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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. DanMn

    Marc Simpson appreciation thread.

    Marcs front row stealth face
  3. DanMn

    The Future Of Events

    I think a motocross stunt show would be something new & original
  4. DanMn

    THE SWARM: Construction Updates

    I hate to add to the moaning a few pages back but the high metal fences and paving are IMO making this look just like the SAW areas so far, hopefully its finnished so that it does look a bit different though.
  5. DanMn

    Storm Surge

    Wow those people looked like the enjoyed the ride, wish thorpe park could pull that off, and check out that dry floor shows that it can be done when the park can be bothered.
  6. DanMn


    Not really as they don't even credit the picture to thorpe park, the sort of person that will look at that and go 'Thats stealth at thorpe park!!!!1' arent people they need to advertise to. Also if you clicked the link theres no pictures of stealth in the article itself, only other generic coaster pics.
  7. DanMn

    Canada Creek Railway: The Bear Hunt

    They have done well for the past 10 years or so I see no reason that they would suddenly have no idea. It depends what you class as long and short term, with the business Thorpe Park are in they can easily have a not so good year (so 2011) install a ride, and I expect next year to be packed again, as they say "build it and they will come". I’ve heard this may well be the case actually, that and the ever increasing price of diesel can’t help. I expect with CCR gone they will extend the service road at the back of the park, they also now have a rather large storage shed which can be put to good use.Dont get me wrong, I will miss CCR but I can see why its going.
  8. DanMn

    Canada Creek Railway: The Bear Hunt

    Are you all serious? I think the management at Thorpe Park are in a better position to say what's good and bad and will know more facts than you, not just guessing.
  9. Marc

    Colossus...... the power of 10 :o

  10. DanMn

    Disabled Queuing Rules

    Alot of people seem to be missing the point that disabled guests only being allowed one helper doesn't mean they cant go on with their group. The rest of their group can queue as normal and the person who was unable to queue and one friend can meet them at the loading point. Those that are able to queue will queue and only those that are actually unable to queue will use the exit, just how it should be.
  11. DanMn

    Park Music

    and TTF is short for... ?
  12. DanMn

    Guest Services And Ride Access Passes

    Not all of them, such as being able to take 7 people with you on rumba rapids MOD EDIT: Split and moved posts to RAP topic.