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  1. Not sure if this was supposed to be released yet, but ThemeParks-UK has released the below article. SPOILERS: It includes the full lineup! From what I imagine, it sounds like Vulcan Peak maybe in I'm a celebrity? SOURCE: https://www.themeparks-uk.com/thorpe-park-guide/news/872-new-at-thorpe-park-fright-nights-in-2018
  2. Even though the VR is filmed with real people in the first half, the way it flickers in between night vision and normal light is un-realistic in the fact that the timings are slightly off. I rode it twice yesterday and one headset was far better than the first, but it was still very poor even if it was filmed by real actors. I think the problem is still the fact that the technology is still not where it needs to be to make it realistic. The second half was more entertaining, but it really was very random and again very CGI, so it didn't feel very immersive. These are obviously just my opinions
  3. NO SPOILERS, ALTHOUGH A RATHER CRITICAL REVIEW Having waited nearly 2 years to get on this attraction, I couldn't wait to see what was hiding in that warehouse! Overall, the outside is visually impressive, and I like the overall theme of the attraction, but its down hill once you go past the pre-show. I thought the VR was not much better than Galactica and was so un-realistic that it was almost laughable. The story is erratic, unexplained and just simply doesn't make sense, to the point of wondering if the attraction was written whilst someone was on drugs. If 1000 people were involv
  4. Thats very good to hear, although very strange that their Social Media team would be potentially putting people off from visiting by saying its not opening?!
  5. It would be great if you could let us know - hoping to go this week if it is planned to open :-)
  6. Does anyone know if its is going to open this week or was it only available for the weekend?
  7. Hi guys, I went to the press event on the 7th May for Lost Kingdom and have to say I was REALLY impressed! The land is well thought out, the rides are good fun and it looks spectacular! I really think they have hit the nail on the head as far as target market goes. The 2 roller coasters are really good for the size of the park, especially The Flight of the Pterosaur, it had some great airtime hops! I have a fair few photos on my Flickr if you wanted to check them out; https://www.flickr.com/photos/themeparkmania/ Lost Kingdom Paultons Park by ThemeParkMedia, on Flickr Lost
  8. I was there yesterday as well. I had a really enjoyable day and the queues were very good in comparison to the Saturday by the sounds of it. However, as you say the real terror started when a certain type of clientele landed on park. I felt very sorry for staff as they just ran riot with no regard for anyone... it was rather sad really. All in all though most fun I have had a Fright Nights for years though, Thought MBV was good but The Big Top was a bit of a let down, didn't really flow very well and the first tent was beyond pointless!
  9. I unfortunatley have to agree... I went a few weeks ago and it was a total shambles, at 11am, 10 rides were closed... Its going to get to a point where something major will happen and it will be the straw that breaks the camels back! As for the mazes, I am certainly worried about tommorow!
  10. OUCH! It must be carnage right about now! I am visiting tommorow, I certainly hope its not like this!
  11. Hi guys, Just thought I would share a few thoughts on Scarefest from Saturday Night. The park was absolutley packed - even Duel had a queue (I have never seen this before) and waited over 2 hours for The Smiler! The mazes were good - The Sanctuary was great - Terror of the Towers was predictable and not as good but we didn't have to queue for either which was great as I have waited 60+ mins for both in the past. Scary Tales was a great addition but they were missing a third maze in my opinion! Video from the event... Some pictures as well! Scarefest 2014 by ThemeParkMedia, on
  12. Thought I would share a video and some images from the event. Went last Sunday, although the rain was abysmal in the evening it was a great event. I do have to say that Blair Witch was one of the strongest attractions this year but I felt really let down by CITW, just didn't seem to flow well at all. Studio 13 was also very good, a strong maze and felt fresh against mazes such as Saw: Alive. Fright Nights 2014 by ThemeParkMedia, on Flickr
  13. Something like Nocturnal at Screamfest Burton would be a great idea to put in the old Asylum area. Nocturnal was themed to a night club where people had taken a bad drug and were hallucinating, think this would work very well as it is something that is not commonly used and you could theme it to a Ministry of Sound night thats gone wrong!
  14. Thought I would share my video from Saturday night :-) I have to say it was one of the best and most imaginative firework displays I have ever seen! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXaQGXNkfhA
  15. Hi Guys, Got back from Chessington's Halloween Hocus Pocus yesterday and I have to say I am very very impressed! First of all I want to comment on the park. Usually Chessington is one of the best dressed in my opinion but apart from a huge amount pumpkins there wasn't much else. Although it was only open until 5 the lighting looked very impressive this year and look forward to seeing this! The mazes, or Halloween attractions were impressive, here is my reviews; The Mystery of Hocus Pocus Hall This was probably the biggest surprise of the day. We queued for ages for this ride due to the ver
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