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  3. I'll stick this in a new post because why not... The European Coaster Club have some concepts for Wakala: They have said there are two lift hills: the first, which is standard, and the second which will have "slight acceleration". Curiously, there's no mention of a launch, which one would expect given the spike and the flat piece of track before it which will have to double up as a brake run too. A very odd coaster for sure.
  4. Track is going along nicely: (Both images from the park) Officially speaking, the park aren't saying anything regarding the Mine Train, but it's still expected to happen (although possibly 2021). The Tilt Coaster has seen delays but is still thought to be a thing; the delay could be a Vekoma-thing rather than a park thing though..
  5. Bellewaerde's family Gerstlauer launch thing has started construction, and also has a name: Wakala Cool name, ugly track colour
  6. Head back, face forwards and brace yourself....
  7. It had to be removed because ghostbusters were called in during closed season and they established that the constant movement of the ship had disturbed an ancient burial ground.
  8. Yesterday
  9. I would like to attend opening weekend this year. Ial have to let you know a bit closer to the date but I'm tempted to attend. Can you add me as a maybe for now and I will confirm closer to the date.
  10. That's more like a never ending dragster where you go over the top, that euphoric moment of leaving the Eu and then you crash through the earths surface, straight through to the other side of the planet and the only benefit you have is that you've probably melted in the Earths molten core.
  11. My assumption would be that the support beams holding the ride in place had cracks in which weren't repairable. When I worked at Chessington in 2018 it was a problem, hence the repaint to be grey (makes the cracks easier to see), but the ride didn't need to be closed yet.
  12. **The doubters** Very pleased and surprised it’s (technically) coming back.
  13. It’s all ups and downs from here by the looks.
  14. I believe that during winter maintenance a major fault was found with the ride which couldn't be repaired. The park wanted to keep the ride but a replacement ship couldn't be gotten in so quickly, especially as the budget had already been spent elsewhere. So a quiet removal followed by a quiet reintroduction was decided upon. Presumably it'll be of a similar size and scale to Black Buccaneer.
  15. Here's the tweet in question: So glad to see it's coming back!
  16. Black Bucaneer is back according to a tweet from Chessington - but now it's blue! Meanwhile, Thorpe have announced.... well nothing (officially anyway)
  17. I add Brexit to this race, as that itself could be seen as a rollercoaster.
  18. Quite frankly that maze was always very very average, or even below average given how short it is. Ive always said this, they should just scrap living nightmare and bring back Asylum to the line up along side Creek Freak Massacre and you have one unbelievable fright nights event. Ez pz, job done...
  19. You could have a 3-way race with Mission Ferrari in Abu Dhabi tbf Not that it matters, because Energylandia will have built 5 coasters, 2 cheap flats and a dozen kids rides by the time any of them open
  20. Ok. Who wants to play the odds. Which will open first, this, or F.L.Y.
  21. The name of the company is Aroma Prime though
  22. Apparently there's been issues with groundworks and the placement of footers, specifically around the cobra roll, which is causing a sizeable delay to construction. What this means in terms of opening remains to be seen...
  23. Last week
  24. Two interesting new water rides from Mack. Well one really as the second is a modification of one already existing product, but nevertheless still both cool ideas. Starts at 3:55.
  25. Wicker Matt

    News Desk

    I would also like to congratulate Mattymoo’s success. 69 is a great achievement.
  26. Hope you aren’t being serious... 😩
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