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  1. I had a fly in my eye once, but it wasn't on a ride... I think we were walking towards Rush. In 2006 I remember seeing a phone go flying from Stealth, nowhere near me but still made me fear for my life for a split second.Countless times I have had my man plums pulverised by the restraints on Colossus, not to mention leg cramp!! , as well as seeing many phones, shoes etc falling from it.It is also allot of fun to play "count the phones on the floor" while on Slammer
  2. Lewis.


    Me neither, it might not be that good by todays standards but it's still a fun ride!
  3. Lewis.


    I won't be returning to TP until a while after the summer holidays, but I hope the lights are still on when I do eventually go, it sounds like fun.
  4. That's a bit too much for me, but I shall have to take it like a man I suppose.I suppose it could be worse...
  5. Yeah the website was no help I hope I don't come across Queues that long, it sucks that they don't do something like the whole disabled "thing" at TP... Does anyone know the average Queue lengths for a weekend in September? No Psychics needed, I'm just asking from experience
  6. I'm going to Blackpool in September for my friends 18th, and we'll be going here. Does anybody know if they have "disabled Q-jumping" as I call it, similar to the disabled access at Thorpe Park. Or am I just gonna have to put up with my legs killing from Queuing so much? Thanks
  7. On my last visit me and the group of people I was in completely forgot about this, which is a shame because I loved it back in 2007
  8. Lewis.

    Paultons Park

    I swear last time I went to Paultons Park there was the same log flume that is on the website now... It was definitely before 2007 because my niece cried on the stinger, and in 2007 we went to Chessington and she went on everything and loved it... So that can't have been the same year
  9. The last one scared me, we have one of those on Brighton Pier and it shakes like there's an earthquake :PAnd I think I vaguely remember an incident on the ride before, though it may have been the booster, not the super booster.I remember reading in the paper something about a 15 year old boy and the ride operator accidentally starting the ride with the restraints open... I'm not too sure.
  10. I dislike this ride, allot. Having a disablitiy and being weaker than everyone else I always lose, but I suppose it is fun posing for the camera when the ride is empty (On my last visit we we're the only people on the ride)
  11. I'd give Vampire a big fat make-over. Bury the old cheesy Vampire, alive. It's time to drag the ride up to date. The sign at the (original) ride entrance would be rotting wood with VAMPIRE in big red bold letters, it would also have rusty chains and a noose hanging from it, with a sign saying "Vampires Beware!".The whole Transylvania area would have dark sounding ambient music, with the occasional screams and hissing noises from the buildings. I'd paint the ride to look rusty and old and paint the trains black. The Q would have tunnels, a graveyard with a few broken tombstones and allot of smoke and mist effects. Half way through there would be an old fashioned gypsy campsite, abandoned and again, trashed, the Vampire obviously shows no mercy. Then I'd plonk a couple of fire effects on the original entrance that go off every now and then. At the entrance there would be a *very* old fashioned and trashed ambulance that people could have their pictures taken in. I'd then scatter some ripped up bloody clothes in and around the trees, to look like victims of the Vampire. The tunnel towards the end would be filled with mist and the smell of rotting flesh, with moans and groans echoing through it. The lift hills would have warning signs saying things like Beware, Danger, Point of no return etc. Now for the station... Where the train comes in and out I'd put broken bars, from the cage that the Vampire has broken out of, and returned because it's now "daytime", they would also be rusty with peeled off black paint. The soundtrack would be pretty much the same, but with a basic thump thump thump (Think Inferno) with reversed spooky sounding mumblings, a deep manly scary voice thing that I'm finding hard to describe, and spooky announcements. The rest of the station could just be done up like a castle that is falling apart, with vines and rubble and mist effects. With messages written on the wall in blood with the occasional "LEAVE" and "It's not too late for you"... and the outside of the station would pretty much have more of the same, minus the blood messages. I guess the overall theme would be that the guests become the Vampire, and there is no stopping you.The rest of Transylvania would then have a deserted theme. Vines, broken windows, mist effects (I LOVE mist effects ) After that I would have no idea what direction to take Bubbleworks in, so I would quit.
  12. Dance In The Dark, the only song of hers I actually like.
  13. I know this is a little late, oh well Hi, I'm Lewis, I'm 18 from Brighton. I don't know why I put my username as Lewish, I put an end to that nickname months ago!Besides theme parks I love music, I'm at college studying it and making it every day. I can post a link to my My Space if anyone is interested, it could help to get to know me better, you never know I have bright red hair, it's become my trademark... I don't think I'll ever be without it! I'm gay, and I have a muscle disorder called CIDP, which stands for a bunch of words I can't say or spell... It's nothing bad or painful, I just get weak allot and have to go into hospital every 6 weeks for immunoglobblins (Another word I can't spell) Damn all these medical words. I'm a pretty layed back/chilled out guy... but I'm not afraid to speak my mind or get my opinion out there I think that pretty much sums me up, thanks for reading!
  14. Kingda Ka - I think I would crap myself with excitement if I ever got the chance to go, every 5 minutes, like clockwork, until I got there, then it would be every 5 seconds.Atleast I'd be able to find my way home.I'd also LOVE to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain... It was always my favourite on RCT2
  15. I always get told not to because I'm not in a wheelchair... I have explained this to the staff, but they never really seem to care and just point me towards the fast track Q.
  16. I don't like how on this ride I have to wait behind all the fast trackers and *I think* single riders (for disabled access), yet every other ride except Inferno I get straight on. We waited 20-30 minutes and by the time we got to the station my legs were killing me! I suppose it's better than waiting 60-80 minutes and having my legs fall off.
  17. Lewis.


    I love this ride so much, I went with my friend a few months ago and it was her first trip to Thorpe. On the first set of breaks I screamed in her ear and she pretty much poo'd herself.... It's just a really fun ride and the park wouldn't be the same without it for me. A re-theme would be nice but I think if it was themed as a pyramid the ride would be ruined. Merlin should just improve on the whole computer gone wrong virus theme or whatever it's supposed to be, that's just my opinion though.
  18. Does this ride make anyone else's back ache? I had to slide down a little to get comfy... I still love it though, it's fun laughing at everyone getting wet, and then screaming like it's the end of the world when you get wet
  19. I visisted on the 17th (a Thursday) and the park was pretty much empty... I didn't even use my disabled wristband for most of the rides. I think the longest Queue I saw was for Dragons Fury and that was only 20 minutes... We had re-rides on some rides too (Revenge, Buccaneer, runaway train) It was great
  20. Hi, this is my first post I was at Chessington on the 17th (last Thursday) and Kobra was being tested, I'm not sure what time exactly but it was around 12 and 1 in the afternoon. Only it failed to get back over the middle part and was just in the bottom of the dip for the rest of the day, I think. Then later when we walked past there we're men doing something to the track where the station is.Also, I have to say, the ride was allot bigger than what I thought it would be... I cannot wait to get on it! Hope this helps...
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