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  2. Getting there slowly Any ideas on the freestyle machines? Towers have been in use since Tuesday?
  3. Updating, featuring top hat...
  4. Bellewaerde have a new roaming character, Jona Corona: (From TPWW...only photo I could find) Apparently Jona goes around telling people of all the safety rules relating to coronavirus...of which he doesn't appear to mind breaking the rules about social distancing...
  5. Though the park haven't confirmed it directly, Theme Park Freaks have said that Aqualantis will now not open until 2021: https://themeparkfreaks.eu/2020/07/energylandia-stelt-opening-nieuw-themagebied-aqualantis-uit-naar-2021/ This would make 2020 the first year the park has not opened a new roller coaster since opening.
  6. Depth Charge also opened up today. In terms of water rides, I believe Tidal Wave will be a little bit longer. As for closed attractions, the list is now: Derren Brown Walking Dead The Ride Rush Tidal Wave Angry Birds 4D Jungle Escape Beach / Wet Wet Wet
  7. Also worth remembering that, unlike, say, Disney and Universal, Thorpe and Chessington are catering to a national audience and not an international one. It doesn't matter that a theme is UK centric. I don't have any issue with the current ride names.
  8. That last post gave me a headache. Lets be realistic here, Merlin are not gonna rename minor rides that already have decent names. I bet most foreign tourists scratch their heads at Cbeebies Land too, and to some people The Walking Dead will be a huge question mark. You can't please everyone, there is no singular IP that every person from every corner of the earth is going to know about. The Ghost Train isn't really even about Derren tbf, its got that weird fracking plot. Really don't get your argument and whatever that last post was meant to be if I'm being honest.
  9. @professorb I used an Indian tourist as an example as Darren Brown is not a known celebrity in India. A way to explain my point is the name Sandip Sopparker. If you lived in India you would definitely know who Sandip is as not only is he an extremely famous Bollywood dancer but,also part of a panel of judges on the Indian equivalent of X-Factor or Britain’s Got Talent. I only knew who Sandip is because my maternal Grandad is Indian and Sandip happens to be a distant relative of his. @professorb I hope this makes my example of an Indian tourist easier to understand. Please answer this truthfully,had you heard of Sandip Sopparker prior to reading my post? Thanks for reading my post Kind regards Theme Park Fanatic
  10. This is absolute rubbish. You also have awfully specific predictions. 7/8. The Gruffalo arena wouldn’t fit where The Panda show used to be, it hasn’t got enough space to fit 500ish people. The animal show on the otherhand would have too much space where the arena is. I don’t why you think they would move. It would be a pointless and expensive exercise. 9. If these were going into Rainforest, they most likely would be there already, not randomly added the next year. Also smell pots wouldn’t really work seeing as it’s all outside. 10. It was also specified in the planning permission that the Jumbos area is to be the queue-line for Croc Drop, why would you predict otherwise? There is literal evidence to show its future use. 13. Definitely not happening. The chandeliers were not removed for the fun of it or lack of care, they were removed due to structural concerns with the ceiling. It is an old building after all with Vampire inside it and Gruffalo River Ride above it. This doesn’t excuse the lazy flood light replacement of course. 14. Peeking Heights may be in storage but not anywhere to do with Merlin, it was sold off years ago. Plus there clearly isn’t enough space where seastorm is to fit these. Most of your predictions are way off and not at all logical.
  11. Sorry for the late reply. It was on the BBC morning news, at least twice.
  12. Last week


    Get a grip.

    I said it then, and I'll damn right say it again.

