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  1. Geo

    The Swarm

    I thought I'd quit lurking and post something. We came across this mini site for the Swarm - 'Beat The Swarm'
  2. Geo

    The Swarm

    Like this? http://coasterupdates.com/uploads/SWARM_sound.mp3 Link: (www.coasterupdates.com/uploads/SWARM_sound.mp3)
  3. Geo

    The Swarm

    Official TV Ad!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zv7Hh_YWOPU
  4. Geo

    The Swarm

    wow that's quite a lot of images to post in a forum :S Still neat images though!
  5. Geo

    The Swarm

    Intresting video there, I havent even seen any pictures of the LED's working, while its been open anyway.Edit: Apparently the fire effects were not commisioned in time and will be added at a later date. As per CF.
  6. Geo

    The Swarm

    So some of our team are at Thorpe today, and I thought I'd share some photos they have snapped so far.Entry stamps? - Pretty damn cool idea.Some more here if your intrested. - I'll post some more here later in the day.
  7. Geo

    The Swarm

    100% agree I'm so jelly I'm not going tomorrow though, it won't be as shiny in a week or so.Still have no seen any ads on the television, I'll keep an eye out!
  8. Geo

    THE SWARM: Construction Updates

    Those supports are HUGE! I'm pretty exited after seeing all the photos emerging of yesterday, and to think I have no planned date yet ;(Poor FishPhoto from Media Launch Event. Check out these amazing pictures from ThorpeParkNerd here.
  9. Geo

    THE SWARM: Construction Updates

    Very pretty! - Some others here.
  10. Geo

    The SWARM Merchandise

    I thought the Syringe pens were quite cleaver I'd like a nice Swarm hoodie, I likes hoodies.
  11. Geo

    THE SWARM: Construction Updates

    POV Anyone?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyGvrkjVjkY&list=UUKgMp8AuO4hqYOtiXlCwawQ&index=1&feature=plcp
  12. Geo

    THE SWARM: In The Media

    Totally agree. Why do they feel the need to speed the trains up in promotions
  13. Geo

    THE SWARM: Construction Updates

    I was just watching a few on ride videos, and the track looks in reaching distance of the longer armed passengers. Although I find this hard to believe as I can imagine the amount of testing that has gone into this. Thought I'd post it anyway EDIT: Still trying to work out whether the restraints let you fully extend your arm.
  14. Geo

    THE SWARM: Construction Updates

    Woa! I have missed quite a few updates, this machine just keeps making me drool more and more. Great Pics!
  15. Geo

    THE SWARM: Construction Updates

    WOA! Look's amazing, better than I first imagined. Slightly shorter ride time than I first thought, but makes up for it in other areas (theming)!Here's a youtube link to the video, if you prefer