colossus (feeling 20 years old) DBGTROTD (don't get me wound up) Black Mirror Purple Boat In The Tunnel Sit Down Please
  10. Double post, call the cops. Got to experience the new for 2022 toilets today (twice, as it goes) and they really are very nice indeed. How come any of the so called vlogstars have yet to mention this amazing bit of tech at the entrance though, see photos attached. And secondly - where are those fabled extra 2 toilets? Are they hidden - an "easter egg", if you will?
  11. Exclusive news from being "on park" and on Saw today is that there was a car parked in Old Town and by Rocky there was a bit of clearance/shingle going on.
  12. Thought we'd do this today as the park was so quiet and could get a booked ticket. So we took the plunge, what could possibly go wrong? Arrived at 1.30pm, the start of our timed slot. Entered the queue and there were already 2 groups batched (2 trains) in the pen, and a fair few in front of us. Queue time on the app jumped to 25 minutes - and we actually got in at 2.05pm so they were about right... my goodness though, that queue is so frustratingly slow. I think people (not me, I hasten to add) expect that you would be able to jump straight on with a timed ticket and not have to queue at all... that's of course not the case. I assume the timed tickets are still happening with DBGTROTD because of a heady mix of unreliability and slow throughput, meaning timed tickets mean a minimum/controlled number of potentially disappointed guests. Someone in front of us asked the batcher how long the queue would be, and she said "We aren't allowed to give exact queue times but it should be about 25 minutes" - clearly that instruction must come from past experience or management above with this ride (which is odd considering the app shows a time but maybe that's just a guess from number of timed tickets "sold") Anyway, we get in and Dezza B appears (he hasn't aged a bit!) and talks about thrillseekers, scaring babies, keeping secrets and all that. We then enter the preshow. A man is on a plinth with a microphone saying he is from Minds Wanted and we are to go on an expedition to investigate with Sub Core and decipher what's real and what's not (or something). He asks for a lead volunteer for the group, asks them to count backwards from 3 and look left and right to test how intelligent they are, much hilariousness. He then gets us to remember a number and repeat it. He then asks if anyone knows what siderodromophobia is. Of course no one knows, and it's the fear of trains. Asks if anyone has this fear. Picks someone and double checks they don't have it... almost as if he's stalling for time... he then asks if anyone knows what arachnophobia is - bit random - much chatter ensues and then finally someone bursts through the doors saying Sub Core are "drilling in to our mind more like" and the Minds Wanted chap tells her to shut up and stop being a nuisance and tells us to ignore her and we go into the train loading. She roams around telling us to go back etc. Now, to be fair to both of these actors, I can't imagine this is a particularly easy role, but my god it just did not work. For a start, that pre-loading room was never meant to have people in it for that amount of time, it just felt uncomfortable and evident they were stalling for time. We get on the train, and put on the headsets (read: me and my mate both have to hold them on because they will not stay on our heads despite all manner of adjusting the straps and velcro). Dezza pipes up "10...9... 8... 7.... 6.... 5.... 4... 3.... 2.... 1...." Here we go... "the night vision" mode kicks in, train starts to move... within seconds "Please stay seated and follow instructions from your ride hosts, we are sorry for the delay" (or words to that effect). I say to my mate - this isn't good, we've barely moved out of the station. Air con goes on, someone asks if it's OK to get off after about 10 minutes, which of course isn't possible because we are stuck in between the two stations. After what feels like forever, the lights go back on with Sub Core on the screens and we get on with our JoURnEy. This first bit of VR had the old guy with the dog as always, and then a young girl - which I hadn't seen before. There was no jump scare as such from her, think she might have warned us to go back and tell us how the gas was effecting her. Anyway, off with your headsets QUICK QUICK QUICK, we are ushered through a few switchbacks of fencing in the tunnels bit, lots of screaming and such.... we congregate in the main room where a couple of actors seem to have gone feral and are jump scaring etc cos of the fumes and that, and to be fair - it's clear who the scare maze actors are and those who are just normal ride ops being forced to try and act. That's no disrespect to those ride ops/staff, it's just a matter of fact, and I don't envy them for trying to have to make this all make sense. DID ANYONE REMEMBER A SET OF NUMBERS? No cos we've been stuck on a tube train for ages mate it's been a nightmare. 5631. 