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    all in all seems like this is the right way to do a low investment year, if only the other merlin parks took note
  2. Yeah they extended it, everything before the trolls is new. The Olaf is incredible, everything else looks like they have really flat faces
  3. Bubbles1


    Massive queues at Legoland, I never!
  4. Maybe being stupid, but what do you mean by Eco village for Legoland?
  5. It's the showbuilding. They sort of just gave up theming halfway. You can see the white from the Jurassic park area as well if I remember rightly.
  6. Bubbles1


    Now if they try to remove that,someone going to have to die
  7. Oh no, I wouldn't mind one. But what would we talk about here?!
  8. It'll be a sad day if they ever actually get a top spin...
  9. I'm just wondering, were the actors allowed to touch you last year? Because I went to FN a few years ago, did one maze (can't remember which) and swore never to go in another one? I was fine with the occasional jump, but it was being manhandled I really disliked. I'm considering going this year but I want to know how touchy some of the mazes are?
  10. I remember is needing to buy new shoes and a shirt afterwards because they were both destroyed. We got stuck on the lift under the buckets for a couple of minutes as well. Then it started raining. Possibly not the best way to experience it
  11. On the bright side, it could be worse... We could have the Popeye rapids from universal. I still have nightmares
  12. Am I the only person on earth who liked Taco Bell?
  13. So it's almost a Lego dungeons? That's an interesting idea. I look forward to seeing if the execution is good
  14. Oh yeah, it kind of has worked out really well. I approve then.
  15. Bubbles1

    Logger's Leap

    The question is, why wouldn't it?
  16. Bubbles1

    Logger's Leap

    Can we all agree that would be the most terrifying thing on earth?
  17. Seriously?! Way to go getting the most of your money
  18. Sorry if I'm being really thick- but what's this big red button?
  19. By marathon, do you mean 1 ride after a 2 hour queue?
  20. Theming wise that was impressive... But it didn't exactly seem "scary", or was that just me?
  21. Well that's definitely... Something...
  22. I'm thinking that may be the case. Not a horrible idea either. Though individual mazes for each would be better.
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