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  1. Just to advise I'm going to THE ISLAND LIKE NO OTHER on 3rd October, so if Stealth is down for the FN's meet, it's my fault xoxo
  2. Gassed to hear Silkbrooke is back on the island like no other for a hot minute from #monkswalk for some sick visuals. Also did someone mention the nurses again?
  3. Oh joyous! Why do they big up such non-events/experiences/attractions so much to be something they're not? Couldn't they have released a special popbadge or something?
  4. It's ya gal Park Pixie back on the island like no other
  5. Oooh Thorpe you little tease - chainsaws to throw us off the scent when we all know Big Top is back. jOKeS aside - Wonder how chop-shopy the promo is going to be?
  6. Can I lay money on it being next week please?
  7. So - announcement tonight from Tulleys for the final haunt - but they also say it's in a new "area" - which is intriguing. Could the prison maze be coming? Maybe a whole "prison" style area with the maze within? Basically - anything but zombies please. Depending on where and how big the area is, who's to say they don't add another new haunt next year? Space is something that Tulley's aren't exactly short of!
  8. Thanks for your efforts @Platform15fan - if you keep trying they will definitely relent and tell you. Good luck in your quest. Amy, Laura and Chelsea are mere pawns in a far bigger game.
  9. I whacked my knee in the XTWD queue on the last meet, and yet meets still go ahead. It's insanity, and similarly, I am petitioning to shut this forum down as a consequence.
  10. 12th is not doable for me due to family commitments - 13th should be fine I reckon
  11. If there's a touch scare maze featuring the roaming nurses then I'm cool with that 😍
  12. It's formerly the Colony so approx. duration in the maze is 2 hours.
  13. So The Colony is to become The Wreckoning, with one new maze still to be announced - which I think will be the "jail" themed maze that was hinted at but never happened last year. If they pull off The Wreckoning, it could be amazing - fingers crossed they stick a decent sized shipwreck/boat in the middle somewhere. Rumours that Justa Parrot appears in the route as yet unconfirmed. And yes - I know Thorpe had The Curse but that was a little different. And pretty naff.
  14. I'm gassed to sick levels about the movement of the Platform 15 sign. That to one side - I'm feeling positive that there seems to be more "fixed" fencing/boundaries to mazes thus far instead of Heras fencing covered in see through hessian. Step in the right direction. That said, I can't see much changing with Do Or Die in relation to the Heras fence themeing, bearing in mind BOUNCEZILLA has to be dismantled before "construction" can begin... and it's still got a week or so left!
  15. I've started to use Silkstoneisms in the professional workplace. Boss: "Are you prepared for our management meeting next week, Mat?" Me: "Yes - I'm gassed"
  16. *makes cringey gestures in the background of shot that aren't remotely funny*
  17. Please post anon: Is there a separate queue for RAP holders for the free pin please.
  18. The £18 million is going on theming to fully enclose the ride so it feels like you are actually at THORPE PARK whilst at Flamingo Land. Evidently, it isn't cheap to recreate the back of XNWO's building and fill a pit with concrete, whilst also creating a lake with a SBNO old boat-come-scare maze.
  19. I was so shocked I'm only going back to Thorpe this year if I can blag entry to the FN press night, good day to you Sir. LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE - CLICK THAT NOTIFICATION BELL
  20. Funny that - it's almost as if they haven't put a new coaster in for 7 years!
  21. Not guilty sir, I've yet to even witness Bouncezilla in the flesh.
  22. That's most unlike Merlin to cut back on staff shortly after a ride/attraction opens.
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