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  1. well if there are 3 others who haven't bought a ticket yet, contact me so we can get the discount
  2. Are we buying group tickets for this??
  3. Ninjago - The Brief Review

    Congrats on 35k views you should add some adverts to these
  4. Legoland

    I believe Baron C was making a pun about not yet riding the ride rather than disliking it. I'm sure we will get his full review at some point.
  5. Park Operations

    This is a great video, well done Merlin.
  6. I'm definitely up for it! Would take a lift if someone has space, if not I guess I shall get on a train.
  7. I will be without a mobile, mine broke yesterday so if I end up being late or if someone see's me around the park looking lost shout at me please.
  8. I'm 100% down for this. Hopefully, I get a taxi home rather than walking this year...
  9. Ticket is booked. No turning back on myself now I guess.
  10. I will be going to this and the meal. This is my notice.
  11. The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure

    This ride looks great and a great addition to the Chessington line up.
  12. Rameses Revenge

    Sorry for late reply on this one, how about a reverse basketball type game the pit would work well for throwing a ball into a pit.
  13. Fright Nights 2017

    Why would this be a rumour? Thorpe doesn;t take a day to plan fright nights. It takes them the whole year as a team to plan. Sometimes for some attractions I'm sure it takes longer.
  14. Youtube Videos

    Had to share this..... Thoughts???