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    Theme parks obviously, football, swimming, cycling.

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  1. TP Daniel

    How Busy Is It Going To Be?

    I was there this past Tuesday and queues tended to be around: Stealth was down for some of the time but the queue was generally 25 minutes. Colossus: Fairly low all day, perhaps peaked at 15 minutes. Saw was around 30 minutes The Swarm was 30 minutes also, unfortunately it went to one train in the last hour or so. Vortex and Rush both stayed approximately 10 minutes max. So overall I doubt it will be too busy and you should have no problem in terms of getting on the rides
  2. TP Daniel


    Agreed, when we had our pets they were both terrified and would sprint around the house trying to hide just about anywhere. It must be extremely unpleasant for them.
  3. TP Daniel


    It was 'upgraded' one year after it opened, so 2007.
  4. TP Daniel

    Gadgets and Gizmos!

    I must admit I'm disappointed.This just seems to be Apple catching up to the current Android devices in terms of features, I don't see much longevity in this device with the tweaked specs, with Kal-El around the corner I think Android/Windows Phone 7 will take advantage of the lack of innovation here and phones produced in the next six months will be superior to this. It will be interesting to see what happens next week with Google/Samsung's event, hopefully we'll see Ice Cream Sandwich and perhaps the Nexus Prime.
  5. TP Daniel

    Gadgets and Gizmos!

    I tried, yes; no success as of yet, everywhere seems to be out of stock.
  6. TP Daniel

    The Big Bad Movie Topic

    I saw Super 8 yesterday.I thought this was a fantastic film which seemed to have a good balance of most things. The story worked well and there were some great moments of suspense which did draw you into the story. As well as this there was excellent comic relief from some witty one liners from the teenagers in the film. It was nice to go and see a film which the whole family could enjoy, I'm sure it would have been easy to make the film in a less family friendy manner so I'm glad they didn't do in in such a way.One minor problem I had with the film was the rather lacklustre ending; I thought perhaps the film ended 5 or 10 minutes early. As well as this the middle of the film felt a bit slow, maybe that's just in comparison to the first part which was very hectic but it seemed to drag on a bit. 9/10Also, I think this film must win the award for the number of times you can say "Oh my God!" in a film.
  7. TP Daniel

    Jobs At Chessington

    Mine seems to be working at the moment.
  8. TP Daniel


    For anyone interested in seeing the lunar eclipse tonight; it occurs 5:24 until 11 this evening. It will only be visible after about 9:20 as this is when sunset is today. Might be worth a look if it isn't too cloudy. Here's a link if it is cloudy: http://eclipse.slooh.com/
  9. TP Daniel

    Walt Disney World Resort

    Yes! It's fantastic, children seem to love it and it's another one of those things that Disney doesn't have to do, but does and it creates a great atmosphere. Funny seeing it out of the corner of my eye and being so surprised for a second!
  10. TP Daniel

    THE SWARM: Construction Updates

    I love things like this, ARG's are quite awesome. It's exciting to feel part of the this marketing, despite the possibility of this being fake, I don't really care. It's nice to have something the community can debate over, hopefully this will continue to intrigue!
  11. TP Daniel

    The News

    I agree with the point Josh has made, this will be milked for propaganda, however much of a real effect it actually had is up for debate.Bin Laden is not stupid, after all he's evaded capture for a decade as perhaps the world's most wanted man and has masterminded horrific, harrowing events which have not been thwarted, as many terror attacks have been. Therefore I think he would have been expecting the be captured/killed by the US, it was only a matter of time really considering the resources behind the effort and what a morale boost it would be for the USA, as shown by the scene in Washington and New York. This decade may have been used to ready the next in line, it's ideal really. Would it not be useful ( as the enemy) to have resources channelled into finding someone who perhaps is not particularly active anymore? Moving the focus from perhaps the next in line who could arguably be a bigger blow to Al-Qaeda.As many have stated, it does send out a powerful message.
  12. TP Daniel

    Video Games.

    http://uk.playstation.com/home/news/articles/detail/item369506/PlayStation-Network-Restoration-Update/Update on the hope of most services being restored during this week, along with a 'Welcome Back' package for all users. This will include 30 days of free PS Plus for all users and selected free downloads from the store.All current PS Plus subscribers and Qriocity subscribers will receive 30 days free access.
  13. TP Daniel

    Video Games.

    I think it's pretty poor that it has taken Sony six days to tell us our details MAY have been stolen, surely this could have happened on day one as Sony knew what was up as they shut down their own servers! I could understand if they didn't want to cause worry and were attempting to know for sure whether they have been stolen so were holding off, but that's a full six days when details could have been used for anything.
  14. TP Daniel

    Video Games.

    All people on here who own Playstation's, I would suggest reading this most recent blog post by Sony.http://blog.us.playstation.com/2011/04/26/update-on-playstation-network-and-qriocity/There are some serous implications of this.
  15. TP Daniel

    Your favorite Universal Orlando coaster

    Duelling Dragons Ice, as named when I visited, is my favourite. I'm not entirely sure why I prefer this over fire, I think I found it more refined, if that makes any sense whatsoever.