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  1. I thought I'd quit lurking and post something. We came across this mini site for the Swarm - 'Beat The Swarm'
  2. Like this? http://coasterupdates.com/uploads/SWARM_sound.mp3 Link: (www.coasterupdates.com/uploads/SWARM_sound.mp3)
  3. Official TV Ad!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zv7Hh_YWOPU
  4. wow that's quite a lot of images to post in a forum :S Still neat images though!
  5. Intresting video there, I havent even seen any pictures of the LED's working, while its been open anyway.Edit: Apparently the fire effects were not commisioned in time and will be added at a later date. As per CF.
  6. So some of our team are at Thorpe today, and I thought I'd share some photos they have snapped so far.Entry stamps? - Pretty damn cool idea.Some more here if your intrested. - I'll post some more here later in the day.
  7. 100% agree I'm so jelly I'm not going tomorrow though, it won't be as shiny in a week or so.Still have no seen any ads on the television, I'll keep an eye out!
  8. Those supports are HUGE! I'm pretty exited after seeing all the photos emerging of yesterday, and to think I have no planned date yet ;(Poor FishPhoto from Media Launch Event. Check out these amazing pictures from ThorpeParkNerd here.
  9. Very pretty! - Some others here.
  10. I thought the Syringe pens were quite cleaver I'd like a nice Swarm hoodie, I likes hoodies.
  11. POV Anyone?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyGvrkjVjkY&list=UUKgMp8AuO4hqYOtiXlCwawQ&index=1&feature=plcp
  12. Totally agree. Why do they feel the need to speed the trains up in promotions
  13. I was just watching a few on ride videos, and the track looks in reaching distance of the longer armed passengers. Although I find this hard to believe as I can imagine the amount of testing that has gone into this. Thought I'd post it anyway EDIT: Still trying to work out whether the restraints let you fully extend your arm.
  14. Woa! I have missed quite a few updates, this machine just keeps making me drool more and more. Great Pics!
  15. WOA! Look's amazing, better than I first imagined. Slightly shorter ride time than I first thought, but makes up for it in other areas (theming)!Here's a youtube link to the video, if you prefer
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