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TPM Phantasialand August 19

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Hello TPM peeps,


The dates of the TPM Phantasialand have been set as Friday 2nd Aug until Monday 5th Aug with the aim to have two days on park (Saturday and Sunday) and evenings out in Cologne.


I have already spoken to a few people interested already and the best option for accomodation seems to be the H+ Hotel Koln Bruhl. It has easy access from Cologne via tram (route 18) and easy access to the park. If you share with people the price can effectively be halved. I will not be booking on behalf of people, so if you are coming please book ASAP. Link below.



I have already booked my hotel stay.


Of course if you'd prefer to stay elsewhere and just meet at the park then not a problem, but would be nice to all be in the same location.


In terms of flights Ryanair fly from Stansted to Cologne and the best option is the 14:20 outbound flight on Friday 2nd Aug and the 21:55 return from Cologne on Monday 5th Aug. At the time of posting this flights are as low as £59 return pp.


Please let me know if you are interested or definitely attending.


Park tickets are a bit pricey at €84.50 for two days, so if anyone knows of any deals or cheaper ways please let me know. I will look around too.



Cedar Creek

Daniel.S313 (maybe) 




Martin Doyle (Maybe)


Mr Fish

Ryan (maybe) 


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Small possibility I could make this also its my Birthday on the 2nd so most likely fly out on the 1st August and do 2nd-4th on Park seeing as I have a Phantasialand Annual Pass I will update you once I know more so put me as a maybe.

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Apologies for double post...


I have just booked my flight as detailed in the first post in this topic and have just paid £56.86 including the £12 extra for baggage. So currently the flights are going fairly cheap, should anyone wish to book and attend the trip.

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Definately gonna be attending this trip as it will be great to get on Taron once again!


Only slight difference is myself and @Kerfuffle are arranging a twin room at the K+ hotel, but might take a flight to Cologne from Heathrow with Eurowings instead of Stanstead purely for cost reasons, since Stanstead is one heck of a trek for the pair of us petrol-wise.


If however a potential Toverland bonus is added on the last day before flying back, we might look back into Stanstead again.


Will be booking flights this weekend hopefully. :)

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