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  1. I would agree. More shows, scare zones, set pieces and roaming actors, but really can't see closed in mazes happening at all. Appreciate the Thorpe website still has all the mazes listed from last year but that means diddly squat and points more towards them forgetting about them being on there/lazy/all of the above....! If you click through to a maze on there, and then "Buy your day ticket for entry" on the info page, it takes you to the FN dates which is a bit naughty to be fair as you could (almost certainly will be) booking for attractions that aren't going to be there... Just glad I went through Creak Freak Massacre an obscene amount of times last year to be honest
  2. Tulleys Shocktoberfest tickets go on sale 2 weeks today. Personally, I can't see them doing it this year as things stand... with Thorpe/Towers halloween events, they can always tweak things / change the offering/description with the huge back up of the fact you can ride coasters into the night. Fright Nights/Scarefest are just events that happen as part of the year as an addition - people aren't buying tickets for Fright Nights 2020 in 8/12 months in advance, knowing what to expect etc - whereas with Shocktoberfest, obviously the whole event is based on up-close scares, mazes with lots of indoor sections, interaction with actors. I just can't see Tulleys being able to operate in the manner that people are used to and expect, and more to the point, to the level that people who have bought tickets in advance in their pre-sales would expect for parting with their cash well in advance. The most expensive VIP tickets were a touch under £90 each. There has been radio silence from Tulleys regarding Shocktoberfest on official since March, and there was a comment by the owner Stuart Beare on ScareTour that said "I remain hopeful but I cannot currently see how any scare attraction with actor interaction can be run Covid safe". Tulleys have to start building mazes to an extent too, and it's a case of once you press the "go" button on that, there's no turning back. Appreciate main infrastructure is there for a fair part of it, but as soon as you start spending out, all it needs is a local lockdown/COVID test positive for an actor/staff and in theory the site would be closed for the forseeable. In short - it's a massive gamble with no fall back option.
  3. Open 10am - 8pm on the Friday we are going - am I dreaming?! Haha.
  4. Not just saying this to be antagonistic - when we visited on 13th July (think that was the date, from memory!) - the Inferno team were literally smashing through the loading, obviously depends on the team on there I suppsoe but they were darting round as if they were trying to get the record for quickest dispatch
  5. Power cut was just before 11am. I'm pro-Thorpe in this instance - I don't think there's much more they could do, really other than offer the Island Guarantee to retun for free. With regard to operations - I concur, I've found that Thorpe have been running rides with maximum number of trains possible from opening - even when we went a month ago, Stealth was on 2 trains from the off, hence getting 2 rides in quick succession.
  6. Power cut at Thorpe, electricity board expect to have it sorted by 1pm. Talk about incredible timing, on probaby one of the busiest days of the year so far... Sending thoughts and prayers to guest services, I don't envy them one bit
  7. I'm 37 and I find that incredibly insulting to be compared to Thorpe Park It really is quite something when you think you have a ride that caused unheard of (in this country) life changing injuries to innocent theme park guests generating 80-120 minute queues on peak days yet the Swarm can be virtually walk on in the afternoon on peak days.... and that comes from someone loves both! Like @JoshC. said, I also loved the Swarm's marketing - but for some reason, it just never resonated with the public in the same way as other Merlin coasters.
  8. Yep, this. They absolutely nailed The Smiler brand in my opinion. Shame the queueline and station building didn't come out as planned, but that was Merlin cost-cutting mid-project (which is the same reason the drainage is an issue...). I think I love the branding and theme of The Smiler more than the ride itself! Would be great if it got a refresh soon - the track is looking very green in places, weeds in one of the pits and I saw a photo of some of the themeing from the Marmalizer leg ripped off the other day... come back Towers Loving Care!
  9. HOw cAn YoU pAsS jUdgeMeNT wHeN iT hAsN't EvEn oPeNed YeT
  10. But... but.... Black Mirror Labyrinth is coming next year - stay!
  11. When did the news-crew TV screens last work in the queue lines? Or is this more theming to make the area look run down and destroyed? Can't remember when they last worked... Was cool queuing over the lift hill on Monday, that provided a different view. Sadly we missed the traditonal 5 minute queue at 4pm - however, that feat seems to have occured both today and yesterday - whilst Saw, Colossus and Inferno have 60-120 minute queue, Swarm is normally non existant.
  12. Can confirm, one green light still not working on Stealth. Hoping it'll be sorted by 2021.
  13. Was "oN pArK" yesterday for this first time this year, some points from the day: Entry was efficient as was temperature check - joined the queue at 9.35, was in just after 10. Ride count: Stealth x2, Swarm, Inferno, Timber Tug, Rocky Express, Depth Charge, Rumba Rapids We snuck in 2 rides on Steath at the start of the day which was wise, as it was down a bit during the day. Down time for Storm Surge & Colossus was notable - resulting in Colossus having a 100-120 minute queue as soon as it opened. We plumped for a 90 minute queue on Inferno instead.... Swarm queue earlier in the day was advertised as 90, ended up being 45. Inferno was bang on 90. Inferno ride ops were super efficient and loading and dispatching Thoroughly enjoyed Stealth - obvs - but Swarm back row left was fab, and Inferno was awesome too! Loving the new Imascore soundtrack on Rocky Express! Right laugh riding that. Social distancing was generally being observed, the odd couple getting a bit too close behind us in in the Inferno queue. Sanitizer everywhere, good stuff Definitely got progressively busy as the morning went on! Hence not getting Saw & Colossus rode Rush being shut was very upsetting, will be emailing MIKE VARNEY direct. Quantum had a 40 minute queue at one point, Vortex 100, and Samurai 80 - mad! Ate in InFinsIty restaurant - service was pretty slow but appreciate they weren't taken on to do table service as staff initially as it was order at the bar before Covid changed things! Was very impressed with my pizza, had 4 mini fillets on it - I do wonder if it should have been shredded chicken as it seemed very generous for Merlin Also, every time I ask for a beer advertised as being available in Fins that instead Stella/Bud, they never ever have it! Despite it being busier than anticipated, we really enjoyed our day! Left at 4.30 as the small Swarm queue soon became 50 mins so we hit the road son! Feel free to ask any questions lads.
  14. Will see how busy things are on Monday!
  15. Hi guys, just to let everyone know I'm heading to THE ISLAND LIKE NO OTHER on Monday with my mate, we have paid full price of £39 each online to ensure the ongoing financial stability of our beloved MERLIN ENTERTAINMENTS We have even paid for our CAR PARKING up front too. Bit gutted that Rush is currently dead, can't lie, but excited for my first Stealth fix of the year - will try not to break it.
  16. MattyMoo

