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  1. Do they mention not to go on The Passing if you suffer from claustrophobia? If so then I was silly for not reading it, If not they probably should have, I only suffer from it slightly but I almost had a panic attack in the tunnels!
  2. the answer to the chocolate one is
  3. lol same rct2 is alot better

  4. Professer Layton was amazing . Did you solve that Chocolate code one with the Keyboard and bla bla? That was so hard. took me dayyss
  5. Lewie900

    This Or That

    Beansssss.Fury Or Whizzer?
  6. I LOVE YOU!!!! . I've always wanted a S&S Screamin' Swing!!
  7. Lewie900


    I'm in yr 10 moving into Yr 11 now. So I only did one (three) GCSE'S This year. Science (bio, phy, chem).Mock Results:Chem - EBio - D Phy - CReal Exam Results:Chem - C (went up two).Bio - B (went up two)Phy - B (went up one).So I am very pleeeased and now very possitive about the year ahead!!
  8. I Kind of liked Thrill Chill. the only time I could go when the park wasn't that busy.
  9. Furious Baco. I love that ride

  10. Lewie900

    The Blade

    I Love Swinging Ships. Such a feeling in your stomach (Especially at the back)
  11. Lewie900


    How much do they pay at Chessie? Coz I would love to work there too. I would love to work at Thorpe but its too chavy I don't think I would enjoy as much.
  12. Lewie900


    Lady Gaga - Poker Face
  13. For anybody that wants this track. It is now downloadable http://www.filefactory.com/file/ah3ga92/n/...ns_Fury_nltrack
  14. Lewie900

    This Or That

    Yup. I totally agree Thats so wierd you'd pick them. They are my two fav alcho drinks! But I will have to say Smirnoff!!
  15. I think we should make this a picture and video competition. so we get more entries?Anywho. I'm entering my Dragons Fury Remake . Go look for it in Dragons Fury Post
  16. Thankss . Althought to be honest it's alot easier to make than you think.
  17. Give it to thorpe maybe? I don't really think it fits in chessington anymore to be honest. besides. Ripsaw is 10x better.
  18. Here ya go!. Unfortunatley. you are going to have to wait for a while for the Vid to process. This was made from pics and vids only. So I'm not sure if its good or not to be honest haha. Give me HONEST Opinions. Tyy
  19. Will Upload When I have Recorded it lol. Heres a pic preview though.http://s817.photobucket.com/albums/zz98/Sa...pg&newest=1
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