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  1. Questionably unpopular opinions: Saw is extremely difficult to enjoy, due to its roughness and sharp movements. Furius Baco is the most pain I've been through outside of surgery and severe illness (lucky me?). Nemesis: Sub-Terra is at best a fantastic experience, and at worst a sizeable step in the right direction. Nemesis Inferno is the best coaster at Thorpe. Actually unpopular opinions: I've NEVER had an issue with Space Mountain: Mission 2, and until I rode Nemesis in 2009 it was my favourite coaster ever. The only complaint I can come up with is the inconsistent on-board audio. Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril isn't a bad filler coaster. I prefer Silver Star to Blue Fire at Europa. Avalanche is the best steel at Blackpool. Stealth is a bit of a waste of space, and only highlights how well thought-out Oblivion was as a fellow "one-trick-pony" coaster. Pre-refurbishment, Pirate Falls was the best water ride in the UK. Yes, including Valhalla.
  2. Nemesis without a doubt, alongside its brethren Oblivion and GalacticAir, the thought of the Star Wars overlay staying for an extended period at Space Mountain Paris is also concerning. Shocked to see Rocket Racers depart so quickly after it returned and The Dragon Windsor ever being replaced is a nightmare I'd rather not think about. Also, Alton if you could just reopen Nemesis: Sub-Terra and pretend that it's a viable investment...
  3. This topic just shows what geniuses Merlin are when it comes to marketing: Close a ride a year early and say it's for maintenance reasons, and fans will remain hopeful for the remainder of the year. Leave it for just enough time that fans suddenly realise nothing is happening, rant that it's closing, and begin speculating about replacements. Replace the ride fuss-free, since everyone's vented and no one has any hope in Loggers Leap anymore.
  4. Whatever the condition of the ride, I think this situation is emblematic of the way Merlin's UK parks are being run at the moment. They don't have the commitment to say "We have set the ride aside for redevelopment for X amount of time, so that it may open at the precise date of Y", nor "We won't be reopening the ride, since we have deemed it unfeasible for redevelopment". Whether or not "behind-the scenes" work has been done on it, the fact is that we're almost a year later and we still have no idea whether it will reopen, let alone any indication of a reopening date. The fact is that this project has basically been stagnant for a year, much like the "redevelopments" across the other parks. Frankly I'm tired of these parks being run in such a haphazard way, and once the next screw-up like this happens at Alton Towers (which, to my displeasure, is very likely), they won't be getting any more of my money until they turn their attitude around and bring some damn professionalism to the table. In the meantime, I have plenty of other great and enthusiastically-run UK parks to enjoy and discover.
  5. I think it's more to do with the quantity of "mid-tier" family rides - the little ones have plenty to do in Cbeebies Land and Cloud Cuckoo Land, but I know that the two times I went this year Runaway Mine Train had ginormous queues compared to everything else.
  6. For anyone interested, I very recently posted a collected bunch of making-of articles and images on Rocket Racers in this thread of a LEGO video gaming forum: http://www.rockraidersunited.com/topic/3247-rocket-racers/?page=4#comment-127725 I've also got a bunch more, some scanned from old LEGO Adventures! magazines, in my personal gallery: http://www.rockraidersunited.com/gallery/album/230-rocket-racers/
  7. It'd be nice to see a modern photo of one of these parks that doesn't involve decay or hasty patch-ups.
  8. Thanks for saving the frightened ride ops from my whispers of "Operation Canyon".
  9. Park's response: What Buddhas are they talking about Stay tuned for future updates on this ride!!!
  10. If they're even considering making VR compulsory (which seems like a strange idea anyway), that's pretty much put me off ever bothering to try it when the option is provided, since I'd rather make the most of the rollercoaster itself if any future change is possible.
  11. Olivus Prime


    I'm on the fence (hur hur) with this at the moment. Those signs are humorously small compared to the fences, but maybe the vines will fix that issue.
  12. "Old Town" is damned hilarious, my senile pet triceratops could come up with a better name.
  13. Olivus Prime


    Looking fantastic. If they can't add back the blood falls, I wonder if simply painting the beds of the streams/pond is an option. Better than nothing.
  14. Thanks for both, they'll do nicely. Still a shame the original track hasn't been leaked to the net, I wonder why?
  15. Thanks for the link, but I meant the area ambience/background music.
  16. How stable do people think these will be? I only ask because riding a rollercoaster with a brick loosely attached to your face doesn't seem like such an optimal VR experience after that photo.
  17. Can anyone provide a version of The Swarm's area music that hasn't been recorded onsite, or at least one of reasonable quality?
  18. I'm certainly up for this! Unfortunately I had to miss out on LEGOLAND last year, so this will be my first meet. Please don't sacrifice me and my TPM virgin blood to the laser mummy.
  19. Definitely up for this, would be a killer first meet if I can't make any of the earlier ones!
  20. Darn, just realised this myself. I'll keep checking but otherwise I may have to sit this one out.
  21. Hey guys, I've lurked here for many years now, and I figure it's finally time to come along to a meet! LEGOLAND's a real favourite of mine too so it'll be great
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