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  1. Already knew this as I like and subscribe to my pin up Jack Silkstone ❤️ Also, I love that blogs actually get exciting by details like that... "Well, the maze was utter garbage BUT DID YOU SEE THE SPINNING SAW ON THE SIGN THO!" By contrast - I think Tulley's signage for mazes are pretty damn poor - but no one really cares about that. Because they are signs. So if Thorpe get something over Tulleys this year, it will be a spinning sign - UNLESS Tulleys will now upgrade all their signs too #speculation #gassed #signofthetimes
  2. Mezzo Mix sponsorship incoming #Sanbrooke #OurGod #GoodMorning
  3. For a moment, thought I couldn't make it as we were due to complete around that date with buying our house, but sacked that shiz off in place of experiencing Freak Creak Woodz.
  4. A clothing line like no other.
  5. Who remembers BooHoo Man's hit "Who Let The Dog's Out", what a classic.
  6. Just saw this - Josh, you never said you were going on a Sanbrooke style M E G A T R I P. Gotta say, I'm gassed for you.
  7. Legal obligation? I can't even.... I mean if this was for Slammer I'd have given it very slightly more time and acknowledgment being that that was the last of it's type in the world and all that (despite turning into a money pit, and Thorpe doing their best to keep it alive). But a 24 year old Top Spin (that - don't get me wrong, I have fond memories of) that is on it's last legs and has a penchant for locking people in to the ride resulting in the harnesses being cut away?l - give me strength....!
  8. Will ensure I wear my Smiler hoodie again for maximum "interaction" in Twisted Clowns haha
  9. I hate Thorpe Park but I suppose I'm still gonna go xoxox
  10. I'd rather not go than go on "that" Sunday!
  11. Not so gassed for a free wristband and Terror At Amity High show tbh.
  12. Just to advise I'm going to THE ISLAND LIKE NO OTHER on 3rd October, so if Stealth is down for the FN's meet, it's my fault xoxo
  13. Gassed to hear Silkbrooke is back on the island like no other for a hot minute from #monkswalk for some sick visuals. Also did someone mention the nurses again?
  14. Oh joyous! Why do they big up such non-events/experiences/attractions so much to be something they're not? Couldn't they have released a special popbadge or something?
  15. It's ya gal Park Pixie back on the island like no other
  16. Oooh Thorpe you little tease - chainsaws to throw us off the scent when we all know Big Top is back. jOKeS aside - Wonder how chop-shopy the promo is going to be?
  17. Can I lay money on it being next week please?
  18. So - announcement tonight from Tulleys for the final haunt - but they also say it's in a new "area" - which is intriguing. Could the prison maze be coming? Maybe a whole "prison" style area with the maze within? Basically - anything but zombies please. Depending on where and how big the area is, who's to say they don't add another new haunt next year? Space is something that Tulley's aren't exactly short of!
  19. Thanks for your efforts @Platform15fan - if you keep trying they will definitely relent and tell you. Good luck in your quest. Amy, Laura and Chelsea are mere pawns in a far bigger game.
  20. I whacked my knee in the XTWD queue on the last meet, and yet meets still go ahead. It's insanity, and similarly, I am petitioning to shut this forum down as a consequence.
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