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  1. Nicked from Facebook - now THERE'S a view we've never seen before!
  2. Can I just lay all my negligible credibility on the line now and say Phantom Manor is still going to better.
  3. Best food on park during Fright Nights was from the non-Aramark run smokehouse stand, without a shadow of a doubt. Says it all really.
  4. We've got DRP booked at end of March - typically Big Thunder Mountain is going to be closed when we are there. Will probably do a Thorpe visit once GHOST TRAIN is open, and then the usual Fright Nights visit or two. Tulleys VIP is booked as it is every year. We've got a weekend in Copenhagen in the Summer so a visit to the Tivoli Gardens is on the cards. We normally do a trip to Towers with a few mates but can't see that happening this year without Nemesis and the fact I've got a fair bit of my annual leave booked already (got 9 nights in NYC at the start of July - no coastering over there, mind you - just eating and drinking is the plan!)
  5. I did think that about the final farewell thing, but I think they are meaning that you are saying your final farewell before meeting your maker as such - I can't really see them spending money on a refurb/modification for an attraction for just a year... but maybe I'm wrong. Plus, I would imagine the next big investment is a little way off with Exodus in 2024... so maybe a couple of years of Ghost Train at least. But then, you have a whole friggin' island that they MADE behind Swarm, at a cost of thousands, just sitting there too!
  6. The website has already updated - it's now called "Ghost Train" https://www.thorpepark.com/explore/theme-park/rides/ghost-train-ride/ "Depart the mortal world on a one-way ticket beyond the veil into darkness on THORPE PARK Resort’s newest ride experience – Ghost Train. But watch your tracks, death is always one stop ahead. This next generation of Ghost Train will take you on a harrowing ride into the realms beneath THORPE PARK Resort to where the supernatural believers call home. Ghost Train is one of the UK’s longest ride experiences featuring live actors and multisensory effects to create a terrifying attraction like no other! There’s nothing virtual about this petrifying experience, so prepare to meet your maker as you come face-to-face with horrors that dwell within."
  7. Look's like someone has pressed the button too early on the Thorpe Park official site 😱
  8. Has anyone actually ever questioned their own perceptions and memories after riding DBGT?
  9. I thought this was a weird flex - having a video scheduled just to prove the fact that you knew they were making this announcement... bitter much? 😆
  10. I predict - no more VR, no more Derren... and I'm going for some sort of year-round horror type attraction, because those have definitely worked brilliantly before. Wouldn't surprise me if they called it Thorpe Junction. Or are they going to stick in The Crows into the attraction, hence the crows flying over...?
  11. We need a new thread now to discuss the secrets as we are now allowed to speak about them, if the mods could please assist.
  12. My new official name for it is NDBGTTDHAG: Not Derren Brown's Ghost Train The Demon Has Also Gone. Think it works.
  13. Ding Dong Derren is dead 🥰 Calling it now, this is termed as a brand new attraction...
  14. Yep, he is involved somehow or at least knows - he said so in his video. CALL YOURSELF FANS?!?!?!?!?? Video starts at the important bit.
  15. Sort of a joke, but also getting in the mind of a Merlin decision maker 🤠 And yes, Thorpe's line up of flats is great, but as you say they don't last forever - I'm surprised Samurai is still going for one thing, but then it has had a lot of work done to it. I feel they've been quite fortunate with downtime with their other flats to be honest!
  16. SLKSTN d r o p p p e d a new video last night with updates from inside the park - which is always very interesting to see and I like the fact he's allowed to do so Swarm station work is looking good, they've even repainted on the back of the console room on the bridge with the yellow and blue "police" squares, for example. From the video, I'm not convinced that they are going to box in those RSJs but we shall see! Not a mention of DBGTROTD in the video which is very interesting 👀 The world's first horror themed picnic area is going to be rather big when you can imagine that queue line gone - ideal for a retrosquad ride when a flat ride unexpectedly dies next year.
  17. Consider me impressed. I wonder if they are going to box in those RSJs though to make them look like wooden beams as before.
  18. Just leave the fencing and random props/junk there and it becomes the World's First Horror Themed Picnic Area: New for 2023. Merlin, sign me up! Talking of horror themes - that logo. Cripes. Bet they were tempted to even use Comic Sans.
  19. I'm just pleased to see one of the best Fright Nights mazes back all year round.
  20. If you rebrand to CSTRVRS you might be in with a shout 🙃
  21. It's taboo mate, not sure if you know but we are supposed to keep the secrets, that's very important, Darren himself said so.
  22. At least the marketing for Exodus shouldn't be tedious or far reaching - "The UK's tallest rollercoaster". Simple. No need for the "UK's first Walking Dead themed coaster" or some nonsense like that
  23. Watching XODS deconstruction updates from SLKSTN, I can't help thinking how much better the newly exposed skyline would be without Slammer SBNO. Solution: get Slammer working again.
  24. Surprised there's been nothing official teasing the 2023 season yet from Thorpe to be honest (other than messing about with things on the app to wind up enthoooosiasts).
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