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    Nemesis or Stealth
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  1. AltonThorpe


    Corkscrew is a classic, It was the first looped ride I went on. It is definately painfull and no way as good as Nemesis or Oblivion but it will be missed. The good thing I heard though was that they are going to keep one of the corkscrews in rememberence!!We'll Miss Ya Corky
  2. When I went to TP The Slammer music was all crackly and spaz
  3. AltonThorpe


    I wouldn't say Slammer is my favourite, but I'll go on it. I love it when you do the back flips . Is it me or was 2005 a grudge season for Thorpe Park. Both Rush and Slammer break down quite alot. Rush breaks down more, but I heard that Slammer once got stuck upside down I don't know if it's true. I think it's a fab ride though.
  4. Soz Phill, I'm new and I accidently posted stuff twice. I don't know how to remove stuff!!

  5. Does anyone remember when the oil tanker thing used to catch fire when the wave came?? Why doesn't that happen anymore? Also why does the wave NOT hit the SPLASHZONE??
  6. I personally avoid big queues, or get fasttrack. The longest I've ever seen was 2 hours for stealth!! So we went to banana boat
  7. Alton has more coasters. If you compare them to Thorpe's, which is very hard because I'm bound to get abuse because I didn't match them up correctly they would probably be better!!Nemesis v Nemesis Inferno, I'd say NemesisColossus v Air, I'd say ColossusRita v Stealth, I'd say StealthNemesis v Colossus, I'd say NemesisOblivion v Stealth, I'd say StealthRita v Nemesis Inferno, I'd say RitaThose are only a couple of competitions, I can't be stuffed to do the rest. I think Alton Towers will still be no. 1
  8. hehehe very true I hate the Ropers
  9. Soz . I was ment to put Alton Obviously
  10. I swear I heard Big Bob Jones (or whatever his name is) say the same things and interview the same people
  11. It wouldn't work with the theme of forbidden valley. It was a cracking ride though
  12. It's a good ride, I really enjoyed it and I go on it all the time whenever I go to thorpe park. (did any of you hear about the woman that fell off the ride into the water) 7/10
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