    The Smiler

    Noticed in the new TPWW vlog - state of the Marmaliser screen nowadays, I count 7 square panels out/corrupted.
  17. I understand Thirteen can't run without a full train/certain amount of guests, but what's the deal with Rita? Other than it being awful, obviously
  18. As a back alley frequenter I can confirm this is correct.
  19. There'll be a seperate app and different virtual queue for that m80 as even being in a virtual queue too long stresses out my kidz.
  20. RE: motion sickness - Fun fact, I was sick in the exit corridoor of XNWO when it used to go backwards. I would have done it on a patch of dirt but it used to take. so. damn. long. to get out. And it still does.
  21. MattyMoo

    Thorpe Park 2020

    Since most of the rides/themes at Thorpe are apocalyptic and full of destruction, expect some hasty rethemes for 2021. I got this list straight from Park Pixie so she gonna get in BIG trouble. Nemesis InFun - No? The Walking Alive People: The Ride Pleasant: The Ride Swoopy Swoopy Fun Woosh Darren Brown's Empty Rush Hour Train
  22. MattyMoo

    Thorpe Park 2020

    Might be worth starting a 2021 thread soon I reckon How long before Black Mirror becomes new for 2021 I wonder?
  23. Also, we need to start again because the scare mazes in DBGTROTD and TWDTR aren't included #fix #thisforumhatesDarrenBrown #typical
  24. GUD MAWNING! Sorry just noticed this thread, can we start again so I can take part please, cheers lads.
  25. When bae does a video about bae
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