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  1. It had to be removed because ghostbusters were called in during closed season and they established that the constant movement of the ship had disturbed an ancient burial ground.
  2. Black Bucaneer is back according to a tweet from Chessington - but now it's blue! Meanwhile, Thorpe have announced.... well nothing (officially anyway)
  3. Me either. Fond memories of sitting down with the missus each week last closed season to watch the updates, our floating DBGT train carriage in the background, wearing our Smiler onesies, drinking from our oversized Colossus cups and tucking into our back up closed-season stock of non-branded overpriced pick and mix from The Dome, our necks laden down by our MAP lanyard encrusted in numerous pop badges we stole from small children and staff members. Still haven't opened the Stealth condoms though.
  4. MattyMoo

    News Desk

    Cheers big man, so proud. I'd be even prouder if I also knew what it meant, but I'm sure it's something very impressive that I need to add to my LinkedIn profile at the earliest opportunity.
  5. How did they come about with the idea of a man in a t-shirt in the gift shop section last season?
  6. He didn't say it wasn't. He just from nowhere speculates that it won't - and talks for a good few minutes about it. Like @Ivsetti said - it's obvious Mr. Sick has friends high up at Thorpe and it's just "free" advertising for them... so my guess is that he has been told something.
  7. Why has Jack Sickstone not covered this? He has however suggested in his new video, seemingly with no visible evidence from anywhere to back this up, that Living Nightmare won't be returning this year. How.... interesting.
  8. Cheers chaps - that's our quota of sensible discussion completed for this week. Can they really tart up Tomb Blaster again? I suppose people still do love in the dark pew pew shooty laser ride things.
  9. Will the drop tower that replaces RR still be classed as Forbidden Kingdom do we think?
  10. Second rockin' tug incoming.
  11. Don't know about you guys but I love all my Deno clothes, bloody good lad he is. One of the huge success stories of 2019. EDIT: Just been on boohooMan x Deno page and they don't have any stock left, bad times.... ahem https://www.boohooman.com/mens/collections/boohooman-deno
  12. They don't even put "Area Under Development" on the map on anymore for Old Town 😐
  13. Some sort of 2020 teaser (for the new RMC) should be incoming soon shortly? Chessie and Alton have obviously shown their hands for 2020...
  14. I think they underestimate Paulton's Park too - wouldn't surprise me if they already have plans for some more "thrill" rides to add to the mix.
  15. I think I did - weren't you in the UV bit of The Wreckoning?
  16. Another jam packed year in the offing beckons! March - Thorpe opening meet, date permitting Paultons meet - if there is one, date permitting Alton Towers start of April Tulleys Farm Shocktoberfest in October Thorpe Park in October And that'll probably be it.
  17. Yep, I'm not posting for the rest of the year now, that'll take some beating @pluk
  18. MattyMoo

    Thorpe Park 2020

    I will say - we went to FN's on a 10-10 dead day last year and we struggled to make it to the end and/or keep busy - so much so that this year we've said when we go again, we'd get there for midday ish... so a 10-8pm in that sense sounds good to me. The early Thursdays for Fright Nights are/were so painfully dead really it was untrue - think we managed 8 run throughs on Crreak Freak (not that that is a complaint as it was fantastic) but still! We also got all the other mazes done at least once!
  19. Oh wow I nearly caused a massive upset there, apologies and I'll think carefully about my posts next year 😯
  20. Let's get this thread back on track guys... Stealth is brilliant.
  21. MattyMoo

    Thorpe Park 2020

    If you call binge watching Theme Park Worldwide Videos "working" that is.
  22. MattyMoo


    Looking forward to seeing Alex Crump and Co. there on press preview day.
  23. MattyMoo

    Thorpe Park 2020

    Exactly. That, and wearing your pass around your neck just looks silly innit. Also, please ban Josh for saying "there" instead of "their" ❤️ In fact, whilst I'm here, ban everyone h8ing on Stealth.
  24. Missing Stealth, Swarm & Creak Freak Massacre? Yep. The rest... not so much m8.
  25. Is it going to have a pond filled in with concrete does anyone know?
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