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    Important question - did anyone ever find out who the real Shane Sandwich and Park Pixie were in the Theme Park Fok videos? True icons, the pair of them.
  2. Oh good! Misinformed by the MAP group and the app 😱
  3. It's not open yet it seems... Not quite sure how this happens when you have all morning to try and sort out whatever issues there may be... πŸ‘€ Oh dear - delayed until 1.30/2pm with queue evacuated...
  4. Just a note to say don't wear your Mardi Gras beads on SAW as I lost both of my sets in one of the final dip before the break run entering the station. Saw them rise up in front of my very eyes and then they were gone πŸ˜† Also, I would rate our ride on SAW as "OK" which really is high praise. Leaning forwards in the restraint definitely helps, and maybe looking over to the Exodus construction site maybe distracted me from what was happening also.
  5. Interested to hear everyone's views once they've ridden experienced.... think I said elsewhere - and I know it's not as grand in comparison - but doing Black Mirror this year, it already feels tired and ready to go, despite being much lauded by those who attended the VIP opening. Will be intriguing to see how GST TRN fares. I do genuinely want it to be good, I guess it'd be unheard of for Thorpe to have ripped out DBGTROTD without at least trying a retheme, but how long it will last in it's new incarnation remains to be seen. It's a huge section of redevelopment real estate, and considering it backs onto the pyramid housing Black Mirror & TWDTR (which lets be honest, was on borrowed time anyway before the retheme - not to say it's not a good IP overlay, because all things considered, it works) - one has to wonder if "the next big thing" would replace all these attractions in one fail swoop? Come to think of it, you've of course got Slammer there too taking up space (Overheard comments in the BM queue when we visited questioning why it was there just rotting away, as it goes!)
  6. My sentiments exactly. We all know that actors = ££££ and first to be cut when trying to save money and/or after the opening fanfare has faded. I've never once had actors on TWDTR, for example... Going to be interesting to see queue times and also feedback from people who aren't on a jolly for the evening I shall stalk the MAP group religiously this weekend, ha!
  7. Monkey Coaster down and will not be opening today, according to the CWoA app. Hopefully not something terminal with Bank Holiday coming up...
  8. At what point to the actors get removed, that is the question - or moreso, how easy is it to operate parts of the ride without them?
  9. Had a sticky beef Po' Boy (essentially like a posh-ish kebab/sub) yesterday on the Island Like No Other, with cajun fries - this was from one of the pop up Mardi Gras food stalls which are not Aramark run. Β£14.50 in total for both, and it was genuinely decent. Pint of Camden Pale was Β£6.75 but had to be done because sunshine innit. Similarly, at Fright Nights I bought food on two occasions from the Ghost Train Smokehouse near the teacups, again, external, and was very good indeed. So basically, just go when there are pop up traders xoxo
  10. The latin on the sign translates to "Death Is Not The End". Spooky! Shout out to Ministry of Joy easter egg with Join Us reference 😁😡 Also, I LOVE this: Credit to Theme Park Guide obvs.
  11. It does show a promo video to be fair, but any impact is somewhat dampened by those blocks of dead pixels - just looks really amateur. I wonder if they were to basically flatten the entrance and start again, if closed season would be enough time to do so, or if they'd have to allow construction to result in a temporary entrance for part of the season? I'm guessing the latter.
  12. Serious question - do we think there's any budget to get a new entrance screen for 2024? To fix the dead pixel issue, Thorpe seemingly moved the dead pixel sections to the bottom of the screen, and then hid them by the bottom part having a permanent black "wave" so they don't need to be on. However, watching recent vlogs, more sections of dead pixels have now appeared smack bang in the centre of the screen. I'd be inclined to have the thing switched off and covered with a vinyl or poster to be honest.... not a good first impression as you enter the park.
  13. Petition for this topic to be moved to "The Future" or added to a new "Thorpe Park 2024" thread.
  14. This does seem to be a never ending IP, and it's an IP that no-one is majorly bothered about, unless I'm mistaken. I thought maybe "Bombs Away" being dropped from the Detonator title was a sign of things changing but perhaps that was something more to do with the state of the world today...
  15. Just to confirm I have SECURED my tickets to The ISLAND LIKE NO OTHER via a pack of Kellogs Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, and I am all BOOKED IN for 18th May along with my CAR PARKING TICKET.
  16. Yep, I am keen on the Thorpe Rail branding - I'd actually consider buying a coffee cup with it on, quite cool and a proper EAstEr eGg that I can get behind - an "if you know, you know" sorta thing. That said, if the whole thing is absolute turd, I won't buy a thing xoxo
  17. How on earth is gold track going to fit in with the abandoned theme that Thorpe know and love so much?
  18. They've been drilling too deep, that's why!
  19. Website updated - 26th May midday opening! No Fast track, no time slots for booking 😱
  20. Fingers crossed for it being open for my visit obvs. We're going first day of Mardi Gras (Thurs 18th) - park is closed the day before so maybe that would be an ideal time to have a press event for SLKSTN & Co. ....or, the press event will be the day we are there, like with Black Mirror, and we miss the eXPerIENcE by 1 day 😏 ALSO - spotted that Mardi Gras is not showing on the website for 20th & 21st May but I assume that's a mistake, as elsewhere on the website it says "Mardi Gras is back at THORPE PARK Resort! Taking over the theme park every day from 18th May – 11th June – and it’s included with every park ticket." - as suggested by @JoshC. - that could POTENTIALLY be a GST TRN launch weekend now, but that would be quite odd to set Mardi Gras up for 2 days, for it to then sit there unused for 2 days straight away. But... Merlin.... so.....
  21. Very important announcement - I'm going on a M E G A T R I P to the ISLAND LIKE NO OTHER on Thursday May 18th (2023). Looking forward to trying out the new spa and getting on The Collosos.
  22. Same here seeing people on Twitter asking about dates - find it funny how Twitter slips in tweets into your feed that you don't follow, but quite often are interested in (or not, as the case may be....!)
  23. So... no whispers from anyone who knows someone who is the manager of a Spoons where someone who works for them served Russ Gaines a pint the other week who told him an update? 😁 I would assume there's no activity on site at all with Colossus, otherwise Park Pixie would be all over it.
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