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  1. The farm is where they dump old Fright Night's scenery so it can be left to rot, hope this helps
  2. No can do lads, I'm off to Lithuania on 14th December. And no, it's not part of a M E G A T R I P.
  3. I have to say, a backwards dive coaster was quite a good idea.
  4. Seeing Thorpe on The Apprentice last night, I had no idea the chairs in the 4D cinema were able to move so much. Or is that just me not being a true #themeparkfan? Anyone been down Monk's Walk yet to see what exciting developments are in store for 2020?
  5. It's almost as if they are putting guest satisfaction and therefore reputation over pound notes, now there's a novel idea.
  6. Spot on. The police took Ally Law to court (famous for doing overnight challenges etc) for "stealing an unknown hot beverage" as he drank a hot drink in one and they pinned theft on him to make an example of him.
  7. Sorry for double post but just spotted this - the night we went early in the season, for whatever reason, people seemed to leave Wastelands til the end, and the queue was MASSIVE, there was no way it was going to be processed in time!
  8. This. An absolutely ridiculous chunk of theming for what is a seasonal attraction. Incredible, and shows how seriously Tulleys are taking the event going forward. I don't recall them selling out ticket-wise as many times as they did this year vs. previous years, which is good to see. From what I've seen at the event, fasttrack tickets are not oversold either, and I know that they are particularly strict on their VIP tickets - which is why every year I've gone, I've not questioned buying them one jot. My only negative really for this year, was The Wreckoning - the UV corridoor with foam swords etc on the wall looked very amateur when you have a probably world class attraction like Wastelands next door. Hopefully they'll work on this maze a bit more for 2020 as it felt rushed in parts. Wonder if there'll be a new haunt? I personally think that VIXI's days are numbered. Coven, Cottage & Cellar remain strong.
  9. Looks like she died again last night. 23rd season - I didn't know she had a life before Chessie? That's some knowledge I didn't have!
  10. Did they look it at and say "20 years old, not long left now"
  11. I spotted that Quantum rose from the dead late last night and attracted a 20 minute queue.
  12. MattyMoo


    It should really be as simple as that, but budgets say otherwise!
  13. I've corrected the last sentence for you
  14. Fingers crossed the beast can survive two hours of solid operation.
  15. MattyMoo


    I'd love to say that will happen - but I can't see it happening myself, ever. Flats and theming don't go together at Thorpe - Samurai's paint job looked a right state the other week, for example. Rush's signs and queue numbers etc are looking pretty damn shabby too.
  16. I note Samurai and Quantum have been down for a couple of days now, with Vortex seemingly a bit under the weather too.
  17. MattyMoo

    Thorpe Park 2020

    Two words. Top Spin.
  18. I don't have a Merlin Annual pass but is there anyway of claiming compensation because I am entitled and really annoyed?
  19. You can't even read most of the posters now as they've all been vandalised. Appreciate they were supposed to look ripped when they were first put up but now you'd do well to see the "F" word anywhere in the queue line.
  20. Who remembers the last time time Thorpe Park had a new permanent addition that wasn't some second hand rides? It's getting a touch ridiculous now. DBGTROTD has evidently emptied their pockets and left them with their proverbial pants down. To keep it on topic - good to see a dead area of the park having some investment at Towers.
  21. Did someone say Top Spin at Thorpe?
  22. It was a great meet - my highlight was spotting a wild Jack Sickstone in his natural habitat whilst filling up my water bottle. Also spotted the legend that is POWERS TOWERS PRODUCTIONS too. I suppose it was alright spending time with people from here as well, in a way.
  23. Ahahaha that's incredible.
  24. Where did that comment from @Jack go? Care to elaborate and what you saw on the Island Like No Other last night? (perhaps with a careful choice of words regarding the clientele)
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