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  1. Ok I am only doing bronze too

  2. have you just done bronze or have you done silver and gold too

  3. Aliice.


    Yeah I have a badge and everything now :}
  4. Aliice.


    I volunteered at my local cinema for my Voluntary. Free popcorn, sweets, diet coke. Was amazing.
  5. Aliice.

    Post Your Desktop!

    Like Dan said, home edition is really good ;D
  6. Aliice.

    Post Your Desktop!

    Slightly too summery for now, but it brings back good memories.
  7. Aliice.


    ^ I'm really liking Rihanna's sound right now. Not the biggest fan of Only Girl.. but What's My Name and Who's That Chick are really good imo. I'm interested to see what she comes up with next.
  8. Aliice.


    Congrats Ellie! :')
  9. Thorpe Park tomorrow ;D

  10. Great trip report Danielle.Good to know you still got scared, but glad I didn't go.
  11. Well, I'm always early when I go with the flow, so never hurts <3

  12. Nono can't do that. Got to have a plan :')

  13. I go with the flow of the trains <3

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