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  1. They should do a Dragon Falls themed room in there. Completely bare exposed walls with trailing cables etc. Those vinyls are going to get really grubby rather quickly.
  2. Thanks, that's really interesting information. Flooding everything with LED lights seems to be a thing these days. I wonder if the sound system was changed at some point in the past year or so because I noticed that the sound effects didn't seem to be present or at least not in the correct places. Perhaps it's just music downloaded from Youtube again which is another thing they like doing. Not anywhere near as funny as in the 2006 Bubbleworks where random sounds cut in & out and Professor Burps still shouted "It's hard work" after the fairground scene as if he was haunting the place. Right up to closure the Bubbleworks had some really funky stuff going on with sound, very amusing.
  3. It is without a doubt a huge improvement from the Imperial Leather Bubbleworks which had been messed around and hacked around with since 2006. I'll post my thoughts when I have been on the actual ride, I've only watched POV's at the moment so it wouldn't be a fair reflection for now.
  4. Commenting on an old thread here but it seems pointless starting a new one when this is relevant to the original discussion. After watching the 5th Dimension Documentary on Vimeo, it has really rekindled my interest with the ride. This might be one for you @Wumbamillio, are there anything in the way of remnants of the Fifth Dimension (Other than the actual Mack transit system) in Chessington at all? I have for years been looking around in the Tomb but Farmer Studios did such a good job that it really is unrecognisable from the original ride. It has been much easier to find back of house things in the building since 2016 due to the way that the sets are absolutely flooded with light but it still doesn't leave any real clues. What ever happened to the large open plan queue line with the TVs? I've been wondering if this is still behind the fa├žades or if I am mapping the building out incorrectly. Do we know if the stops are in the original places still? Because the first stop in the Tomb seems to be a lot later on than when you'd originally meet with Zapomatic. I think I've read somewhere (might have even been here) that the turning is built into the transit system so this is still all in the original places. Are any of the Zapomatic's stored around Chessington still or have they just been thrown out like the destructive Imperial Leather Bubbleworks replacement?
  5. If I could like this post 1,000 times I would. They'd probably do it Dragon Falls style. Perhaps just the ride in the empty warehouse, with the music cutting in & out, with the fountains just about spraying water.
  6. Part 3: Part 4: Certainly coming together.
  7. They are very close to looking like the Professor Burps style yes. Now if only this Grufflo thing was just a big joke & that actually, Professor Burps Bubbelworks was coming back in it's full glory... That would be too much fun though & we certainly can't have that!
  8. I'm not surprised really.
  9. It's a bit like Rumba Rapids as far as theming goes these days. What we have is Rapids Ride 1 & Log Flume 1 IMO.
  10. I wasn't aware of that. I guess they realised that they couldn't have one of the main rides at Chessington SBNO in such an obvious place. Also a good part of the ride goes through the Tomb Blaster building. At least they revamped it :).
  11. Yes that was a few years ago. The same engineering company which does a lot of stuff for Chessington. As I've said in another thread, it seems that the extensive work done to Dragon Falls, this & all the evac stuff is probably needed on Loggers too which is why they've probably closed it until they can decide what to do with it.
  12. Yeah I'm sure it has always been a closed system to. Surprising to read from Benin that the one at Flamingo Park is dirty. I thought that all new water rides after the mid 90s had to have filtered water.
  13. From the same engineering company which did the Bubbleworks lift hill work the other year. Looks like Vampire has had a new evacuation platform installed.
  14. Not my work, it's actually my brother's. I haven't got the patience to mess around with recreations on Planet Coaster. Anyhow, Youtube links if anyone is interested: