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  1. If The Colony gets longer it'll take half an hour to get through Had some awful run throughs on Colony last year... Then all was forgiven when I somehow fluked it and ended up in a group of 3 at the end of the night, so let the pair in front go off by themselves. Was incredible by myself, remember posting here at the time - got completely stuck at the mist/white bright light part with an actor making me go the wrong way time and time again
  2. Dear Thorpe, please don't make the same mistake/mistakes of last year - my biggest bug bear being that when about to start Dead Creek Woods (from memory), you could see the actor on Platform 15 through a poorly covered (with see through fabric) herras fencing on the left - starting his/her spiel to the next batch of guests, kinda ruining the iMmErSiVe experience.
  3. Hahaha, the forum was playing up so it must have cached - let me go back and delete them
  4. New for 2019: The Chip Shop. Completely original idea where you enter what appears to be an innocent looking potato farm in Old Town but all is not what it seems, and the workers there are not happy about you interfering with their Maris Pipers
  5. Big Top is not coming back... but whether they try and shoe-horn the legacy of it into proceedings this year remains to be seen.
  6. I'm calling it now, new maze "Loggers Freaks" coming this year for Fright Nights. Would be very Thorpe.
  7. You haven't allowed for the cost of the fire on the outside m8.
  8. MattyMoo


    That quick fix on that poster is laughable.
  9. MattyMoo

    Wicker Man

    Touch wood (no pun intended), Wickerman has had a pretty reliable couple of years - fingers crossed it's back up soon.
  10. Maybe now Project 2020 will go ahead?!?!?!?1111!!!
  11. It's odd isn't it - it's almost as if people come to a theme park, and expect to pay an entrance fee and everything is covered other than food and drink. Strange.
  12. I like the comic book style signs on the entrance.
  13. I can't see a sign that says "Do not climb on fence" therefore I will climb on fence to get to rocks.
  14. Yep, what @JoshC. said. Bit sad really when you compare what Thorpe is offering for 2019 season vs Paulton's for 2020. And yes, I know that it's not 2020 yet... but if Thorpe had anything big up their sleeves (which I'm pretty darn certain they don't), it would be "out there" by now.
  15. I'm pleased this is catching on ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜
  16. Definitely going back this year if it is a bona fide maze! Maybe it's the police/jailer themed one that was hinted at.
  17. I'm shocked that Ramases Revenge is still alive, and by god it's tried it's best to be sent to the scrapheap over the years, bless it's cotton socks.
  18. Always make sure I ride Hex... Love it. Even though I think I understand how it works, it still confuses me and disorientates me so much when I ride. Cracking dark ride, and love the flow of the pre shows too.
  19. I'm sure it'll be making a splash back soon. For the next 3 years.
  20. OMG I hardly recognise it ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  21. Incorrect. Duelling Colossus' (Colossi?) incoming, Project 2020 confirmed. Source: grafitti on bit of chipboard in Blair Witch queue.
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