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  1. thorpeparkjack

    'The Wizarding World of Harry Potter'

    Hi guys, Used to be an active member of this forum, but unfortunately drifted away. I'm now a student at the Lancaster University looking to get some data on you guys are most looking forward to about the the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Expansion in Orlando. It would be much appreciated if you could take the poll on my site. http://www.travellingtourist.net/#!harry-potter-expansion/c1lxs Thanks in advance.
  2. thorpeparkjack


    Yeh Vampire will never run three train operation again.
  3. thorpeparkjack

    London Dungeons

    Actually I tell you what... Not a bad shout at all.
  4. thorpeparkjack

    The Banning Game

    Banned for B&M fanboyism
  5. thorpeparkjack

    The Banning Game

    Banned for not having a signature.
  6. thorpeparkjack

    Thorpe Park Trip Reports

    lol at 4 hours that must be some sort of mistake.
  7. thorpeparkjack

    Thorpe Park Trip Reports

    So true, but really I don't think 9 pounds for all you eat pizza, pasta, salad and drinks is unreasonable really and it is proved by the fact it is always the most popular place on park to eat.
  8. thorpeparkjack

    Thorpe Park Trip Reports

    I think 9 quid is great value for money if all pizza is readily available.
  9. thorpeparkjack

    Thorpe Park Trip Reports

    Pizza hut was a nightmare for me aswell Ryan, you can't get any of the pizza you want without queueing for about 5/10 minutes - disgrace. They either need to limit the amount of guests going in or create another service area because it simply isn't working atm.
  10. thorpeparkjack

    Rumba Rapids

    Storm surge gets your feet wet because they are submerged in scummy water for about 15 minutes whilst the staff try and get you back into the station.
  11. thorpeparkjack

    Nemesis: Sub-Terra

    I found the Sub Terra idea and story was excellent but the drop was the least forceful and fun I have ever been on, Extremis is much much much better and so is Thirteen's drop.
  12. thorpeparkjack

    MASH-UP 2012

    Sorry to double post, but in case anyone missed the Stunt show, here it is in full.
  13. thorpeparkjack

    MASH-UP 2012

    Right I don't usually do trip reports, but I think this event deserves one and more. I visited the park on Friday with a degree of expectation following the sucessful launch of THE SWARM. Boy was I impressed. Seriously this event was FANTASTIC, I can't really explain how impressed with the park I actually am. There is no doubt, THORPE PARK is on top of it's game. This event is right up the target audience's (and mine) street and was execueted with complete ease. The park wide Ministry of Sound takeover sounded SO GOOD. I don't care what nit picky enthusiasts think about the removal of the goony theme music, this park wide DJ works so well and the tunes sounded fantastic (especially in the Easter sunshine). It suits the park, the audience and the event perfectly. The Karaoke machines were great fun and a welcome addition, it made queueing that much more enjoyable. The Silent Disco in the Colossus queue line was simply a revolation, loved it! THORPE PARK have really made a special effort this year, for THE SWARM, and for this MASH UP event. The MASH UP show was great, the arena was packed for a really entertaining 20 minute show, people of all ages were engaged it really was great. As for the park itself, on great form. THE SWARM was the only ride which was operating on a poor level, with fairly prelonged breakdowns throughout the day. Everything else was on full capacity and the staff really pushing the pph which was great to see. THORPE PARK is on top form this year, the park is looking the best I have ever seen it and the future is very bright. Alton Towers just sneeks the N.O 1 spot for me, but is sliding very very quickly whilst THORPE is rising sky high. If SW7 is not executed with SWARM like elegance, Alton is in danger of losing it's N.O 1 spot in my opinion. Only real negative was Pizza Hut in which it was a complete mission to get any sort of pizza, they need to address this soon. Rumba Rapids is now reserved for young families with kids under 12 which although is a shame, didn't impact on my day.
  14. thorpeparkjack

    Thorpe Park Trip Reports

    Great report Josh, that important looking employee is Mike Vallis isn't it I saw him wandering around?
  15. thorpeparkjack

    General Discussion

    You honestly wouldn't know the flying jumbos existed if you weren't going to the toliet behind Tomb Blaster, complete joke.