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Thorpe Farm

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4 hours ago, MattyMoo said:

Slightly off topic but I genuinely keep thinking this topic is "Thorpe Fam" :help:


Haha you would have thought so my man! Although within forums, it only takes 1 comment for everyone to jump on the bandwagon and talk about something completely different!

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Thorpe just hasn't had any places of "escapism" from the rest of the park ever since the farm closed. It's funny how Towers have the Gardens, Chessington have the lawn outside Burnt Stub Manor (and HAD the other lawn which Pandamonium now occupies) and Legoland I guess have Miniland, the closest Thorpe have to any places of tranquility is Sunken Gardens...which of course since 2006 has had Stealth parked right next to it! The main thing a few members of my family agree on is that Thorpe of course generates a lot of noise nowadays and there's just nowhere you can get away from it. Personally I see their point. As a kid, the farm always felt completely isolated from the rest of the park. And the train ride there was the best bit if I'm honest! But although I really can't see the farm returning anytime soon, they can at least provide something similar for a little escapism.


But the question is what could replace it? It has to be something that would attract guests to an area of that distance and back in the day, an interactive farm was of course the idea of family friendly acitivity away from the park. Whereas nowadays there aren't a lot of options left, especially with the park's current audience.

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