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MASH-UP 2012


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Posted ImageTHORPE PARK have released details of their brand new Easter event. From 6th-9th April the park will be open from 9:30-7pm and will play host to a range of activities including Colossus's silent disco queueline, Ministry of Sound taking over the park and much much more.MINISTRY OF SOUND TOURS – PARKWIDE TAKEOVERPosted ImageThis Easter, Club Kings Ministry of Sound Tours will be taking over the Park sound system with an awesome line-up of internationally renowned DJs. Spinning the decks over by Stealth, the Park will be bouncing to the Mash-up of Ministry of Sound Tours music.As well as the awesome Cut Up Boys, the weekend will see The Wide Boys, DJ Badja, Lee and Slater andJake Duval all playing a Mash-Up of today’s freshest tunes presented by the legendary Des Paul. Make sure you get across to Stealth to really soak up the clubbing atmosphere!STUNT SHOW MASH-UP - THE ARENAPosted ImageThe adrenaline doesn’t stop with the music, head down to The Arena to experience a Mash-Up of awesome stunts with the Animal Bike Tour and Storm Freerun. Free runners Phil Doyle, Livewire and Blue will Mash it Up with Animal Riders Martyn Ashton and Blake Samson as they perform a spectacular show of skill, control and balance on a purpose built series of half pipes, scaffold towers and balance beams. All supported by some banging tunes and a live compere to get your adrenaline pumping!

SILENT DISCO Q-LINE PARTY – ColossusHead down to Colossus for the ultimate queue line party. We’ve transformed the queue line into an awesome silent disco! Grab your headphones from the entrance and tune in to live DJs playing a choice of Cool Contemporary songs or The Ultimate Cheesy Mash-Up. Watch your mates as they crazily dance and sing all the way down the queue line. Plus, there’s the added benefit of jumping on the 10 looping Colossus at the end of your Silent Disco Q-Line partyROCK-E-OKE & QUEUE-E-OKEFor all of those wanna be rock or pop stars out there, Mash-Up is your time to shine. Bust out some pop or rock classics Karaoke style and become an instant super-star at THORPE PARK. Here’s how to take part:ROCKIf rock is your style, head over to THE SWARM and jump on stage with a live rock band. Get the crowd pumped, throw those rock horns up and steal the show as you belt-out your chosen rock classic. Can’t remember the words, don’t worry a Karaoke machine will be there to help!POPIf you’re more of a pop king or queen, then head to Loggers Leap and get involved in Queue-E-Oke. Grab your mates, you’ll need them for moral support, pick your song and bust out your tune to a pumped up Loggers Leap crowd.Full details of the event can be found here http://www.thorpepark.com/mashup/
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This seems to be the perfect event for the park.There's something for everyone with regards to taste in music, and I'm sure most people would love the atmosphere. Also, from an enthusiast perspective, I'm not really bothered that some ride music will probably be lost out on for this, simply as Thorpe have got a perfect mix of everything! Personally, I loved the Twisted Carnival / Cirque du Freak events from the past couple of Easters, so a little bit disappointed they're making way for this (I'd love it if it could be brought back as a May/June half term event though, instead of another Head Rush...), but nonetheless, intrigued and excited for this, and Thorpe have certainly made me want to pop down there that weekend! YAY! :)

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Right I don't usually do trip reports, but I think this event deserves one and more.

I visited the park on Friday with a degree of expectation following the sucessful launch of THE SWARM. Boy was I impressed. Seriously this event was FANTASTIC, I can't really explain how impressed with the park I actually am.

There is no doubt, THORPE PARK is on top of it's game. This event is right up the target audience's (and mine) street and was execueted with complete ease.

The park wide Ministry of Sound takeover sounded SO GOOD. I don't care what nit picky enthusiasts think about the removal of the goony theme music, this park wide DJ works so well and the tunes sounded fantastic (especially in the Easter sunshine). It suits the park, the audience and the event perfectly.

The Karaoke machines were great fun and a welcome addition, it made queueing that much more enjoyable. The Silent Disco in the Colossus queue line was simply a revolation, loved it!

THORPE PARK have really made a special effort this year, for THE SWARM, and for this MASH UP event. The MASH UP show was great, the arena was packed for a really entertaining 20 minute show, people of all ages were engaged it really was great.

As for the park itself, on great form. THE SWARM was the only ride which was operating on a poor level, with fairly prelonged breakdowns throughout the day. Everything else was on full capacity and the staff really pushing the pph which was great to see.

THORPE PARK is on top form this year, the park is looking the best I have ever seen it and the future is very bright. Alton Towers just sneeks the N.O 1 spot for me, but is sliding very very quickly whilst THORPE is rising sky high. If SW7 is not executed with SWARM like elegance, Alton is in danger of losing it's N.O 1 spot in my opinion.

Only real negative was Pizza Hut in which it was a complete mission to get any sort of pizza, they need to address this soon. Rumba Rapids is now reserved for young families with kids under 12 which although is a shame, didn't impact on my day.

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