  14. Think your name ideas are awful. Nothing wrong with what they’re called now.
  15. @Ivsetti thanks for sharing your honest personal opinion on the names that I would have given to the trio of rides that are located in the newly created Rainforest land at Chessington.I I must admit that if I was not aware that Derren Brown's Ghost Train was a VR ride that messed with your mind. I would have thought that the ride was a traditional Ghost Train for instance like Duel The Haunted House Strikes Back at Alton Towers.The only difference I would expect is Derren Brown theming littered throughout the ride. If I was an Indian tourist who has never heard of Darren Brown I would be left scratching my head.
  16. IMO for the average guest that doesn't really care about theme parks and merely wants to go on rides names need to be: a) short and easy to remember for asking directions and talking about a day later b) semi-descriptive of what you'd expect on the ride c) exciting and interest-provoking Therefore based on my own criteria here's what I think of your proposed names: I like "rainforest jump" but I think "treetop hoppers" is fine - they're synonyms if you like. Cascading crocodiles for me is confusing in terms of what type of ride it is (e.g. many people who've never heard of DBGT are often heard asking what it actually is - is it a coaster or what?) and Jungle Jeeps Rainforest Safari sounds like a TV show.
  17. Who else other than myself thinks that the names of the rides within The Rainforest are dull and boring? Personally if I was put in charge of choosing the name of the rides within The Rainforest I would have chosen the following. I would have called the Jungle Rangers- Jungle Jeeps Rainforest Safari! I would have called River Rafts-Cascading Crocodiles! Finally I would have called Treetop Hoppers-Rainforest Jump! Can you please give me your opinions on the names Chessington chose for the rides within the new Rainforest area. Don't misunderstand my views as I think that the Rainforest is a vast improvement on the old and worn out Toadies Crazy Cars that formally was located on this piece of land within Chessington. If Croc Drop is set to the standards as this Rainforest area and Land Of The Tigers it will be highly themed attraction. I personally love Drop Tower's and if themed to a high quality I can definitely say that Croc Drop will be one of or possibly even my favourite attraction in an English Theme Park.
  18. I never thought those words would make me happy, but these are strange times!
  19. Rumba and Storm Surge have re-opened today!
  20. I wish shared some of the above optimism. Next year Chessington will be getting a drop tower along with the new Blue Barnacle (assuming it’s delayed), which already for the park is already quite an investment. Aside from the odd thing here and there such as signage and a minor refresh around Forbidden Kingdom, I can’t see most of the above ever happen let alone next year.
  21. @JoshC. I hope that as Forbidden Kingdom is having the most investment it has had for what will be exactly 20 years when Croc Drop opens next season.Chessington revert back to calling Tomb Blaster Forbidden Tomb. I say this as earlier this year Chessington gave Tomb Blaster a darker more terrifying retheme.This retheme gives the ride a Terror Tomb like atmosphere. Also the Forbidden Tomb sign is still on the facade of the rides building. However this lovely themed sign is covered up by a s****y canvas that is draped over it. In my opinion since Tomb Blaster’s dark retheme the name Forbidden Tomb is far more appropriate. Not only does the Forbidden Tomb look more immersive but it tells riders that the ride could possibly scare young children. Chessington can’t even use the excuse that it would be to costly to change the name of the ride back to Forbidden Tomb. The reason for this being is that the sign is technically still there and is in pristine condition. The only money involved will be that used to rebrand the rides branding to that of Forbidden Tomb.
  22. Yeah Chessington getting the drop tower as well as the pirate ship honestly is a fair deal for a Merlin Park tbh. If this was Alton/Thorpe, Rameses and Black Buccaneer would of been left SBNO with no future plans, so in a way, I think them receiving replacements for both fairly soon after removal is pretty good. I think anything else they do next year is a bonus, for a smaller park like Chessington, they have been getting pretty decent additions recently.
  23. We have some lovely dark green track onsite: The animation released at IAAPA in 2018 showed red track, but I believe that was just for ease of show. I'm under the impression the layout is unchanged.
  24. They'll get Croc Drop (dreadful name) and seemingly Blue Barnacle (I can't see that opening this year like planned now). Doubt we'll see a retheme or rename of Forbidden Kingdom as the drop tower seems designed to fit in with that area. Might get a little spruce up around the tower but that's about it there. You'll get your standard little bits and pieces of new stuff here and there probably, but the investment of two family thrill rides is a pretty huge deal for Chessington to be honest.
  25. The last thing they would want is Peeking Heights back, it was by a long shot, one of the more complicated rides at Chessington and could be incredibly dangerous if it started to spin out of control.
  26. I didn't even realise that Peeking Heights had closed. Shows how much I care about the park these days. Which is a complete shame given the buzz around it a decade ago. A lot of these really are just a wishlist. Likelihood is you'll get the new drop tower and little else because that's how Merlin roll. Do they even have animatronics in any new ride these days (that work)?
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