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  1. I'm not surprised really.
  2. It's a bit like Rumba Rapids as far as theming goes these days. What we have is Rapids Ride 1 & Log Flume 1 IMO.
  3. I wasn't aware of that. I guess they realised that they couldn't have one of the main rides at Chessington SBNO in such an obvious place. Also a good part of the ride goes through the Tomb Blaster building. At least they revamped it :).
  4. Yes that was a few years ago. The same engineering company which does a lot of stuff for Chessington. As I've said in another thread, it seems that the extensive work done to Dragon Falls, this & all the evac stuff is probably needed on Loggers too which is why they've probably closed it until they can decide what to do with it.
  5. Yeah I'm sure it has always been a closed system to. Surprising to read from Benin that the one at Flamingo Park is dirty. I thought that all new water rides after the mid 90s had to have filtered water.
  6. From the same engineering company which did the Bubbleworks lift hill work the other year. Looks like Vampire has had a new evacuation platform installed.
  7. Not my work, it's actually my brother's. I haven't got the patience to mess around with recreations on Planet Coaster. Anyhow, Youtube links if anyone is interested:
  8. It would be interesting to go over there just to look at the Skyline of the park these days from that position.
  9. Yeah I found it can be a bit annoying if you're trying to buy an on ride photo with other people trying to get past to exit. Speaking of on ride photos, before last year, I hadn't been to Thorpe Park since 2001 you could buy them on Depth Charge. How long has this been unavailable?
  10. Yes it's good that Rumba Rapids is finally getting some attention. Last year it was a bit of a joke (though still remains one of my favourites). In its current state they may well have just called it Rapids Ride 1 because there wasn't much going on at all throughout the ride.
  11. Yeah I actually quite like Storm Surge,
  12. I don't think there's a problem with it running into any lakes. Dragon Falls isn't anywhere near things like that.
  13. Yeah you're probably correct. I just always like to think there could be a proper reason rather than cost cutting and reducing the experience, whilst expecting customers to accept it & have the exact same experience.
  14. I've never been on the Vampire since the change of trains. I know that there were complaints about them being really rough after the changeover, I know we're talking around 16 years ago now but have they improved on this? I usually just don't bother queuing for the Vampire as the queues are always significantly longer than the other rides whenever I go to Chessington.