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  1. Looks like rattlesnake has been added to the unavailable list.
  2. That's just stupid hope it they don't stick to it.
  3. Sam P

    MASH-UP 2012

    Sound's like it should be fun!
  4. I can't go to tomorrow's meet now, but can now make this meet!!
  5. Gunna have to pull out at the last min, got to look after my sick cousin tomorrow.
  6. Canada Creek Railway (5)Chief Ranger's Carousel (5)Colossus (6)Depth Charge (5)Detonator (5)Flying Fish (5)Loggers Leap (5)Mr Monkey's Banana Ride (4)Nemesis Inferno (7)Quantum (5)Rocky Express (5)Rumba Rapids (3)Rush (5)Samurai (5)Saw – The Ride (5)Saw Alive (5)Slammer (5)Stealth (8)Storm in a Teacup (5)Storm Surge (4)Tidal Wave (5)Time Voyagers (4)Vortex (5)X:\ No Way Out (5)Zodiac (4)Stealth (+)Rumba Rapids(-)
  7. Has to be the Universal Parks for me. I can find disney to be too much in your face at times.
  8. I rode them a couple of weeks back and it just isnt the same them not dueling. Hope they will change there minds one day.
  9. They need to sort the audio out, Colossus and Nemesis a fresh coat of paint and possible make Storm Surge fit in a bit more if that's possible.
  10. No not yet. But they plan to start soon!
  11. Rita 5/5 - Launch coasters are my favourite so it has to be Rita!!Oblivion -4/5 I love this ride one of the best coasters out there.Nemesis - 4/5 - A very good ride gives a great experience and I never get a bad ride.Air - 3/5 It's ok but Manta at Seaworld is loads better. Th13teen - The indoor section is good but that's it really.
  12. I agree I'm not very happy with them.
  13. Sam P

    Lady GaGa

    I have got it on now and I love it so far!
  14. So hard to choose I like them all, but I go for Revenge of the Mummy because it's so much fun can get some good airtime, and the themeing is great.
  15. Looking good the trains are so nice. Can't wait to ride it!
  16. I went from August 18th to 1st September last year and the parks were very quiet the max we queued was 20 min's
  17. Just come back today from 2 weeks out in Florida. For me the best ride has to be Sheikra the drops are amazing. I also have a soft spot for Kraken at Seaworld.
  18. Great reports and pictures I'm going to Orlando on the 18th for 2 weeks can't wait.
  19. Sam P

    This Or That

    Laptop Lady Gaga or Beyonce?
  20. I think Dance in the dark I love that song so much!
  21. Cedar Point have at last got there new ride Shoot The Rapids open looks fun.
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