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  1. Don’t give them ideas! Can’t see where it’ll fit... unless Loggers site is flattened by then? Even the marketing is dull - a poster.
  2. Any ideas what this is about? (Or am I just out of touch?)
  3. Has Slammer been taken down now? Nice seeing parl back back open. Not been for a few years but would love to go again.
  4. interesting statement from Kmg...not sure if it affects install models tho? Apologies if posted before
  5. Anyone with Spotify... Bizarrely enough the Thorpe Park Rangers Show songs are on there! Before my time but entertaining none the less!
  6. New reports criticising the management on their handling of the accident... saying they'd been in touch with families etc, and hadn't. In fairness to Nick and Merlin, the way they handled the Alton accident was textbook, took full responsibility and seemed to really care.
  7. Weeksy

    Services Day

    I went to the Alton Towers one in March (or so) this year ... it was hugely disappointing. Very understaffed, majority of the food stalls closed. Although that could have been the "reopening" issues. Love to go but sadly my ambulance driving friend is working!
  8. http://forum.towerstimes.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=39916 Have a read of this, fantastic past of Alton Tower's rides. Would be amazing if someone could do it for Thorpe Park. Although, I suspect most of theirs were scrapped
  9. Linky Apologies if this has been posted, is it chessington?
  10. Silver track underneath the paint looks nice though!
  11. Look at the state of ground below Nemesis . Bags of rubbish, wood, dried paint. Sad.
  12. I went yesterday for the Services day. Very disappointing. The park looks extremely rough, lots of rubbish visible from the fright nights mazes, gates left open all over the place. Most of the food stalls were shut, leaving only 1 of the Burger Kitchens and Chicken in X Sector. Plenty of breakdowns, but unfortunately none of the old reliables to get you through. Hex was sorely missed, as is Ripsaw and Flume - they just soak up some queues. Appreciate most of the staff were new and effectively it was a paid training session for the park,but most were very slow and really struggling- maybe 10,000 on the park but queues were very very heavy. Generally just very disappointing, and a sad indictment of whats to come I suspect. Felt extremely money grabbing too; note most of the food stalls were shut but pretty much every paid side show was open.
  13. Weeksy


    I must admit, I got excited about it, but once you're on park, its not very noticeble. No running coloured water, the track looks frankly a bit odd white, and most of the paint is coming off already. Its generally looking very messy at the park, I really hope it was simply pre-opening but scruffy doesn't even come close.
  14. Possibly, certainly can't see it on Google earth - if you go back in time on it, you can see it. Having said that, from previous conversations there is nothing listed at Thorpe. I'd assumed it was.
  15. Weeksy

    Logger's Leap

    Fair point. Fingers crossed.
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