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  1. We visited the island like no other on Monday 19th October, so here goes a little review. The park was quiet - almost too quiet as us oldies can't handle doing all the park's coasters in 30 minutes with no queue, where as at Towers - you have the walk to the next coaster to give you some respite Ride count: Swarm x2 Stealth x5 Inferno x2 Colossus x1 Rapids x2 Depth Charge x2 Rush x1 Think that was everything - we didn't do Saw as we were shattered haha. Have to say - Stealth is still as good as ever, and there's no
  2. Twitter would seem to suggest that today is "that Sunday". Really don't envy the staff and actors tonight :(
  3. See you there, I'll be wearing my TPWW mask and SLKSTN x XNWO hoodie.
  4. Can't wait for press night tonight, see you there lads.
  5. I think the word of the day for Fright Nights and Scarefest is repurposing
  6. It's tomorrow, just waiting for my confirmation of attendance thanks to "nearly 400 followers" on my instagram.
  7. Will they close the Guest Services queue early so MAPpers can't compain about the main queues being closed early? If you are in the Guest Services queue after 8pm will you still be allowed to complain about the queues closing at 8pm resulting in a one shot fastrack for a ride that is not usable as the ride queues closed at 8pm? So many questions!
  8. Lets cut to the chase: does the Haunted Cinema have the "Popcorn Baes" - or the nurses?
  9. Not sure if I'm going to make it to Fright Nights this year or not.... if I do go, it'll be Friday 16th after reading reviews from this Friday - bit concerned though that no days will be "quiet" this year, and I'm not sure I want to take that risk after forking out £42 + £10 per maze plus parking.... And also, what JoshC said - there's no way people are queuing in that tunnel.
  10. I've translated the second sign and it says "Brave It Backwards 2021"
  11. Please all hold a moments silence for all staff, especially guest services, for the Thorpe & Towers MAP exclusive days A whole park full of lanyard flashing, pop badge laden, entitled guests, lovely stuff. Wonder if the RAP queues will be bigger than the main ones...
  12. Thanks for the clarification on that, had no idea! Squeaky bum time for Merlin parks for the next couple of weeks...
  13. Yes, worrying times - think Tulleys played a blinder in retrospect... it would be far more damaging to go ahead with an event that doesn't go ahead/gets cancelled half way through vs. no event at all. The 10pm rule is for bars and restaurants, is it not? Therefore, they just don't serve any food or drink after 10?
  14. The Oktoberfest set up looks pretty decent - does definitely look like a case of "We have a massive dead space so we best use it" - so fair play to Thorpe there I have to say. I would assume that DBGTROTD, TWDTR and Black Mirror can only open once social distancing isn't a "thing"...
  15. Putting the MMMM in Immersive innit.
  16. Looking forward to the 5th anniversary of DBGT next year, I'm sure the park has lots of plans in store for this much applauded and loved attraction that is, and forever will be, the future of theme parks
  17. For £10 I will expect to have a ball gag in my mouth, made to squeal like a pig and crawl around on all fours whilst being pushed about and then have a big fat man dressed as a baby put a custard pie in my face and throw straw at me #BigTopBraveItAlone #TheGoodOldDays #SharedBallGagNotCovidSecure
  18. MattyMoo

    Wicker Man

    MAPpers and Pop Badge Collectors rejoice, the WickerLad is open again! And probably with a RAP queue bigger than the main queue.
  19. P15 and Blair Witch 2 better be good - as both I found the weakest last year. Agree a 2 maze deal for less money would be good... I predict they will struggle to have enough people for it in the early days of Fright Nights, so drop the price, and then end up putting it back up again towards the end of October.
  20. As I just posted on social meeeedya... I'm hella impressed with that promo video. Good to see Swarm get some loving... And no IPs at all! £10 a maze upcharge is pretty "frightening" though
  21. Never mind that, where's The Juggler nowadays?
  22. MattyMoo

    Wicker Man

    The Wickerboi has been down for a number of days now, and a little tent has appeared on part of the track. Vicious rumours were that Extinction Rebellion had taken it over but a more believable rumour is that there was a track issue, perhaps the heat the other week didn't help.
  23. Should I feel a bit miffed that seemingly there is no option to get a refund...? I suppose they don't sell lots of early bird tickets. Hopefully us early supporters who would have ended up buying tickets 18 months in advance for Shocktoberfest 2021 will be shown some love!
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