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Which 2024 UK coaster project are you most looking forward to?

Matt N

Which 2024 UK coaster project are you most looking forward to?  

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  1. 1. Which 2024 UK coaster project are you most looking forward to?

    • Hyperia at Thorpe Park
    • Nemesis 2.0 at Alton Towers
    • Intamin Lift and Launch Coaster at Drayton Manor
    • Duelling Zierer Family Boomerangs at Legoland Windsor
    • Undecided

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Hi guys. 2024 is set to be a pretty big year for UK roller coasters, with four different roller coaster-related projects happening for next year. These are:

  • Hyperia at Thorpe Park, a Mack HyperCoaster that will be the UK’s tallest and fastest roller coaster.
  • Nemesis 2.0 at Alton Towers, the rebirth of the much-loved B&M Inverted Coaster that is widely accepted to be the most revered UK coaster.
  • Drayton Manor’s new coaster, an Intamin lift and launch coaster with spinning trains.
  • Legoland Windsor’s new coaster, a duo of Zierer family shuttle coasters.

It’s certainly a big year for UK roller coasters when you look at this motley crew of upcoming rides! But I’d be really interested to know; which of these 2024 coaster projects are you most excited for?


Personally, I’d have to pick Hyperia at Thorpe Park. It’s so exciting that the UK height record is finally being broken after 30 long years, and even besides that, I think the layout of Hyperia looks phenomenal, with some really unique and impactful elements. I can’t wait to see how that first drop and outerbank into an inversion ride in particular, and the other elements like the Immelmann, stall/dive loop, and the outerbank should provide a real breath of fresh air to the UK coaster scene and provide sensations that have never really been felt on a UK coaster before! I have a huge amount of faith that it will be a big hit, and while it would be overly presumptuous to count your chickens before they hatch, I think that there’s a fair chance that we could be looking at the ride that will finally unseat Nemesis from the position of “most revered in the UK”!


I am excited for Nemesis’ rebirth, but it is a coaster that I’ve already been riding for 10 years rather than anything new, so it does lack some of the anticipation of a new coaster project for me.


I’m also excited to see what Drayton Manor’s coaster turns out like. It sounds like it could be a really intriguing ride, and I’m so glad to see them back on the coaster building map after so long!


Legoland Windsor’s investment looks great for that park, and I’m sure the two coasters will ride really well and go down well with the target demographic, but I’m not as personally excited for them by virtue of them not really being aimed at my demographic.


But I’d be keen to know; which of the UK’s 2024 coaster projects are you most looking forward to?

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Definitely Hyperia by a large mark. 

Not only is it the tallest uk coaster but also the first coaster at Thorpe for 12 years! Plus another Mack hyper. 

Also very excited for Nemy’s return though. Plus it’s nice to see Drayton finally get a new coaster and Legoland getting those duelling coasters. 

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I think I've been sleeping on Hyperia, the more I think about it the more I'm coming round to it potentially being the best ride in the country. Nemesis I'm excited about but I'm concerned they might nerf it with a pre show and I don't think it will be running at the originals standard for a few years.


Don't know enough about Drayton's at the point to have any excitement.

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