5..6..3.....1 OK, that's right. How does she know? What do these numbers do or where do they go, who is she telling them to, NO ONE KNOWS but it's immersive. Back on the train we go quick quick hurry put on your headsets NO NOT THAT ONE IT'S IN A BAG quick sit down REMAIN SEATED. OK. My headset this time around was only working on the left hand channel. I'm not sure what's gone on here, but the second section of VR was not only a lot shorter, but actually felt like you were just watching TV, not sure how to explain it but previously it did feel that you were moving with it etc. This time nothing. Odd. Anyway, quick take off your headsets. DON'T GET UP REMAIN SEATED EVERYONE REMAIN SEATED. It's clear the train is in the wrong place for whatever reason as the lights are now on and you can clearly feel movement. Maybe that's why the VR felt dead? ANYWAY we are back in the station where we started - can you believe it? No, I can't but no one actually notices and please exit through the gift shop. Announcement from the staff member behind the photo purchase point (what do you mean there was no photo taking point anywhere in the ride, HUSH) - "Sorry everyone, someone's reacted badly to the VR and they've been sick on the stairs so we have to keep you here whilst we clear it up" WHAT. I mean, fair dues, the group behind us believe it but come on.... Suddenly stuff starts to shake, the lights go off and a coughing man appears complete with noises of a demon that appears briefly in the bit of second VR (and also on the ride sign outside) but said demon cannot be seen anywhere in the shop. Exit into actual - very empty - real gift shop. Absolute disappointment and an absolute mess. I KNOW a breakdown doesn't help but even without that - this ride is a complete hotch potch of ideas and a storyline that doesn't make sense, or only makes some sense in parts. The staff are trying their best but please, Thorpe Park, just shut this thing next year whilst you decide how to fix it. My personal idea to get some money back is turn it into an upcharge year round 15-20 minute extreme long scare-maze experience. You could ditch the VR, maybe amongst the fellow passengers you could have actors who look like customers who become possessed/something during the journey I don't know.... Oh and what time did we get out? 2.50pm. We were in there for ONE HOUR TWENTY MINUTES (including the queue). Thank goodness the park was dead! I don't think I'm being particularly nasty on purpose here - like I always say, the Dezza hologram is good. The theming (Victorian train, building, interior, tube train stations) is top notch. The whole storyline, overall experience and VR? A complete disjointed disaster. Sorry. EDIT: Just read Han's review above, so am pleased to see that I'm not going mad/forgetful and the 2nd bit was a lot shorter, and that it is a general shambles xoxox
  13. I love - in a way - that it's just accepted that the ride leaks.
  14. It really is an awkward one isn't it? Maybe just some new VR I guess then once Derren's name removed? Or maybe not even that - you wouldn't know Derren has anything to do with it other than the hologram and the countdown when you are "back in the room" on the VR or whatever he says.
  15. I concur, I finally feel safe again with regards to my hobby of licking door handles ❤️
  16. We need the equivalent of the Exodus thread piff waff guy to spill the beans innit.
  17. I don't think so judging by the ? mark teaser - the orange ? looks Wasteland-ish and the blue looks electrical of sorts...
  18. Ouch. The headsets in bags is not good - they've had all closed season to fix them, so that implies to me they just aren't bothered and don't want to throw any more money at it, so will just run it at a reduced capacity until they decide what to do next. Is there a cohesive story with these various actors and final coughing person scene? One would assume and hope so? I really don't know what they will do with this ride once the IP runs out. To have it without the VR seems like a very expensive ride on a train. I can only really imagine going down the permanent scare maze route to get a bit of extra mileage out of it? But then that costs a lot with actors.... it's clear that VR headsets just aren't up to the day-to-day constant use so can't see that being used. Maybe fit projectors/screens to the windows of the train a la Hogwarts? That's possible I suppose. It's certainly going to take some "reimagining" that's for sure. No wonder it's been so long since Thorpe has had a big investment after spunking that wad of cash up the wall on such a white elephant. Who's Ghost Train is it? Well, technically speaking it's mine but I don't like to talk about it xox
  19. Wordle was a bit of a bish today tbh. I will miss the Clowns as like has been said, it's something different from everything else and a chance for a different sort of interaction vs. other mazes. Some of my best run-throughs out of any maze have been on Twisted Clowns, a highlight having the Smiler theme sang at me throughout as I was wearing the hoodie Not sure if I like the sound of The Volt coming back in some manner or form... personally I'd like a Coven of 26 😍
  20. Playground not yet open, will not be visiting on Wednesday 27th April. Oh wait, new toilets - T R I P I S B A C K O N 🥰
  21. Sooooo.... Twisted Clowns is gone and being replaced with something that looks to involve electricity judging by the question mark... and a brand new haunt is coming too. I do wonder if Tulley's will do a full reveal waaaaay before Thorpe to one-up them (especially considering some of their tongue in cheek tweets last year!)
  22. Agree to the above - keen for a Thorpe meet like the good old TPM dayz.
  23. What's the sik reference exactly, or just a typo? Obvs JCK SLKSTN & Co. love a "sick", is it a Merlin dig? 😮
  24. Just to say what I did on Twitter - this drilling is for soil sampling so they know what they are dealing with when putting in footers/excavations etc. It will categorically, 100% NOT be being used to drill holes for construction itself and is purely for investigative purposes. Still - progress is progress, and is exciting to see.
  25. Very true, and considering around 97% of MAP holders have a RAP pass, that makes a real difference 😮
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