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    Not the tip - it'll end up in the TPWW woRlD oF TheMEpArkS (version 2)
  2. This would never happen this way. You'd bring him to a pub, you THINK you offered him a drink but in fact you've just signed over your house, life savings and cat to him and you'd be none the wiser.
  3. OK so there's no tent - but spoiler alert, the Saw Alive queue line IS being used as part of the scare zone this year.
  4. Soz for double post - but this 100%. Samurai is having it's usual dead time, but then bear in mind it's 24 years old for crying out loud. We've seen it at Alton with Hex throwing a wobbly and CWOA with Scorpion deciding to end itself - these rides do not go on for ever, and when they decide to conk out, you just shift the queues elsewhere.
  5. Yep - I think the Yep - Black Mirror doesn't exactly get massive queues considering it was new for 2021... and is a very slow throughput attraction. Was a good bit of fun when I did it earlier this year - mainly due to the actors - but it screams temporary and filler to me. Do we just anticipate absolutely nothing "new" for 2023? Not that a playground and relocated Frog Hopper is much to write home about for 2022, but still. Maybe new for 2023 is the Tidal fire effect? 100% agree with Josh - there's literally nothing to stop them clearing the area now and prepare for construction - even without planning permission and get ready. I mean, yes, pausing things means they haven't got to build a bridge to get to Creak Freak and will save a few quid, but come on - there's no way that's the reason for re-opening Old Town for access to a maze in the grand scheme of things of a project of this size...
  6. Was saying to Josh last night - I think we are looking at Summer 2024 now - at best. If it slips to 2025, then I really don't think Thorpe can get by on just "events" for the next 2 seasons. Like I've said previously - I'd be surprised too if all goes to plan with construction and clearance, bear in mind that Loggers is 30 years old, there will 100% be pipes/infrastructure etc. that won't be accounted for underground, plus throw in the fact it's surrounded by water - not ideal.
  7. That shop is HUGE too -almost as if they thought DBGTROTD was the future of theme parks 👀
  8. Can't wait. Turns out I'm doing Fright Nights on Friday 7th and Tulleys 8th so will be interesting to compare and contrast.
  9. This content will be available to SLKSTN Patreon's only, sorry.
  10. MattyMoo


    It's official now innit. Bit cheeky for Merlin to phrase it like that though, implying that OMG Nemesis is closing 4 good!!111 - either the work experience social media admin did this, or it's done on purpose to get that sweet sweet footfall. Also - Phalanx... return of Sub Terra confirmed? Or at least "a nod" and eAStEr EGg to Sub Terra.... Would be good to have another dark indoor ride back considering Hex seems to have thrown a wobbler all season.
  11. Ahhhh no can do as I'm off to the scare attraction like no other on a farm...
  12. He says "This is my Ghost Train" 👌
  13. Just realised it's 3 weeks until I go, not sure where the time has gone....! I really really hope Doom Town is going to be decent - I think it will be, I'm pleased the theme is different to the others. Have to say last year I was super disappointed with The Island unfortunately. Anyone know where Doom Town is? I would assume somewhere near Wastelands? I'm hoping that the area is as ridiculously impressive as the Wastelands "arena" space.
  14. I don't understand why the audio at Thorpe is consistently a mess... is it because of a mix of systems/tech?
  15. Yes, was aware of this and I am slightly concerned our annual VIP visit is going to be less worth it than previous years.... We'll see!
  16. Most sensible thing I've read on here in ages 🥰
  17. Sorry couldn't make this one - particularly hectic at the moment with work and social events! Hopefully be able to make the potential Fright Nights meet!
  18. Here's hoping there's some proper hardstanding or temporary flooring put in, as I remember the ground being awful with potholes and such whilst queuing for Sanctum.
  19. Blimey, I'm pleasantly surprised with this development! Fair play Merlin.
  20. I really really can't see them using the farm, especially with Exodus as pointed out. I say this, and then in a few weeks time, someone can quote this post and gloat in my wrong-ness! I don't think the SAW Alive boat is usable, but that whole area (where the scare zone was last year) including the abandoned SAW Alive queue line is pretty damn big. I mean, you could even stick a tent over the queue as is, switch some fences around and make it a true "maze" of sorts. DBGT being used for FNs - I'd love it, and it would potentially be one of the best things they'd ever done purely because of the grandness of the hanging carriage, tube trains etc. - but I just can't see this happening myself.
  21. Calling it now, looking at Summer 2024 opening - really can't see them getting all that needs to be done, done in that reduced timeframe...
  22. Really? I never knew that was the case, cheers for the info!
  23. Chainsaws will have actual chains on for 10/10 scares. One would assume that one maze is the "electric" shock type one reimagined, and the other is maybe the extension to Wastelands, but we shall see... one of the new mazes is presumably inside the old Clowns building since that's gone, unless that is going to be used for something else. Maybe the electric ? is for Superspark Cinema for some ultimate Thorpe Park FN burn haha - incorporate the Usherettes into the maze somehow? Or is that just wishful/wistful/lustful thinking?! 😍😁 As mooted though, scare factors don't mean too much as some of my scariest run throughs have been on Creepy Cottage to be honest - simple but effective scares with strobes etc! Still - I am "gassed" for Tulleys, bring on PSL season and I can become a basic b*tch again oncemore.
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